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If you are vanilla lover then, you will definitely fall head over heels in love with our vanilla-flavored cakes embellished with the perfect icings on the top. So, hurry up to order a mouthwatering vanilla cake online from Bakingo.

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Choco Vanilla Cake
Rs. 499
Choco Vanilla Cake
You are on the way to enter into the world of sweet Indulgence with this delightful Chocolate-Vanilla treat
Vegan Vanilla Cake
Rs. 599
Vanilla Vegan Cake
This melt-in-mouth pineapple cake is loved by all. So, without giving a second thought, make this cake a part of any occasion.
Heart Shaped Vanilla Strawberry Cake For Co-Workers Last Day
Rs. 799
Heart Shaped Fondant Vanilla Cake
We baked and created magic in every slice with this Fondant-Vanilla-Masterpiece!
Round Vanilla Cake
Rs. 379
Round Shaped Vanilla Cake 4
When in doubt order a cake! And don't forget to order in vanilla flavor. Easy peasy and a healthy choice. A healthy delight for your loved ones.
Heart Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake
The internet has a new obsession - Choco-Vanilla & it's time to slice into its spellbinding sweetness.
Starwberry Vanilla Cake
Rs. 529
Strawberry Vanilla Cake
One-stop solution for your sweet tooth. We have got two-in-one flavor cakes to tickle your tastebuds.
Vanilla Chocolate Cake
Rs. 529
Choco Vanilla Cake 2
Yes, you heard it right! both flavors in one chocolate and vanilla equal to your favorite toothsome choco vanilla cake
Headfull of Cream - A Vanilla Flavored Cake
Rs. 449
Round Shaped Vanilla Cake 1
You know what happens when vanilla takes a ride to the oven? You are left surprised and overwhelmed.
Heart Shape Choco Vanilla Special Cake For Life Partner
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Choco Vanilla Cake
What happens when Chocolate & Vanilla come together? A top deck cake that is jaw-droppingly delicious.
Floral Fun - A Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake 3
You know what happens when love takes over? You go and find the perfect vanilla rush for them.
Heart Shaped Vanilla Flavored Cake with Cherries on Top
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake 2
It will be a dream come true when you'll woo them with a cake of cherry pool.
Merry Go Round - Round Shaped Vanilla Cake
Rs. 499
Round Shaped Vanilla Cake 3
When Life gives you moments to celebrate, you trade them with this flawless magnificence.
Vanilla cream cake with 3 fondant hearts
Rs. 499
Vanilla Funfetti Cake
You're gonna jump in joy in a single bite of this scrumptious cake full of fun.
Vanilla Strawberry Cake For Marriage Anniversary
Rs. 950
Heart Shaped Vanilla Strawberry Cake
As the "Official Dessert of Romance", this strawberry cake is truly a crowd-pleaser.
Vanilla cake with fondant hearts
Rs. 499
Vanilla Fondant Cake
Bow down to the fairest of all blushing with a delectable pounding heart so rich in flavor and taste.
Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake for Lovers
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake 1
Falling short on words? Here's something really delicious and worth thousands of words.