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No wonder that delicious chocolate works like a magic therapy when it comes to lifting your mouth with pure joy and happiness. What can be more heart-warming when it's a devilish chocolate cake? Now delight your loved one by sending a delicious chocolate cake.

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Double Heart Choco Truffle Cake For Lover
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Double Heart Choco Truffle Cake
Are You a Chocolate Addict? Yes! This striking, tender, and luxurious layer cake is for you.
Heart Shaped Choco Truffle Cake For An Intern Last Day
Rs. 799
Heart Shaped Choco Truffle Cake
Presenting something blissfully elegant, decadent, and delicious - Choice of the Rich and Sophisticated!
Chocolate Cake with Swirling Design
Rs. 499
Round Shaped Chocolate Cake 1
The surrealistic decoration of this chocolate cake can hypnotize any chocolate lover.
Heart Shape Choco Vanilla Special Cake For Life Partner
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Choco Vanilla Cake
What happens when Chocolate & Vanilla come together? A top deck cake that is jaw-droppingly delicious.
Belgian Chocolate Cake
Rs. 649
Belgian Chocolate Cake
Happiness is a piece of this scrumptious chocolate cake.
Choco Truffle Cake For Co-Workers Last Day
Rs. 449Rs. 599
Choco Truffle Cake
The devilishly delicious taste of this cake with Cocoa fix leaves you 'High' on chocolate in every good sense.
Choco Orange Cake for Christmas
Rs. 1,199
Orange Square Cake 1Kg
The luscious combination of chocolate and orange will keep you happy throughout the festive season.
Choco Tranquiizer - A Chocolate Cake
Rs. 499
Round Shaped Chocolate Cake 4
Let’s speak about your heart- felt love to your loved one with this scrumptious cake!
German Gateau - German Black Forest Cake
Rs. 499
German Black Forest Cake
Say 'hello' to the Perfect mood lifters! Seductively creamy with an overloaded of chocolate - All-Time favourite!
Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake
Rs. 699
Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake
A succulently sweet and delicious chocolate fruit cake that is sure to spell a cast on your heart.
Trip To Paradise - A Choco Chip Cake
Rs. 549
Round Shaped Choco Chip cake
The chocolacious flavor of this cake brings the ultimate sweet magic to your taste buds that you will never forget.
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Rs. 649
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Order this yummilicious rich Ferrero Rocher cake for your near and dear ones on their special occasion.
Vanilla Chocolate Cake
Rs. 529
Choco Vanilla Cake 2
Yes, you heard it right! both flavors in one chocolate and vanilla equal to your favorite toothsome choco vanilla cake
Choco Strawberry Cake For A Get Together
Rs. 525
Choco Strawberry Cake
This craft of love made with luscious strawberries and rich chocolate will take you on a ride to Heaven.
Couverture Chocolate Square Cake
Rs. 749
Couverture Chocolate Square Cake
Glazed with creamy reverie, this chocolate delight can make any celebration happening.
Chocolate Nut Cake For A Bachelor Party
Rs. 600
Chocolate Nut Cake
Indulge into the Romantic Story of chocolate glaze frosting with Velvety Smooth Cream and Walnut Crunch!
Chocolate Light Cake For Birthday
Rs. 550
Chocolate Light Cake
This scrumptious chocolate cake is for all the ones who can't get over their chocolate addiction.
Oreo Choco Cake For An Intern Last Day
Rs. 525
Oreo Choco Cake
Redefining taste of Original Oreo with a kick of extra rich chocolate and freshly whipped cream. Taste the Passion!
Kit Kat Cake For Friend Birthday
Rs. 550
Kit Kat Cake
You'll fall in love at first bite! Deviate to the contours of crunchy goodness with the jaw dropping kit-kat bake!
Delicious choco coffee cake
Rs. 649
Coffee-Chocolate Cake
Procaffeinating everyone with this mighty bliss is what you need to do right now!
Heart Shape Chocolate Cake For Wife Birthday
Rs. 950
Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake
Stay hooked to deliciousness of this heart-shaped Chocolate cake that'll add charm to your fete!