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Choco Black Forest Cake
Dainty Black Forest Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Extravagant Truffle Cake
Snicker Chocolate Cake
Fuse Fiesta
599Rs. 679
Choco Vanilla Cake
Ebony And Ivory
Belgian Chocolate Cake
Chocoholick Delight
The Original B.F. - Black Forest Cake
The Original B.F.
429Rs. 599
Chocolate Mud Cake For A Get Together
Couverture Chocolate Cake
The Chocolateria
Choco Truffle Cake For Co-Workers Last Day
Delectable Truffle
449Rs. 599
Choco Orange Cake for Christmas
Chocolate Orange Delight
Choco Tranquiizer - A Chocolate Cake
Choco Tranquiizer
Couverture Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
Chocoholique Dream
German Gateau - German Black Forest Cake
German Gateau
Sweetest Appeal - Choco Walnut Cake
Sweetest Appeal
Double Heart Choco Truffle Cake For Lover
Amore Mio
Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake
Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake
Vanilla Chocolate Cake
Toothsome Choco Vanilla Cake
Coco Mania - A Chocolate Nutty Cake
Coco Mania
Chocolate Cake with Swirling Design
Chocolacious Bliss
Chocolate Butterscotch Cake For Friend Anniversary
Choco-Scotch Sensation
Red Velvet Choco Coffee Cake
Magical Moments
Heart Shape Choco Vanilla Special Cake For Life Partner
Heart-licious Pleasure
Choco Strawberry Cake For A Get Together
Luscious Chocoberry
Five Star Cake For Birthday Celebration
Twisted B.F.Tale
Couverture Chocolate Square Cake
Oh Chocoholix
Chocolate Chip Cake Home Delivery For Anniversary
Choco Drizzle
Chocolate Nut Cake For A Bachelor Party
Heart Shaped Choco Truffle Cake For An Intern Last Day
Dark Magic
Chocolate Light Cake For Birthday
Exquisite Chocolate Gateau
Choco truffle cake with a big heart
Classic One
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Bakingo Brings You The Devilishly Delicious Chocolate Cakes That You Can’t Resist

“Reminiscent of childhood memories, luxury, sweetness, and sensuality, chocolate is more than just a food--it is therapy”. ― Christelle Le Ru

Every chocoholic person couldn't agree more with this quote that says eating chocolate is like a therapy that can make your Monday better, sweeten your bond with your dear ones, convey your feelings better than words, cure a bad day, and please your taste buds like no other. With the aim of making your life happier, Bakingo, an online cake shop brings you the most delectable cakes enriched with exotic chocolates that you can’t resist.

Yes, our irresistible chocolate cakes are baked with sinfully rich molten chocolates. Bakingo has a scrumptious range of chocolate cakes available for every special occasion. For your birthday, we have the most tempting and delicious chocolate birthday cakes that will light up your birthday celebration like never before. And, if you want to make your loved one’s birthday a special one then without waiting a second wish your dear ones happy birthday with a super delicious happy birthday chocolate cake and make their birthdays an unforgettable day for a lifetime.

Chocolate Cakes by Bakingo - Special Features

Chocolate Cake by Weight Chocolate Cake Flavour Types Bakingo Specialty
1/2 Kg Choco Strawberry, Choco Vanilla, German Black Forest Cake Same Day & Midnight Delivery
1 Kg Chocolate Mud Cake, Chocolate Butterscotch Cake Free Shipping
2 Kg and more Chocolate Butterscotch Cake, Kit Kat Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Nut Cake 4.7 Star Rated by Customers

Order Chocolate Cake From Irresistible Wide Range

Our melt-in-mouth range of chocolate cakes is perfect to complement every special occasion. Let our range of cakes such as chocolate birthday cake for dad, Valentine’s Day chocolate cake, kids chocolate birthday cake, Father's day chocolate cake be the reason of your precious smile. So, if it is an wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day or any other event, order the best chocolate cake online from us. From our cake shop near you, you can browse through a scrumptious array of utterly delicious chocolate cakes, you can buy online of some of the best chocolate cakes like Choco-Truffle Cake, German Black Forest Cake, Choco Chip Cake, Ferrero Rocher Cake, Oreo Cake, Kit Kat Cake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mud Cake, Snicker Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Walnut Cake and many more and send online via an instant same day and midnight delivery and enjoy free shipping on every order you make.

Tantalizing Treats For Your Loved Ones - Send Chocolate Cakes Online Via Bakingo

In Bakingo, there is a variety of chocolate flavour cake available for you to send a delicious treat to your dear ones. For instance, if you want to wish someone happiness on his or her birthday or want to congratulate someone for an achievement or want to say ‘I am sorry’ to someone or want to say ‘Get well soon’ or want to simple uplift someone’s mood, send a delicious chocolate cake from our online bakery shop and be the reason of someone’s smile.

So, now, celebrate all the special occasions with great enthusiasm and express your deepest feelings for your loved ones in a chocolaty way that they can never forget. To gorge on our mouthwatering chocolate cakes, just order a chocolate cake from our website in a few clicks right from the comfort of your home and leave the rest to our delivery team. Our delivery team will deliver your ordered chocolate cake to your doorsteps just within a few hours.

Online Delivery of Chocolate Cakes Available in the Following Cities

  • Delhi
  • Noida
  • Gurgaon
  • Ghaziabad
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad

Know Everything About Chocolate Cake

1. When and How Chocolate cakes came into Existence?

A cake has been a common delicacy since centuries. An age-old dessert of a common amalgamation of flour and eggs took a turn when in 1764, Dr. James Baker discovered chocolate by grinding cocoa beans into a thin fine powder. After this discovery was made, in 1828, Coenraad van Houten of Netherlands mechanically extracted cacao butter and defatted cacao and thus, this lead in making chocolate a daily snack that could be relished by all people. Later till 1879, chocolate was used in drinks, fillings, and glazes until in 1886 when American cooks began adding it to the cake batter to introduce the first ever chocolate cake. Since then, experiments were made, flavors were added, molten types were tried, flourless categories were invented and thus, chocolate cakes made our hearts happier and became a major category in the dessert type.

2. How long it can be kept?

It is often said that a chocolate cake can last up to a week. With an amalgamation of rich mocha, butter, flour, and eggs, this cake lasts longer than the other flavors. However, if the cream content is higher, the cake needs to be consumed within 3-4 days as freshly whipped cream doesn't last longer than a few days. If you wish, you can even deep freeze the cake to make it delectable even after a month. Although, you might need to bring it down to the room temperature before digging in it.

3. What are the different types of Chocolate Cakes?

Types of Chocolate Cakes:
1. Chocolate Photo Cake
2. Chocolate Designer Cake
3. Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake
4. Double Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake
5. Death By Chocolate Cake
6. Truffle Cake
7. Chocolate Lava Cake
8. Chocolate Vanilla Cake
9. Chocolate Red Velvet Cake
10. Chocolate Glaze Cake
11. Chocolate Coffee Cake
12. Chocolate Fondant Cake
13. Dark Chocolate Cake
14. Traditional Chocolate Cake
15. Black Forest Gateau
16. Molten Chocolate Cake
17. Fudge Cake
18. Chocolate Layer Cake
19. Garash Cake
20. Devil's food Cake

So, no matter what the occasion is, order eggless chocolate cake from Bakingo and set the moods of your near and dear ones with their favourite dessert.