Kids Birthday Cakes

Kids mean the world to us! Their beaming smiles are the ones to die for and just to make them smile a mile wider, these kids cakes are wondrously jam-packed with fun. Available in all flavors, these are sure to pack a punch year round.

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Multi flavored cute kitty fondant cake
Rs. 2,249
Cute Kitty Fondant Cake
Let the cute and adorable Kitty says 'Hello' to your little ones on birthday through this delicious cake
Makeup fondant cake for girl
Rs. 2,999
Make Up Fondant Cake
For the make up lovers, we present you this incredible and scrumptious cake that will leave them stunned.
Number 1 Cake for Celebration
Rs. 2,199
Number Theme Cream Cake 1
This customizable number cake is going to make your first celebrations a lot meaningful and thoughtful.
McQueen Racer - Car Theme Birthday Cake
Rs. 2,400
Car Theme Cake 1
Make your little kid go Vroom in pleasure after seeing his dream car come to reality in the form of mushy cake.
Minion despicable delight - A Minion Theme Cake
Rs. 2,300
Minion Theme Cake 1
It's your time to drool over this super delicious fondant cake sharing the table with Kevin, Steward & Bob!
Barbie Theme Cake For Girl Birthday
Rs. 2,500
Barbie Theme Cake 1
There isn't one girl whom Barbie doesn't delight. Don't give a second thought before you make a go for this!
Pink Stunner Princess Theme Cake
Rs. 5,000
Princess Theme Cake 2
This charming treat in pink is sure to make your little princess go 'Aww' in delight!
Multi flavored Liverpool FC theme cake
Rs. 2,999
Liverpool Fondant Cake
For the die-hard fans of Liverpool, here is an enticing cake that will make them surrender their senses to it.
Kidzy Affair Fondant Cake for 1 Year Old Boy
Rs. 3,999
Kid Themed Fondant Cake
The beautiful design and enticing design of this fondant cake can make a perfect B-day gift for your kid.
Affection Wrapped - Gift Box Themed Fondant Cake
Rs. 3,999
Gift Box Themed Fondant Cake
This gift box themed delicious fondant cake can be the ultimate gift to express your true affection for your loved one.
Minion Mode On - A Birthday Cake For Toddlers
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 26
Turn the minion mode on with this scrumptious fondant cake that will bring the brightest smile on your kid's face.
Two Tier Monkey Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
2 Tier Monkey Fondant Cake
Delve into the delicious world of this super cute mini monkey and leave your little munchkins surprised.
Sunshine Fondant Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Sunshine Fondant Cake
As bright as the Sun and as delicious as a cake, here we present the mouthwatering and illuminating sunshine cake.
Sesame Street Fondant Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Elmo Fondant Cake
Your kids are on the way to enter the sweet and delicious world of sesame street with this Elmo fondant cake.
Scrumptious Minion Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 27
A cute minion laughing loudly fondant cake has been baked to spread happiness and smiles on your celebrations.
Two Tier Superhero Fondant Cake
Rs. 3,999
Superhero Fondant Cake
Get the deliciousness of three in one with each slice of this Superheroes fondant cake baked for your kids.
Curious George Cake For Four Year Old
Rs. 3,999
George Monkey Fondant Cake
The little monkey is all baked with flavors to infuse some fun and amusement in your child's birthday party.
Daniel The Tiger Fondant Cake
Rs. 3,999
Daniel The Tiger Fondant Cake
Wish a very happy birthday to your little kids with this delectable Daniel-the Tiger fondant cake.
Thomas Train Cake For 2 Year Old Kids
Rs. 3,999
Thomas The Train Fondant Cake
Make way for Thomas, the train who is all ready to spread happiness and smiles on your kid's birthday.
Minion Birthday Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 17
Let your children don't miss a fantastic birthday bash with the cutest minion that comes in the form of this cake.
Kids Special Minion Cake
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 24
Make your children's birthday more special with this delicious despicable delight that your kids will love.
Pikachu Fondant Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Pikachu 2 Fondant Cake
Add instant fun and happiness to your kid's birthday celebration by savoring this super happy and cute Pikachu cake
Talata Ti Amo - A Birthday Minion Cake
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 18
Dressed in blue, wearing a green polka dot hat, this cute fondant made minion is calling for a celebration.
Cuteness Overloaded - A Minion Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 25
Each slice of this scrumptious cake is overloaded with the deliciousness and cuteness of this minion.
Kids Special Pikachu Cake
Rs. 3,999
Pikachu Fondant Cake
For the Pokemon lovers, here is an electrifying cake baked in the shape of your most adorable Pokemon, Pikachu.
Rocket Ship Birthday Fondant Cake
Rs. 3,999
Rocket Fondant Cake
Launch this super delectable rocket on your kid's birthday and let it create an explosion of flavors in your mouth.
Minion Birthday Cake For Children
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 19
Make your child fall head over heels in love with this fondant cake which features a super cute yellow creature.
Mario Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Super Mario Fondant Cake
Get ready to have a superb celebration full of endless laughter with this delicious Super Mario fondant cake.
Birthday Cake For Seven Year Old Kids
Rs. 3,999
Floral Number Fondant Cake
A delicious number cake baked with floral designs to make your kid's birthday an unforgettable one.
Minion Birthday Cake For Toddlers
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 20
Party in the minion way and sing the happy birthday song louder for your child with this minion fondant cake.
Two Tier Turtle Cake For Kids Birthday
Rs. 3,999
Turtle Fondant Cake
Because your little cute one deserves something cuter on his or her birthday, we've baked this for you.
Minion Theme Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 11
Invite the cutest character ever to your kid’s birthday party that comes in the form of a super cute fondant cake.
Cute Minion Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Minion Theme Cake 21
With this adorable minion fondant cake in the house, your children can't feel happier on their birthdays.
Two Tier Ribbon Cake
Rs. 3,999
Baby Colorful Fondant Cake
Ornament your special occasions with this vibrant studded cake and make your celebrations brighter.
2 Tier Baby Cake
Rs. 3,999
Baby Colorful 2 Fondant Cake
Each slice of this delicious fondant cake will evoke a sense of jubilation in your special celebrations.
Pinkie The Owl Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Owl Bird 2 Fondant Cake
Welcome the most palatable and beautiful owl in town and brighten up your occasions with its deliciousness.