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Kids Birthday Cakes

Kids mean the world to us! Their beaming smiles are the ones to die for and just to make them smile a mile wider, these kids cakes are wondrously jam-packed with fun. Available in all flavors, these are sure to pack a punch year round.

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Barbie Doll Cream Cake
Rs. 1,349
Barbie Doll Cream Cake
Present this beautiful doll princess to your princess on her sparkling special day and surprise her.
Mickey Mouse Theme Cake
Rs. 1,329
Round Shaped Mickey Mouse Fondant Cake
Our happiness knows no bounds when we hear Mickey Mouse is at some kiddo's celebration. And this cake gives us exactly that amount of joy!
Rs. 1,399
Bear Cream Cake
Sometimes the simple things in life are enough to cheer up our loved ones and this cake is guaranteed to delight your loved ones.
McQueen Racer - Car Theme Birthday Cake
Rs. 2,399
Car Theme Cake 1
Make your little kid go Vroom in pleasure after seeing his dream car come to reality in the form of mushy cake.
Yellow Emoji Cream Cake
Rs. 1,099
Yellow Emoji Cream Cake
Bring the same winky smile on the face of the master of the day. Surprise loved ones with this crazy sweet cake.
Doraemon Cream Cake
Rs. 1,299
Doraemon Cream Cake
Doraemon is the most loved character of each kid. And if a cake is Doraemon, your kid will be so happy and excited.
Rs. 1,099
Red Car Poster Cake
Amaze your little car enthusiast with this perfectly designed cake-like; it's been there only for him.
Yellow Smiley Cream Cake
Rs. 1,099
Yellow Smiley Cream Cake
Everybody got one who is always on WhatsApp sending emojis in the circle. Surprise them with a emoji cake on their B'day.
Multi flavored serenity of nature fondant cake
Rs. 3,299
Nature Cream Cake
Illuminate your occasion with this mouthwatering treat that will evoke a feeling of paradise in your celebration.
Peppa Pig Cream Cake
Rs. 1,199
Pink Pig Cream Cake
Piggy lovers in the house! Don't feel left out! As you will have your unique scrumptious cake now.
Ninja Turtle Cream Cake
Rs. 1,149
Ninja Turtle Cream Cake
Ninja turtle fans at home? Well, surprise those notorious little monsters on their special occasions with the presence of this ninja turtle cake.
Number 1 Cake for Celebration
Rs. 2,199
Number Theme Cream Cake 1
This customizable number cake is going to make your first celebrations a lot meaningful and thoughtful.
Lion Theme Cake
Rs. 1,349
Round Shaped Fondant Cake
This time, amaze your kid with a cake that is cute just like him/her and is yummy as well.
Dog Them Cake
Rs. 1,299
Round Cute Puppy Fondant Cake For Kids
Smear your kid's birthday celebration with deliciousness, wildness, and cuteness with this cute puppy fondant cake.
Multi flavored cute kitty fondant cake
Rs. 2,249
Cute Kitty Fondant Cake
Let the cute and adorable Kitty says 'Hello' to your little ones on birthday through this delicious cake
Multi flavored slice of disneyland theme cake
Rs. 2,999
Cartoon Fondant Cake
Every slice of this magical cake is sure to take your child in a trip to Disneyland on his or her birthday.
Animal in Jungle Themed Cake
Rs. 3,999
Jungle Fondant Cake
Every bite of this magical cake will take your child to a jungle safari on his happy birthday.
Baby Elephant Theme Cake
Rs. 1,299
Sugar Coated Round Jungle Theme cake
Meet our baby elephant, this cute little elephant is here to make your kid's party a blast. Get it home now!
Rs. 4,199
PUBG Cake 1
When they can't think of anything else except PUBG, surprise them with this delicious treat.
Kindergarten Number Theme Cake For First Birthday
Rs. 2,999
Kindergarten Fondant Cake
Let your little munchkin enjoy his or her birthday to the fullest with this cute and delicious birthday cake.
Snowman Treat - A Delicious Cake
Rs. 1,200
Snowman Cake Dessert
This multi-flavor tasty cream cake add a significant amount of joy to your celebrations.
Pink Stunner Princess Theme Cake
Rs. 5,000
Princess Theme Cake 2
This charming treat in pink is sure to make your little princess go 'Aww' in delight!
Barbie Theme Cake For Girl Birthday
Rs. 2,500
Barbie Theme Cake 1
There isn't one girl whom Barbie doesn't delight. Don't give a second thought before you make a go for this!
Batman Theme Cake For Birthday Boy
Rs. 4,000
Batman Theme Cake 1
If you love both Batman & cake, this Batman cake is ideal for you.
Two Tier Piano Cake For One Year Old
Rs. 3,999
Piano Fondant Cake
Board on a musical journey with each slice of this mouth watering two-tiered fondant cake.
Multi flavored Liverpool FC theme cake
Rs. 2,999
Liverpool Fondant Cake
For the die-hard fans of Liverpool, here is an enticing cake that will make them surrender their senses to it.
Peppa Pig Birthday Cake
Rs. 3,799
Peppa Pig Fondant Cake
Attention piggies! It's time to dig into some real scrumptious fun!!!
A Royal Indulgence - Purple Fondant Cake
Rs. 749
Purple Fondant Cake
Have a royal birthday celebrations by gorging on this stunning and delciious fondant cake.
Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake For Little Child
Rs. 3,000
Mickey Theme Cake 1
Here's some fun treat for all Mickey Mouse lovers! A delish cake perfect to get you into a jolly mood!
Makeup fondant cake for girl
Rs. 2,999
Make Up Fondant Cake
For the make up lovers, we present you this incredible and scrumptious cake that will leave them stunned.
Round shape Tweety Cake
Rs. 1,399
Round shape Tweety Cake
I Tawt, I Taw a Puddy tat! The famous tweety compilation. Relive the tweety era and celebrate your little munchkins special occasion with this savoury mouth-watering cake. adorn with a cute little tweety, they can't resist this one. Make them go crazy!
Rose Elephant Fondant Cake
Rs. 1,299
Rose Elephant Fondant Cake
Wow! A cutesy character cake for kids - something straight out from the magical baking lab of Bakingo.
Character Fondant Cake
Rs. 1,299
Character Fondant Cake
Ah, character fondant cakes are more than adorable that you can't help but fall in love at first sight.
Affection Wrapped - Gift Box Themed Fondant Cake
Rs. 3,999
Gift Box Themed Fondant Cake
This gift box themed delicious fondant cake can be the ultimate gift to express your true affection for your loved one.
Curious George Cake For Four Year Old
Rs. 3,999
George Monkey Fondant Cake
The little monkey is all baked with flavors to infuse some fun and amusement in your child's birthday party.
Two Tier Monkey Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
2 Tier Monkey Fondant Cake
Delve into the delicious world of this super cute mini monkey and leave your little munchkins surprised.