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5 ( 4 Reviews )
Vegan Black Forest Cake
Noblest of all the Black Forest cakes, this luscious cake which has been topped up with some cherry sauce, chocolate dusting and some artistic chocolate sticks on the boundary is no less than a masterpiece.
5 ( 5 Reviews )
Chocolate Black Forest Cake
Devour the gourmet greatness of black forest cake garnished with choco flex, powdered sugar, and chocolate cage.
5 ( 1 Review )
Round Vegan Coffee Cake
Covered in white coffee-flavoured cream, sprinkled with coffee, and garnished with dark chocolate, this cake is the ultimate vegan delight.
4.9 ( 33 Reviews )
Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake
Heart-shaped red velvet cake baked with two lovely layers of cream cheese frosting and the vibrant red tender sponge cake is sure to help one express all about their heartfelt feelings and love.
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Red Velvet Fruit Vegan Cake
Red velvet layer cake which has been topped up with some freshly diced seasonal fruits makes indeed an unbeatable combination of two flavours.
4.3 ( 3 Reviews )
Dark Chocolate Round Cake
Dark chocolate cake bursting with exotic taste and replete with white choco flower, shavings, and sticks.
4.8 ( 99 Reviews )
Round Shape Butterscotch Cake
The crunchy butterscotch chunks layered with vanilla sweetness and butterscotch ganache for a tickling effect.
429Rs. 549
5 ( 3 Reviews )
Classic Round Vegan Vanilla Cake
This simple yet elegant vanilla cake is covered in whipped cream and decorated with chocolate chips on the sides, giving the perfect vegan look.
4.9 ( 91 Reviews )
Snicker Fuse Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake binding Fuse, mocha and truffles in the spellbinding taste of molten chocolate for your tastebuds.
599Rs. 679
5 ( 1 Review )
Pineapple Vegan Cake
Covered in pure whipped white vanilla cream in abstract design and topped with some finely chopped pineapple is a ride of scrumptiousness.
4.8 ( 182 Reviews )
Half Chocolate Half Vanilla Cake
Get drooled with chocolate vanilla cake topped with rich white cream and truffle ganache with cherry and white chocolate garnish.
Vegan Tangy Cocoa Round Cake
A scrumptious treat for vegan addicts! Melt in the rich flavours of mango and chocolate with this creamy cake that is frosted with velvety vanilla icing and topped with swirls of rich chocolate.
5 ( 1 Review )
Divine Round Chocolate Cake
Covered with decadent chocolate ganache and this chocolate cake has beautiful chocolate flowers on top and white chocolate waffle sticks on the sides.
4.8 ( 58 Reviews )
Red Velvet Cream Cake
Give in to the dreamy combination of red velvet with white cream and Masco pan cheese for silky smooth feels.
4.7 ( 62 Reviews )
Pineapple Cream Cake
Fresh whipped white cream melting in your mouth along with pineapple slices, dark chocolate garnish, and red cherry; if this pineapple cake isn't your dream dessert, what is?
399Rs. 499
4.8 ( 10 Reviews )
Blueberry Cake With White Chocolate
A berry delight for your tasteful heart, baked with white cream, blueberry fruit filling over the cake, and white chocolate.
4.8 ( 90 Reviews )
Blackforest Cake With Cherries
A black forest cake with drop melted truffle on the sides and choco flex in the center is a sweet tooth's dream.
429Rs. 599
4.9 ( 39 Reviews )
Pretty Pink Rose cake
One bite is a lie if you are talking of this pink cake with strawberry filling in buttercream roses decking up the entire cake.
4.9 ( 36 Reviews )
Chocolate Mud Cake
Treat your sweet tooth with a decadence boasting of chocolate in every bite, garnished with white choco roll and red cherry on top.
5 ( 1 Review )
Couverture Chocolate Cake
Nine out of ten people love the ecstasy spread and felt by a single piece of a chocolate cake. To make the...
4.9 ( 10 Reviews )
Round Hearty Red Velvet Cake
This melt-in-the-mouth snowy cake is enriched with whipped cream and flavored with Vanilla. On the top and by the sides, this cake is garnished with a heart and red velvet shavings.
4.8 ( 117 Reviews )
Round Chocolate Truffle Cake
Indulge in the irresistible taste of dark chocolate truffle cake with white chocolate garnish and red cherry on top.
449Rs. 599
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Square Chocolate Cake With Orange Flavour
A square-shaped chocolate cake with layers of orange cream decorated with chocolate wafers in nuts and leaf-shaped sprinkled with nuts.
4.7 ( 3 Reviews )
Round Chocolate Heavenly Cake
Enticing chocolate marvel cake enriched with the finest exotic chocolates and garnished with cream and looks absolutely irresistible
4.9 ( 51 Reviews )
Red Velvet Fruit Layer Cake
Red velvet cake layers each of which has been loaded with fresh cream and then topped up with some freshly chopped tropical fruits is a heaven for every red velvet cake lover.
4.8 ( 6 Reviews )
Butterscotch Caramel Cake
A crunchy butterscotch cake which has been half coated with chocolate sauce on its side and topped up with some caramel crystals, cherry, and milk chocolate stripes is absolutely delightful in its taste and its appeal.
5 ( 1 Review )
Round Chocolate With Molten Flavour
A chocolate flavoured cake with a molten look throughout the top icing with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball and frozen white chocolate moulds to give a complementing taste.
4.9 ( 56 Reviews )
Black Forest Cherry Cake
An authentic German chocolate delicacy that has been baked with the finest cocoa and thereby topped up with rolled-up chocolate shavings and red cherries is a treat both to the eyes and to the tastebuds.
5 ( 4 Reviews )
Simple Round Shape Vanilla Cake
The round-shaped cake is peacefully layered and covered with whipped vanilla cream and decently decorated on top.
4.8 ( 17 Reviews )
Heart-Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake With Hand-Crafted Rose
With white cream frosting, melted truffle on the side, choco flex on center, and garnished with fondant flower and white chocolate this heart-shaped black forest cake is perfect in every sense.
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review-stars5 out of 5
recommended97 % Recommended
  • Softest lightest red velvet
    Amazing cake. Delivered on time. Best red velvet cake i have had.

    Product : Red Infatuation
    Date :
  • Good Experience with Bakingo
    Cake was very delicious.I received as shown in this picture.Overall a very very good experience.

    Product : Butterscotch Delight
    Date :
  • Jar Cake was best
    The Butterscotch Cake was okayish in taste while the Jar was so tasty in comparison with Butterscotch

    Product : Butterscotch Delight
    Date :
  • Best Ever Cake
    Few words for this cake. It is the bestest of the bestest cake of Bakingo. That's all

    Product : Fruitful Velvety Vegan
    Date :
  • Beautiful cake.. with great taste
    Nice cake and loved its taste..

    Product : Ebony And Ivory
    Date :
  • Delicious
    This is perfect cake.. taste was too good. Loved it

    Product : Pink Heaven
    Date :
  • Very nice chocolate cake!
    Very good chocolate cake. Completely satisfied with the product .

    Product : Fuse Fiesta
    Date :
  • Very good cake
    Pineapple cake was a delight with small pineapple pieces in between the layers. Gulkand rabri jar cake was absolutely brilliant. You can order it with your eyes closed.

    Product : Pineapple Classique
    Date :
  • Happiness comes in red
    Freshly baked cake. The perfect amount of icing and sweetness. Perfect.Highly recommended!!

    Product : Red Infatuation
    Date :
  • Loving it
    Thanks bakingo... will keep on ordering. Love if you have the deliveries in Haridwar, Meerut and expand your deliveries.

    Product : Delectable Truffle
    Date :

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