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4.7 ( 62 Reviews )
Pineapple Cream Cake
Fresh whipped white cream melting in your mouth along with pineapple slices, dark chocolate garnish, and red cherry; if this pineapple cake isn't your dream dessert, what is?
399Rs. 499
4.8 ( 99 Reviews )
Round Shape Butterscotch Cake
The crunchy butterscotch chunks layered with vanilla sweetness and butterscotch ganache for a tickling effect.
429Rs. 549
4.8 ( 90 Reviews )
Blackforest Cake With Cherries
A black forest cake with drop melted truffle on the sides and choco flex in the center is a sweet tooth's dream.
429Rs. 599
4.8 ( 117 Reviews )
Round Chocolate Truffle Cake
Indulge in the irresistible taste of dark chocolate truffle cake with white chocolate garnish and red cherry on top.
449Rs. 599
5 ( 1 Review )
Round Chocolate KitKat Cake N Milk Chocolate Brooch
A decadent chocolate cake that has been prepared with quality cacao powder among many other premium ingredients and has been topped up with white chocolate stripes and some chocolate tidbits is sure to leave you mesmerised.
4.8 ( 182 Reviews )
Half Chocolate Half Vanilla Cake
Get drooled with chocolate vanilla cake topped with rich white cream and truffle ganache with cherry and white chocolate garnish.
Ambrosial Vanilla Syrup Cake
Mango-vanilla duo flavoured icing with a cherry on top and chocolate square toppings on moist soft vanilla decadent cake base - ganache at its purest.
Heavenly Red Velvet Chocolate Cake
Indulge in the sinful decadent red velvet cake with layers of dense chocolate topped on red sprinkled icing of the round-shaped gateau.
5 ( 4 Reviews )
Simple Round Shape Vanilla Cake
The round-shaped cake is peacefully layered and covered with whipped vanilla cream and decently decorated on top.
Delicious White Chocolate Forest Cake
This heavy-coated and vanilla frosted white forest decadent chocolate base cake is topped with cherries in centre and coated with bursts of assorted colourful sprinkles!
4.9 ( 7 Reviews )
Fondant Heart In A Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake
This heart-shaped cake is dipped in chocolate truffle, with a red fondant heart on top, and garnished with white chocolate to give the perfect look.
4.8 ( 19 Reviews )
Cream N Colourful Sprinkles Vanilla Cake
Pure like the heavenly clouds, the round cake covered in whipped white cream generates delight from the colourful sprinkles placed beautifully on top.
399Rs. 499
4.9 ( 39 Reviews )
Pretty Pink Rose cake
One bite is a lie if you are talking of this pink cake with strawberry filling in buttercream roses decking up the entire cake.
Black Forest Round Cake With Cherries
Chocolate syrup drizzled, vanilla frosted round-shaped cake with glazed cherries on top and thick creamy dollops of icing to entice your taste buds.
Red Velvet Buttercream Creamy Cake
Mouth-watering decadent red vevet cake base frosted with thick cream cheese white icing, coated in sprinkled red velvety crumbs on top and borders.
4.8 ( 4 Reviews )
Kitkat Chocolate Cake
Relish the intense flavours of chocolate, Kitkat, and white chocolate garnish that are to die for.
Blueberry N Buttercream Cake
Vanilla sponge cake covered in whipped cream and decorated on the sides and the top with blueberry fruit filling.
4.5 ( 2 Reviews )
Round Vanilla Cream Cake
Plush, moist, tender, and full of vanilla flavour. Curated with chocolate shaving and a sinful cherry, this cake is all set to revive back all the memories of togetherness with its every bite.
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Butterscotch Cake With Chocolate Swirls
Covered with whipped cream, garnished with dark chocolate, cherry, and butterscotch crunch on the sides with a beautiful pattern of chocolate glaze on the top, this cake is pure bliss.
4.8 ( 17 Reviews )
Heart-Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake With Hand-Crafted Rose
With white cream frosting, melted truffle on the side, choco flex on center, and garnished with fondant flower and white chocolate this heart-shaped black forest cake is perfect in every sense.
5 ( 5 Reviews )
Chocolate Black Forest Cake
Devour the gourmet greatness of black forest cake garnished with choco flex, powdered sugar, and chocolate cage.
4.8 ( 10 Reviews )
Blueberry Cake With White Chocolate
A berry delight for your tasteful heart, baked with white cream, blueberry fruit filling over the cake, and white chocolate.
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Black Forest with Heart Cake
Made with Fresh Whipped Cream and blends of Chocolate, Blackforest is the most sought-after cake flavour, topped with luscious cherries that will let you surrender all your senses to it.
4.8 ( 25 Reviews )
Cream Cake With Caramel N Pineapple
Creamy cake with crunchy caramels on the side and a thick layer of whipped vanilla cream on top decorated with finely chopped pineapple and a cherry in the center is a pure delight.
4.9 ( 36 Reviews )
Chocolate Mud Cake
Treat your sweet tooth with a decadence boasting of chocolate in every bite, garnished with white choco roll and red cherry on top.
5 ( 5 Reviews )
Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake With Chocolate Hearts
Expertly baked batter shaped into a heart and covered in the sprinkles of red velvet is topped with white and dark chocolate hearts for a love-stuffed treatful experience.
4.8 ( 58 Reviews )
Red Velvet Cream Cake
Give in to the dreamy combination of red velvet with white cream and Masco pan cheese for silky smooth feels.
4.8 ( 12 Reviews )
Round Vanilla N Choco Web Irish Cake
A vanilla flavoured cake with swirls on the bottom and curvy cream icing on the top made more delectable with chocolate cream balls on the cream and a choco web in the centre with a big frozen chocolate mould on top.
4.9 ( 48 Reviews )
Butterscotch Chocolate Cake
A crunchy-creamy butterscotch cake garnished with the spellbinding feel of truffle to teleport you to the land of pure taste.
5 ( 1 Review )
Classic Red Velvet Cake
Classic red velvet cake which has been topped up with some fresh white buttercream and some bits and pieces of the red velvet cake has been sprinkled on its crown is sure to make your celebrations grander.
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Avail Bakingo’s Online Cake Delivery in Ludhiana

In a lifetime, you are blessed with several occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers that demand to be celebrated with cakes. Also, there are several times in your life where you crave for something sweet, like cake and pastries. If you are a resident of Ludhiana, then you are in luck! The No.1 online cake shop of Bakingo is facilitating its customers with online cake delivery in Ludhiana of delicious cakes.
So, on celebratory events, heighten the happiness and pleasure of your dear ones in Ludhiana, by making cake delivery in Ludhiana of 100% eggless cakes from us. We bake eggless cakes using the best quality ingredients and fresh toppings that are absolutely lip-smacking in taste. And for satiating your sweet cravings, you can order cake online in Ludhiana one for yourself such as cakes, cupcakes, jar cakes or pastries that promise a whole world of deliciousness.

Celebrate Every Event With Bakingo’s Delicious Cakes

Khushi ka Din Hai, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye! Everyone loves to celebrate their happy moments with sweets and desserts because they infuse the occasion with sweet pleasures. And the cake is happiness that you can eat. Therefore, Bakingo is the reputed online bakery that allows you to order cakes in Ludhiana on all occasions. You can also send cake to Ludhiana on special events of your dear ones such as birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, baby showers, etc.
Bakingo has a delectable range of birthday cakes, party cakes, anniversary cakes, and cakes for all the happy times. With an unmatched appeal and unparalleled taste, Bakingo’s cakes are sure to make your celebrations worth remembering for years to come. Once, you place an order of a cake in Ludhiana; you can rest assured about the quality of birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, etc. because Bakingo provides only fresh and delicious boxes of cakes along with a pack of magical candles, a knife, and napkin. You can also couple your online cake order in Ludhiana with party props such as flower bouquet, birthday candles, banner, balloons, golden rose, teddy bear, etc.

Types of Cakes and Flavours Available At Bakingo in Ludhiana: Order For Variety

Bakingo has been delighting its existing thick customer base of different cities with different cake designs and flavours. Now, with Bakingo’s presence in the city of Ludhiana, we are happy to serve residents of this city with our variety of cake designs and flavours. From designer cakes coming in beautiful designs that are edible and perfect for theme-based occasions to heart-shaped cakes for expressing love, we have a plethora of options for you. Our exclusive cake collection also includes personalised cake options such as poster and photo cakes that are highly popular among our customers. Apart from the designs, people also seek for a variety of flavours as taste and preferences differ from person to person. Thus, keeping in mind the choices of a large customer base, Bakingo provides cakes in chocolate flavour, Gulkand flavour, Black forest flavour, butterscotch flavour, red velvet flavour, and vanilla flavour. We also have cakes in exotic flavours such as coffee, tea, and Pistachio flavours. Also, you will find seasonal fruit cakes such as mango cake flavour, strawberry cake flavour, blueberry flavour. In winters, our dry and plum cake flavours are the favourites of the cake lovers.
Moreover, many people have turned vegan and crave for cakes that are free from any dairy products. You will jump with joy to know that Bakingo offers vegan cakes as well in numerous flavours that taste no less delicious than our eggless cakes.

Surprise Your Friends and Family With Bakingo’s Cake Delivery Services

For a cake lover, there is no greater joy than receiving a box of delicious cake on time. And that’s when Bakingo’s online eggless cake delivery in Ludhiana comes to your rescue. We offer doorstep delivery of cakes on the same day and midnight. For 12 AM surprises, you can choose our midnight cake delivery in Ludhiana, and for instant delivery, our express delivery is idyllic.
So, when it’ s about cakes, it is Bakingo!

FAQs for cake delivery in Ludhiana

Can I customise my cakes for occasions?

Ans: Yes, you can customize your cake with pictures and names or in terms of size and flavour for all occasions.

Can order number and alphabet cakes in Ludhiana?

Ans: Yes, you can order alphabet and numerical cakes in Ludhiana for all occasions with Bakingo.

Are there any shipping charges on midnight cake delivery in Ludhiana?

Ans: An extra charge of Rs. 250 is applicable on midnight cake delivery in Ludhiana.

Can I order theme-based cakes in Ludhiana?

Ans: Absolutely! You can order baby shower, superhero, barbie, etc. theme based cakes in Ludhiana.

Can I get cupcakes early in the morning?

Ans. Yes, you can get cupcakes as well as cakes early in the morning by Bakingo.