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To turn your Christmas merrier with your loved ones, Bakingo brings you a wide assortment of delicious Christmas cakes that will give you heavenly bliss. Order your favorite Christmas cake online now!

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Christmas Carnival - A Sweet Christmas Dessert
Rs. 2,400
Cream Cake
Highly enticing design and decadent taste have made this cake an ultimate Christmas delight.
Santa's Delectable Treat - A Christmas Cake
Rs. 2,777
Cream Cake 2
This cream cake can actually make the Christmas celebration ever memorable with its luscious taste.
Cozy Christmas Cake
Rs. 3,000
Vanilla Fondant Cake 3
This beautiful looking perfect Christmas themed fondant can could be the best attraction for the day.
Rs. 500
Tree Plum Cake (250 X 2 gm): 2 PCS
Here is a delicious and fluffy tree Plum cake that will give you a feeling of nostalgia in every bite.
Rs. 400
Star Plum Cake (150 X 2 gm): 2 PCS
Here is the flavor of celebration infused in a cake to make your merry-making sessions more vibrant.
Rs. 455
Dry Fruit Cake (300 gm)
Merriment calls for 2 things-happiness & dry cake. This is cake will make your time an unforgettable memory
Choco Truffle Christmas Cake
Rs. 475
Choco Truffle Cake
Your Christmas just can't get better because this delicious Choco Truffle Cake is wishing you a 'Merry Christmas'
Butterscotch Christmas Cake
Rs. 425
Butterscotch Cake
This devilishly delicious and caramelized Butterscotch delight deserves your indulgence on this Christmas.
Round-Shaped Vanilla Christmas Cake
Rs. 425
Round-Shaped Vanilla Cake
Make every moment of Christmas a wonderful one by indulging into this snowy christmas cake flavored with Vanilla.
Personalised Christmas Cake
Rs. 699
Teri Merry Christmas Photo Cake
Send Christmas greetings romantically to your sweetheart with this delicious edible photo cake in square shape.
Christmas Photo Cake
Rs. 699
Merry Christmas Photo Cake
Here's a delicious way to wish someone Merry Christmas. Extend your greetings over this creamy photo cake.
Photo Cake for Christmas
Rs. 699
Christmas Photo Cake
This Christmas, spoil someone with a creamy photo cake. One of the best ways to celebrate festive joys!
Poster Cake for Christmas
Rs. 649
Chritmas Poster Cake
Keep your Chrismassy spirits high over by relishing this lip-smacking Santa cake with your loved ones.
Christmas Poster Cake
Rs. 649
Merry Christmas Poster Cake
When a cute Santa is here in a yummy cake to please you, how can even one say no to it? Celebrate the merry at Christmas by celebrating it over this cake.
Santa Claus Poster Cake
Rs. 649
Poster Cake Christmas
This year, Santa is happy to cheer you up with his presence over a cake, as well. So, make sure to try this cake to bring in the happy, positive Christmas vibes.
Red Velvet Cake for Christmas
Rs. 1,199
Christmas Cake Redvelvet 1kg
This moist Red Velvet cake with the melt-in-mouth cream cheese frosting with the pair of green cream swirls and stars is the perfect Christmas moment builder.
Rs. 999
Christmas Cake 4
The snow-white texture of Vanilla cream along with the green colored Christmas tree decoration on the top simply resembles the Christmas Eve.
Chocolate Christmas Cake
Rs. 999
Christmas Cake 3
Here is an appetizing chocolaty delight to make this season of love, share, and care warmer.
A Cake for Christmas
Rs. 999
Christmas Cake 1
Keep the Christmas spirit high by indulging into this richly delicious vanilla-flavored funfetti decadence.
Rs. 549
Plum Cake (400 gm)
Enjoy a blast of crunchy cashews infused in this delicious plum cake that will leave you hypnotized by its taste.
Coffee Christmas Cake
Rs. 525
Coffee Cake
An rich and irresistible Coffee cake that will give you the feeling of happy high on the Christmas Eve
Irish Cream Christmas Cake
Rs. 500
Irish Cream Cake
A fresh-from the oven Irish creamy dessert that will evoke a sense of euphoria on the Christmas eve
Red Velvet Choco Christmas Cake
Rs. 550
Red Velvet Choco Cake
A magical twist of red velvet, coffee, and chocolate infused in this mouthwatering Christmas dessert.
Choco Vanilla Christmas Cake
Rs. 475
Choco Vanilla Cake
Add some twist to your Christmas celebration with this scrumptious delicacy flavored with Chocolate and Vanilla.
Chocolate Mud Christmas Cake
Rs. 500
Chocolate Mud Cake
Presenting you an exciting and delicious blend of chocolate and whipped cream to give you that perfect Xmas thrill.
Black Forest Christmas Cake
Rs. 425
Black Forest Cake
Befriend this rich and chocolicious Black forest cake this Christmas and let it infuse sweetness to your holidays.
Royal Cherry Christmas Cake
Rs. 650
Royal Cherry Cake
This cake is pure lusciousness! Flavored with juicy cherries and whipped cream this cake is an ideal xmas treat.
White Forest Christmas Cake
Rs. 475
White Forest Cake
You cannot miss this heavenly white forest cake that will turn your christmas dinner into a heavenly feast.
Red Velvet Christmas Cake
Rs. 550
Red Velvet Cake
The deliciousness of this rich-velvety and classic red-velvet indulgence is as captivating as its look.
Oreo Choco Christmas Cake
Rs. 525
Oreo Choco Cake
This perfect blend of laugher and fun is sure to add joy to your holiday season with its deliciousness.
Mango Christmas Cake
Rs. 525
Mango Cake
A delicious summertime indulgence baked with love to make your wintertime merrymaking festival warmer.
Coffee Mocha Christmas Cake
Rs. 550
Coffee Mocha Cake
Sink your teeth into this perfect Xmas treat made with the richness and deliciousness of Coffee
Choco-berry Jubilation christmas
Rs. 525
Choco-Strawberry Cake
You cannot resist this Choco-berry-licious treat that will infuse love and romance in your life this Christmas.
Pineapple Christmas Cake
Rs. 400
Pineapple Cake
This Christmas treat your taste buds with this luscious fruitcake infused with the lusciousness of Pineapples.
Blueberry Christmas Cake
Rs. 500
Blueberry Cake
Have a magical Christmas with this sinfully rich and fingerlicking cake flavored with tropical Blueberries.
Round-Shaped Vanilla Christmas Cake
Rs. 475
Round-Shaped Vanilla Cake
A heavenly feast flavored with the deliciousness of vanilla is sure to give you a feeling of Christmas in Paradise.
Strawberry Rose Christmas Cake
Rs. 550
Strawberry Rose Cake
Delve into the world of luscious strawberries that will add the perfect hues of pink to your Christmas.
Rs. 899
Plum Cake (800 gm)
Enjoy a blast of crunchy cashews infused in this delicious plum cake that will leave you hypnotized by its taste.
Yummy Perfection - Christmas Cream Cake
Rs. 2,400
Cream Cake 1
A perfect creamy cake that can make each one of your guests drooling over it.
Snowy Pamper - Vanilla Fondant Cake For Christmas
Rs. 3,000
Vanilla Fondant Cake 2
When it comes to choosing the best cake for Christmas, this one could be a great choice.
Treat From Heaven - A Vanilla Fondant Christmas Cake
Rs. 6,000
Vanilla Fondant Cake 4
This fondant cake is all about beautiful decoration and highly decadent taste.
A Happy Heart - A Delicious Christmas Cake
Rs. 3,000
Vanilla Tree Fondant Cake
Outstanding decoration and yummiest taste are the two factors that have made this cake a special treat.
Spell of Euphoria - A Super Tasty Fondant Cake For Christmas
Rs. 3,000
Vanilla Fondant Cake 1
Make this eve of Christmas full of love and memorable with this super tasty fondant cake.