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A pastry a day can keep all the worries away! You can keep yours as well your dearest one's worries away by ordering online toothsome pastries and making them relish the fine taste of sweetness all year round. 

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2 Pcs of Ferrero Rocher-Chocolate Truffle Pastry
Rs. 399
Ferreo Rocher-Chocolate Truffle pastry : 4 Pcs
If you are a big fan of Ferrero Rocher chocolate, this pastry is just made for you exclusively.
Sweet Butterscotch Pastries
Rs. 360
Butterscotch Pastries : 4 Pcs
This deliriously rich set of 4 butterscotch pastries is here to give you a mouthful of pleasure.
Blueberry Fruit Pastries
Rs. 360
Blueberry Pastries : 4 Pcs
Blueberry would taste great like never before in this set of 4 pastries peaked with a delicious blueberry glaze.
Pineapple Fruit Pastries
Rs. 360
Pineapple Pastries : 4 Pcs
Here's a set of 4 classic pineapple pastries to help you savour goodness of dessert with a fruity pleasure
Coffee Flavour Pastries
Rs. 340
Coffee Pastries : 4 Pcs
A set of 4 Coffee pastries as a yummy alternative to your daily cup of coffee.
Chocolate Pastry Cake
Rs. 360
Choco Chip Pastries : 4 Pcs
A set of 4 scrumptious Choco chip pastries because chocolates can never be enough.
Black Forest Pastry
Rs. 340
BlackForest Pastry : 4 Pcs
This traditional German delicacy could be the ultimate delight for your dessert loving special one.
Rs. 360
Choco Walnut Pastries : 4 Pcs
Award yourself with some luxurious 'me-time.' with this set of 4 Choco Walnut pastries ready to spell their magic.
Coffee Mocha Pastry
Rs. 360
Coffee Mocha Pastry : 4 Pcs
If you can't say no to coffee and your day is all about coffee, this pastry is just for you.
Chocolate Truffle Pastry
Rs. 360
Chocolate truffle Pastry : 4 Pcs
Order this special truffle pastry for your loved one and make that person feel special
Chocolate Mud Pastries
Rs. 360
Chocolate Mud Pastries : 4 Pcs
This set of 4 pastries are here to entice you with not just the flavour but also their visual appeal.
Irish Cream Pastries
Rs. 340
Irish Cream Pastries : 4 Pcs
These 4 tender pastries laced with Irish Cream are sure to leave you drooling for more and more.
White Forest Pastries
Rs. 360
White Forest Pastries : 4 Pcs
These 4 modern beauties peaked with white chocolate embodies love and luxury in every bite
Oreo Cookie Pastries
Rs. 360
Oreo Pastries : 4 Pcs
Give a crunchy twist to your after-meals with this set of 4 delicious Oreo pastries.
Delicious Fruit Pastries Cake
Rs. 399
Fruit Pastries : 4 Pcs
Who said healthy isn't delicious? This set of 4 Fruit pastries is here to add a healthy angle to your diet
Strawberry Flavor Cake Pastries
Rs. 340
Strawberry Pastries : 4 Pcs
This set of 4 strawberry pastries personifies deliciousness in every bite.
Mango Fruit Pastries
Rs. 340
Mango Pastries : 4 Pcs
Relish the fine taste of mangoes all year round through this set of 4 mango pastries & satiate your mango cravings
Kit Kat Chocolate Pastries
Rs. 360
Kit Kat Pastries : 4 Pcs
This set of 4 Kit Kat pastries come with gigantic flavours of chocolate and Kit Kat bars to make any day special
Red Velvet Pastry
Rs. 399
Red Velvet Pastry : 4 Pcs
Get this lovely and charming red velvet pastry to express your heartfelt love to your special one.
Chocolate Flakes Pastries
Rs. 340
Chocolate Flakes Pastry : 4 Pcs
Now you can add more joy to any occasion with this special treat of rich chocolate pastry