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  • Awesome taste
    Awesome taste

    Product : Assorted Delicious Cupcakes
    Date :
  • Thanku so much bakingo Your
    Thanku so much bakingo Your cake is very fresh and very tasty thanku thanku so much again your delivery is very fast And I love your cake It's so yummy

    Product : Delectable Truffle
    Date :
  • Na

    Product : Rainbow Rosette Cake
    Date :
  • Personalized jar cake
    Thank you for the cake & amazing customer service you guys provide. I have given an extra star for the customer service people ??

    Product : Cute Raksha Bandhan Jar Cake
    Date :
  • Very good service
    Very good service

    Product : Delectable Truffle
    Date :
  • Everything was perfe
    Everything was perfect ?.. it was so yummy in taste I liked it soo much ♥️

    Product : The Original BF
    Date :
  • The cupcakes were gr
    The cupcakes were great! The packaging, image, message all of them!

    Product : Toothsome Choco Vanilla Cake
    Date :
  • Quick nd excellent s
    Quick nd excellent service.. Loved it!!!!!

    Product : Choco Crunch KitKat Cake
    Date :
  • The cake was very ni
    The cake was very nice and exceeded our expectations

    Product : Dark Magic
    Date :
  • I ordered a cake and
    I ordered a cake and i received it damaged..But Bakingo replaced my cake .that was very nice of them...thanks bakingo.

    Product : The Original BF
    Date :

Choose Bakingo for Online Cake Delivery in Ranchi

Say hello to your most reliable online cake shop in Ranchi. Ranchi is a city that's quite dear to us at Bakingo for not just one but many reasons. Bakingo, as you must already know, is a name that is synonymous with delicious cakes. We, at Bakingo, offer you cakes of all kinds at all times. It is the delightful taste of our cakes and their light freshness that goes on to help us impress our customers. We are an FSSAI certified bakery which means that we keep your safety and well being at the top of our list of priorities. Our online cake delivery in Ranchi service has received a lovely response from you. It is always things like these that help us deliver the best cakes in Ranchi.

Order Cake in Ranchi From Wide Variety of From Bakingo

If you are choosing to order cake online in Ranchi from Bakingo, we assure you that you are in safe hands. It is customer satisfaction that matters the most to us. This is why we offer you a wide variety of cakes for you to choose from. Below we have mentioned some of the cake types that you can find at Bakingo.

  • Photo Cakes
  • Vegan Cakes
  • Heart Shaped Cakes
  • Pinata Cakes
  • Party Cakes
  • Designer Cakes, etc.

Just because we offer you a wide variety of cakes at Bakingo Ranchi cake shop, it doesn't mean that they are super expensive. We ensure that all of our cakes are reasonably priced while ensuring the top quality. Baking has got a cake for everyone, no matter what their budget is. On that note, the price range of our cakes is listed below.

  • Cakes start from 349 INR
  • Photo cakes start from 649 INR
  • Designer cakes start from 649 INR

Order Cake Online in Ranchi from a Wide Variety of Cakes Flavours

It is very common for a lot of people to confuse the came type for its flavor. We, at Bakingo, ensure that we bring to your notice the difference between the cake type and its flavor. The cake type is about the structure or its formula while the flavour of the cake, as the name suggests, is about the taste of the cake. At Bakingo, you can be sure to find all flavors of cakes and they only start at 449 INR. With only top-quality ingredients used, here are some of the popular flavors of cake at Bakingo.

  • Chocolate Cakes
  • Eggless Cakes
  • Black Forest Cakes
  • Butterscotch Cakes
  • Strawberry Cakes, etc

Send Cake to Ranchi To Your Loved Ones on All Special Occasions

Bakingo understands how much your special occasions mean to you. We are constantly trying to make your special occasions even sweeter and special through our cakes. It is something that we have learned and mastered over the course of time that a good dessert can do wonders. So, we are constantly enjoying the process of further beautifying your special occasions through our delicious cakes. Below we have listed some of the occasions for which we offer cakes.

  • Birthday cakes
  • Anniversary cakes
  • Valentine cakes
  • Women day cakes
  • Mothers day cakes
  • Fathers day cakes, etc

Get Same Day and Midnight Cake Delivery in Ranchi via Bakingo

So, you have been wanting to get midnight cake delivery in Ranchi. Don't worry, Bakingo has got your back. We offer Midnight delivery in not only Ranchi but all across India. It will charge you a total of 249 INR plus the price of the cake that you are ordering. As you must already know that freshness guaranteed with all of our cakes is something that we are very proud of, we also need you to know how we offer Free home delivery of all our Same day delivery of cakes. However you need to place your cake order before eight in the evening in order to avail this amazing same day free cake delivery. We offer eggless cakes that have been baked with utmost affection and care. There are also provisions for 2 hours delivery, Fix time delivery and early morning delivery of cakes with Bakingo. You must try them out if they suit your needs better.

Make your Loved Ones Feel Special with Bakingo's Early Morning and FIx time Cake Delivery in Ranchi

We would just like to begin by saying that Bakingo is all in with you as you do your best to make your loved one feel special. Our cake delivery is a great way in which you can do that. We offer you cake delivery at times and situations in which you wouldn't usually be able to buy a cake on your own. Take our early morning and midnight cake delivery for example. They only cost you two hundred and forty rupees. We also offer fixed time cake delivery which is only an extra charge of one hundred and fifty rupees. You also get the option to get your cake delivered at different time slots. For example, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

FAQs Related to Bakingo Cake Delivery in Ranchi

Q1. Can you Deliver the Cake Near My house or at my home in Ranchi?

Ans. Yes, with Bakingo’s hassle free delivery you can get your cake delivered right at your doorsteps.

Q2. Can I customize the cake?

Ans. Yes, Bakingo provides you with an option to customise your cake as per your need and requirements.

Q3. Is there any extra charge for midnight cake delivery in Ranchi?

Ans. Yes, if you wish to order a cake for midnight delivery, you have to pay an extra charge of rs 250.

Q4. Can I order an A Alphabet cake online in Ranchi?

Ans. Yes, Ranging from A-Z Bakingo has got every variety of alphabet cakes.

Q5. Is the cake served fresh?

Ans. Yes, we always serve fresh cakes as we bake cakes as per order. To place your order, visit our website-

Q6. Will I get the same cake as on the website?

Ans. Yes, You will get the exact same cake mentioned on the website. Explore our best quality cakes with just a tap on your phone.

Q7. Which cake is best for Father’s birthday?

Ans. All our cakes are the best and freshly baked. Bakingo offers a wide range of cakes for father ranging from heart shape, photo shape, to premium cakes, etc. Send your father a delicious token of love from us.

Q8. What do I need to do to place an order for a large gathering?

Ans. Bakingo is all ready to make your celebration grand. For that, you have to inform us in advance. Our bakers need to be informed in advance to provide you with best quality cakes. For details, please contact our customer support.

Q9. Do you use fresh ingredients in fruit cake?

Ans. Yes, our cakes are freshly baked using 100% fresh quality ingredients. We never compromise with quality. All our fruits are fresh and natural.

Q10. How many people are served 0.5 kg cake?

Ans. It can be served to 5 people.

Q11. It's my kids birthday, which cake flavor is the best?

Ans. You can choose from a wide range of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, red velvet, black forest, pineapple, etc. Make your kid smile with joy with our delicious range of cake flavors.

Q12. Does a photo sheet affect the quality and taste of cake?

Ans. Not really. It has little effect on the cake taste, which you cannot easily identify.

Q13. Can I send flowers along with a cake?

Ans. Yes, you can choose from our addon section. Choose any flower you wish to send along with your cake. Apart from flowers, you can also add greeting cards, balloons, etc.

Q14. Is Same day delivery available for designer cakes?

Ans. Yes, Bakingo offers same day delivery for designer cakes. For more details, visit the website

Localities Of Ranchi ​Where Bakingo Deliver Cakes

Church Road - 834001
Chutia - 834001
Hindpiri - 834001
Indrapuri Colony - 834001
Kantatoli - 834001
Lalpur - 834001
Lower Bazar - 834001
Old Commissioner Compound - 834001
Ranchi Court - 834001
Nava Tola - 834001
Gosaintola - 834001
Nivaranpur - 834001
Forest Colony - 834001
Amrawati - 834001
Krishna Puri - 834001
AG Bihar - 834002
Ashok Nagar - 834002
Doranda - 834002
Harmu Housing Colony - 834002
Hindustan Steel Colony - 834002
Hinoo - 834002
Nibaranpur - 834002
Ranchi Airport - 834002
Elahi Nagar - 834002
Dugdugiyatoli - 834002
SP Colony - 834002
Delatoli - 834002
Kadru - 834002
Doranda 834002 - 834002
Aryan Colony - 834002
Chaputoli - 834002
Kuenartali - 834002
Argora - 834002
Shiv Dayal Nagar - 834002
Upkar Nagar - 834002
Vodyanagar - 834002
Mecon Colony - 834002
Kathalkocha - 834002
Shukla Colony - 834002
Kunwar Singh Colony - 834002
Hinoo 834002 - 834002
Kusai - 834002
main road - 834001
p p compound - 834001
ashok vihar - 834001
dibdih - 834002
sail satelite colony - 834002
Railway Colony Hatia - 834003
Birsa Nagar - 834003
HEC Colony - 834004
Pundag - 834004
Satellite Colony - 834004
Hehal - 834005
Bajra - 834005
Morabadi - 834008
New Area Marabadi - 834008
Ranchi University - 834008
Hatma - 834008
Sarai Tand - 834008
Rameshwaram - 834008
Bariatu - 834009
Ranchi Medical College - 834009
Ranchi Medical College Campus - 834009
Deepatoli - 834009
Bharamtoli - 834009
Rani Bagan - 834009
Jaiprakash Nagar - 834009
Ayodhya Enclave - 834009
Diwakar Nagar - 834009