Blueberry Cakes - 100% Eggless

Blueberry cakes something that suits the taste of both a sweet-tooth and a non-sweet tooth person because of its berrylicious punch and natural sweetness. So, next time when it's someone’s birthday, anniversary, etc. Give Bakingo’s blueberry cake range, a try to taste the real magic of the farm-picked blueberry in a cake.

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Blueberry Vanilla Cake
Rs. 629
Blueberry Cake 1
Who on earth can deny a mouthwatering blueberry cake? Without a second thought let it melt in your mouth.
Round Shaped Blueberry Cake
Rs. 549
Blueberry Cake 2
If you truly cake obsessed person then you must try out different flavors. How about a blueberry cake?
Blueberry Cake
Rs. 599
Blueberry Cake 3
Are you a big blueberry fan? This delicious cake made with fresh blueberry is a must-try.
Blueberry Cake For Husband Birthday
Rs. 500Rs. 599
Blueberry Cake
Take a bite and dive into the divine flavour of velvety smooth blueberry! Seductive outside.. delicious inside..