Daughters Day Cakes - Order For Same Day & Midnight Delivery

Without a doubt, a cake can uplift the spirits to new heights. And, when the occasion is the Daughter's Day, how can celebrations be completed without a cake? Therefore, shop Bakingo’s cakes baked and designed exclusively for Daughter's Day.

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Happy Daughters Day Poster Cake
Rs. 649
Daughters Day Square Shaped Poster Cake 5
A perfect gift that your daughter would appreciate would be this yummilicious cake. Order now!
Poster Cake for Daughter
Rs. 649
Daughters Day Round Shaped Poster Cake 4
Treat the little princess of everyone in the family, this daughter's day with this poster cake in her mouth.
Happy Daughters Day Photo Cake
Rs. 699
Daughters Day Round Shaped Photo Cake 3
Make this Daughter's Day for your daughter by ordering this delicacy at her doorstep or maybe on your own.
Rs. 699
Daughters Day Square Shaped Photo Cake 1
Greet your daughter Daughter's Day with a sweet treat, especially for her. This cake would be perfect though.
Daughters Day Photo Cake
Rs. 699
Daughters Day Square Shaped Photo Cake 2
Nobody's daughter is less than a princess to them and when it is time to greet that princess, do that with this photo cake.
Happy Daughters Day Vanilla Cake
Rs. 399
Happy Daughter's Day Vanilla Cake
A secret to merrier times, this perfect indulgent creation is worth a dime.
Happy Daughters Day Pineapple Cake
Rs. 399
Happy Daughter's Day Pineapple Cake
The perfect example of simplicity at its best with the sweet and savoury flavours of Pineapple
Happy Daughters Day Butterscotch Cake
Rs. 429
Happy Daughter's Day Butterscotch Cake
Take a bite of this extra- delectable delicacy and feel yourself lost into the world of scrumptious caramel.
Happy Daughters Day Black Forest Cake
Rs. 529
Happy Daughter's Day Black Forest Cake
We kept this Classic simply unblemished, no twist, no turn, just as original as it can be - Soft, Mushy and Creamy.
Happy Daughters Day Blueberry Cake
Rs. 500
Happy Daughter's Day Blueberry Cake
Take a bite and dive into the divine flavour of velvety smooth blueberry! Seductive outside.. delicious inside..
Happy Daughters Day Kiwi Cake
Rs. 600
Happy Daughter's Day Kiwi Cake
Slip into a slice and enter the world of exotica especially meant for the Kiwi Lovers who just can't get enough.
Happy Daughters Day Choco Vanilla Cake
Rs. 529
Happy Daughter's Day Choco Vanilla Cake
You are on the way to enter into the world of sweet Indulgence with this delightful Chocolate-Vanilla treat
Happy Daughters Day Chocolate Cake
Rs. 529
Happy Daughter's Day Chocolate Cake
The devilishly delicious taste of this cake with Cocoa fix leaves you 'High' on chocolate in every good sense.