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Cartoon Cakes

Your kid will only be a kid for some time then he/she will grow big. Every birthday should be special, and every birthday cake should be exactly what your kids want it to be. So, let your kids birthday be a special one with some mouth-watering and delicious cartoon birthday cakes.

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Multi flavored slice of disneyland theme cake
Rs. 2,999
Cartoon Fondant Cake
Every slice of this magical cake is sure to take your child in a trip to Disneyland on his or her birthday.
Animal in Jungle Themed Cake
Rs. 3,999
Jungle Fondant Cake
Every bite of this magical cake will take your child to a jungle safari on his happy birthday.
Batman Theme Cake For Birthday Boy
Rs. 4,000
Batman Theme Cake 1
If you love both Batman & cake, this Batman cake is ideal for you.
Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake For Little Child
Rs. 3,000
Mickey Theme Cake 1
Here's some fun treat for all Mickey Mouse lovers! A delish cake perfect to get you into a jolly mood!
Sesame Street Fondant Cake For Kids
Rs. 3,999
Elmo Fondant Cake
Your kids are on the way to enter the sweet and delicious world of sesame street with this Elmo fondant cake.
Curious George Cake For Four Year Old
Rs. 3,999
George Monkey Fondant Cake
The little monkey is all baked with flavors to infuse some fun and amusement in your child's birthday party.
Multi flavored disney fondant cake
Rs. 3,999
Disney Fondant Cake
How about planning a surprise party for your child with his favorite friends from the Disney world?
Penguins of Madagascar - Animal Themed Cake
Rs. 2,999
Penguin Fondant Cake
Nothing can be more cheerful for your child than this cake where these cute Penguins are wishing 'Happy Birthday".
Minnie Theme Cake For Girl
Rs. 3,000
Minnie Theme Cake 1
Little Minnie is waiting to be a part of your fun celebration to add an extra dose of laughter to it!
Benten Theme Cake For Kid Birthday
Rs. 3,000
Benten Theme Cake 1
It's your time to share the highly delectable slice of this cake with little Ben and delve into pure enjoyment.
Hello Kitty Theme Cake For Girl
Rs. 2,999
Hello Kitty Theme Cake 1
With a little bow to top off the smiling Hello Kitty, she is all set to make your celebrations Purrr-fect!
Minion despicable delight - A Minion Theme Cake
Rs. 2,300
Minion Theme Cake 1
It's your time to drool over this super delicious fondant cake sharing the table with Kevin, Steward & Bob!
Spiderman Theme Cake
Rs. 3,000
Spiderman Theme Cake 1
If Peter Parker have had eaten a single slice of this cake then he would have definitely become a biggest fan!