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5 ( 1 Review )
Rectangular Chocolate Cake Topped With Kitkat
Kitkat lovers, this one is for you! Experience the crunchiness of chopped Kitkat inside the fluffy Choco truffle cake frosted with rich whipped cream, Kitkat and chocolate sauce dripping on the sides.
5 ( 4 Reviews )
Vegan Black Forest Cake
A vegan delicacy topped with chocolate flakes, dusted with cocoa powder, and adorned with luscious cherries. The cake has whipped cream with dark cherry filling and is decorated with chocolates on all four sides, making it an edible masterpiece.
4.9 ( 36 Reviews )
Chocolate Mud Cake
The gooey, chocolatey mud cake is sure to take you out on an adventure with its unmatched taste of cacao and appeal. This red cherry and milk chocolate stripe give it an extra appeal.
Kitkat Gems Chocolate Cake
A delicious chocolate sponge dipped in whipped chocolate cream and topped with creamy swirls and kit kat bars is the perfect sweet treat for all kids as well as adults.
5 ( 1 Review )
Classic Red Velvet Cake
A classic red velvet cake with dollops of white cheese cream frosting and velvety red crumbles to satiate your tastebuds. Give your tastebuds the explosion of divine taste.
5 ( 1 Review )
Round Vegan Coffee Cake
The ultimate vegan delight is enveloped in whipped coffee-flavoured cream and decorated decently with sprinkled coffee powder and dark chocolate shavings.
4.9 ( 33 Reviews )
Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake
It's a heart-touching moment for your loved ones! Tender and moist cream cake coming with red velvet shaving and fresh cheese cream, red velvet sponge crumb. Each bite is a bliss
4.8 ( 4 Reviews )
Kitkat Chocolate Cake
Rich in melt-in-mouth chocolates, layered with Inside- Chocolate Truffle With Chopped Kitkat and chunks which make this cake an irresistible one.
4.3 ( 3 Reviews )
Dark Chocolate Round Cake
Indulge in the irresistible taste of our round truffle cake topped with white chocolate garnish decorations and crunchy-chocolatey roll sticks.
4.9 ( 91 Reviews )
Snicker Fuse Chocolate Cake
Snickers snickers all around! Your super healthy dessert topped with molten chocolate and chocolate chunks, you can't stop drooling over this cake.
599Rs. 679
5 ( 3 Reviews )
Classic Round Vegan Vanilla Cake
Vegan vanilla cake with smooth whipped cream and icing on top and between layers of sponge. Chocolate moulds in triangle shape lined on the side for a complimenting taste.
5 ( 5 Reviews )
Chocolate Black Forest Cake
Comes layed with chocolate and whipped cream and topped with chocolatey flakes on the top and sides, this classic delight is a dream for chocolate lovers.
5 ( 3 Reviews )
Gooey Chocolate Cake
A moist decadence with rich chocolate frosting and choco-rolls, this cake is deliciously baked to satiate all your intense cravings.
5 ( 1 Review )
Round Chocolate N Ferreor Rocher Cake
It is a combination of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and butterscotch crunch. the inside is filled with chocolate truffle and hazelnut filling. And the top is made relishing with dollops and swirls, making it decorative.
5 ( 1 Review )
Pineapple Vegan Cake
Look at the beautiful decoration of whipped vanilla cream on whipped vanilla cream, and fine decoration is done using finely chopped pineapple and a cherry.
4.9 ( 12 Reviews )
Heart-Shaped Choco Vanilla Cake
A heart-shaped cake in scrumptious chocolate truffle on one half and vanilla flavour with whipped white cream on the other. The frosting is topped with a handmade fondant red rose like a brooch on one top.
Vegan Tangy Cocoa Round Cake
The finely baked cake is layered with velvety vanilla icing and then decorated with rich mango puree on the sides. Liquid chocolate artwork and dark chocolate shavings rest on top.
5 ( 1 Review )
Divine Round Chocolate Cake
The ultimate chocolate cake with a built-up of chocolate cream on sponge and icing along with molten chocolate look and ganache on the top and chocolate fondant rose like a brooch.
4.9 ( 9 Reviews )
Juicy Heart Shape Strawberry Cake
Topped with fondant roses and white chocolate shavings, this delicate cake is sandwiched with a smooth vanilla base and glazed with strawberry jelly for a sweet, tangy bite!
4.8 ( 10 Reviews )
Blueberry Cake With White Chocolate
Beat the blues with this blueberry cake. Experience a rich taste of whipped cream, and blueberry fruit filling in every slice of this cake, topped with white chocolate garnish decorations.
5 ( 5 Reviews )
Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake With Chocolate Hearts
Relish the scarlet dream-- a heart-shaped cake in red velvet flavour coated in red velvet cake crumbs, cheese cream and heart chocolate garnish decorations.
5 ( 1 Review )
Couverture Chocolate Cake
Nine out of ten people love the ecstasy spread and felt by a single piece of a chocolate cake. To make the...
4.9 ( 10 Reviews )
Round Hearty Red Velvet Cake
Entice your loved ones with a sound red velvet cake that has an enchanting snowy cheese cream with red shavings on top and a red fondant heart, and it has a lip-smacking red velvet flavour.
4.8 ( 4 Reviews )
Heart Shaped Fondant Vanilla Cake
When emotions become hard to resist, delve into this gorgeously rich delicacy and experience 'LOVE'....
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Square Chocolate Cake With Orange Flavour
A rich chocolate truffle square cake with crunchy hazelnut filling, orange filling and orange velvet sponge crumbs, this delicious cake is a paradise for every cake lover, out there.
4.7 ( 3 Reviews )
Round Chocolate Heavenly Cake
It is a moist and eggless chocolate cake enriched with nothing but the finest molten chocolate and adorned with an enticing chocolate glaze.
4.8 ( 6 Reviews )
Butterscotch Caramel Cake
A sweet-crunchy delight. The layers of this cake are smeared with whipped cream, caramel, and butterscotch crush. The top is loaded with chocolate garnishing, cherry, and butterscotch crunch.
5 ( 1 Review )
Round Chocolate With Molten Flavour
Quench the sweet cravings of your sweet tooth loved ones with this chocolate flavoured cake with molten Ferrero Rocher and ball and frozen white chocolate moulds.
4.9 ( 56 Reviews )
Black Forest Cherry Cake
A cake that screams celebrations! A black forest cake with whipped cream and dark cherry-filled layers. The chocolate icing, choco-rolls, and cherries on top make it just irresistible.
5 ( 4 Reviews )
Simple Round Shape Vanilla Cake
Round shaped vanilla cake with whipped cream all over and icing between layers of soft and sweet sponge. It is embellished with streaks and caramel glaze on top, giving it an unmatched sweetness coupled with whipped cream and vanilla essence.
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  • Best Cake for your loved ones
    Tasty, and cool heart design. Loved the service and cake too.

    Product : Be Mine Forever
    Date :
  • Very nice chocolate cake!
    Very good chocolate cake. Completely satisfied with the product .

    Product : Fuse Fiesta
    Date :

    Product : Vanilla Retreat
    Date :

    Product : Vanilla Retreat
    Date :
  • This is Best ever i order from other ap
    Taste 5 star delievery 5 star packing 5 star wishing card 5 star

    Product : German Gateau
    Date :
  • First time and hooked
    I like outside India and ordered a cake for my niece using bakingo. And now this has become my go to site to order cakes for friends / family. Superb service and cakes are something else. Keep up the good work guys - definitely gonna be ordering a load of cakes from you!

    Product : Rich Rochers Cake
    Date :
  • Dainty Black Forest Cake
    It was delicious. service was good. Keep it up guys!

    Product : Dainty Black Forest Cake
    Date :
  • Made my day.!
    Awesome experience

    Product : Butterscotch Obsession
    Date :
  • Awesome

    Product : Heart-licious Pleasure
    Date :
  • Taste
    Waaaw, it was very tasty and thanking bakingo for awesome service. it was really impressed me. Again thanks

    Product : Truly Velvety
    Date :

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