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4 ( 1 Review )
Snicker Fuse Chocolate Cake
Snickers snickers all around! Your super healthy dessert topped with molten chocolate and chocolate chunks, you can't stop drooling over this cake.
5 ( 1 Review )
Red Velvet Cream Cake
Dreamy creamy red velvet cake with cheese cream & white chocolate garnish on top is finally here! From its flaky, red velvet crumbs on its sides to its creamy crown, everything about this cake is sure to leave you drooling.
Round Chocolate Truffle Cake
Satiate your taste buds right away! Enrich with chocolate sponge & truffle cream. Topped with white chocolate garnish and cherry, it is sure to leave you omnomnom!
5 ( 3 Reviews )
Half Chocolate Half Vanilla Cake
The perfect blend of tempting chocolate and irresistible vanilla flavours topped up with a cherry and some chocolate shavings.
Pineapple Cream Cake
The juicy chunks of the very tasty and fresh Pineapples and whipped cream and red cherries, it give you an exclusive creamy and succulent taste.
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Blackforest Cake With Cherries
Rich, delicious,classic dessert made with several layers of chocolate all covered in whipped cream and shaved chocolates with cherries toppings.
5 ( 1 Review )
Round Shape Butterscotch Cake
Savoured by all age groups, this crunchy chunks of butterscotch mixed with smooth caramel is what makes this flavour amazing amongst butterscotch-lovers.
Red Velvet Fruit Layer Cake
Fruity delicious! The sinful velvet cake loaded with Inside- Custard Cream With Chopped Fruits like kiwis, cherries, apples, dragon fruits and black grapes. Your healthy treat is on its way!
Round Choco Orange Infusion Cake
A bite of this chocolate garnished cake with a chocolate core, orange jelly and fillings will transport you to a world of tangy chocolaty heaven.
Heart-Shaped Choco Vanilla Cake
A heart-shaped cake in scrumptious chocolate truffle on one half and vanilla flavour with whipped white cream on the other. The frosting is topped with a handmade fondant red rose like a brooch on one top.
Red Velvet Coffee Cake
Experience the best of both worlds: red velvet and coffee with this fusion cake? whipped cream cake with red velvet crumbs on top and sides along with dripping coffee glaze.
Cream N Colourful Sprinkles Vanilla Cake
Let's go the old-school way and turn up the joys of festivities as we relish this white vanilla cake symmetrically topped up with some colourful edible sprinkles, whipped white cream and chocolate stripes
Butterscotch Chocolate Cake
Relish the soft-crunch with caramely-buttery flavoured vanilla sponge cake. It's a bite of heavenly layers of Vanilla and Chocolate Sponge with caramel chips, light crust, and whipped choclolate cream frosting.
5 ( 1 Review )
Black Forest Cherry Cake
A cake that screams celebrations! A black forest cake with whipped cream and dark cherry-filled layers. The chocolate icing, choco-rolls, and cherries on top make it just irresistible.
Chocolate N Nut Cake
Experience the pleasurous chocolaty delicacy baked with perfection and enveloped in delectable chocolate frosting. The decoration of crunchy walnuts on top is just amazing.
4 ( 1 Review )
Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake
It's a heart-touching moment for your loved ones! Tender and moist cream cake coming with red velvet shaving and fresh cheese cream, red velvet sponge crumb. Each bite is a bliss
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Cake
A soul pleasing treat to celebrate your occasion! Enriched and coated with exotic chocolates, this cake is embellished with crunchy Ferrero Rochers, hazelnut flavour, and chocolate syrup.
5 ( 1 Review )
Choco Chip Chocolate Cake
Soothe your senses with this delightful cake coated with whipped chocolated cream topped with chocolate garnish and adorned with crunchy choco chips on the sides.
Gulkand Cake With Chocolate Delights
An out of the box combination of gulkand and chocolate in a cake with icing and sponge in chocolate combination and dark chocolate on the sides in a triangle, circle and dollop moulds.
Square Chocolate Cake With Orange Flavour
A rich chocolate truffle square cake with crunchy hazelnut filling, orange filling and orange velvet sponge crumbs, this delicious cake is a paradise for every cake lover, out there.
Round Chocolate Heavenly Cake
It is a moist and eggless chocolate cake enriched with nothing but the finest molten chocolate and adorned with an enticing chocolate glaze.
Round Chocolate With Molten Flavour
Quench the sweet cravings of your sweet tooth loved ones with this chocolate flavoured cake with molten Ferrero Rocher and ball and frozen white chocolate moulds.
Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake
Now the goodness of fruits comes sandwiched with the rich, decadent chocolate truffle flavour. Topped up with seasonal fruits and a richness of chocolate, this cake is sure to give a healthy, tasty punch to your celebrations.
Chocolate Choco Chip Cake
Loaded with chocolate chips and chocolate ganache, this rich decadent chocolate cake is a paradise for every chocolate lover out there in the world. Experience the goodness of chocolate at every bite.
Gooey Chocolate Cake
A moist decadence with rich chocolate frosting and choco-rolls, this cake is deliciously baked to satiate all your intense cravings.
Rich Chocolate Cake Topped With Fruits
Square shaped cake with chocolate ganache and waffle sticks on the sides and top giving it contrast from the smooth chocolate icing. Also, it has a milk chocolate vessel mould with juicy fruits stacked inside.
Divine Round Chocolate Cake
The ultimate chocolate cake with a built-up of chocolate cream on sponge and icing along with molten chocolate look and ganache on the top and chocolate fondant rose like a brooch.
Delightful Cherry Pineapple Cake
This juicy pineapple cake will quench the sweet tooth cravings with its magical touch of creamy juicy pineapple flavour paired with vanilla and cherries.
Round Dark Chocolate N Ferrero Rochers
Spark memories of blissful and magic moments in your life with this luscious and enticing dark chocolate and Ferrero Rocher cake. The dark chocolate flavour is mixed in the cake, encrusting the cake, and decorated with Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls.
Classic Red Velvet Cake
A classic red velvet cake with dollops of white cheese cream frosting and velvety red crumbles to satiate your tastebuds. Give your tastebuds the explosion of divine taste.
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review-stars4.8 out of 5
recommended97 % Recommended
  • tasty and on time
    The cake was delicious and delivered on the scheduled time. Thanks Bakingo

    Date :
  • Tasty one
    Had it for my dad bday. Its really amazing a cake.

    Product : Blueberry Cheese Cake
    Date :
  • Timely Deliver
    Very quick and Timely Delivery . Good Product.

    Date :
  • Awesome cake
    Delicious and Fresh cake quality with delivery on time

    Date :
  • Thanks bakingo
    Very well made cake, excellent in tastes. Its a freshly baked cake. Definitely will order from here only now.. Highly recommended

    Date :
  • Awesome Cake
    Very tasty cake and there was a small card for birthday wishes. Great services.

    Date :
  • Birthday Cake
    I have been ordering cakes from Bakingo and they have never let me down. Great taste, presentation and timely delivery. Keep it up.

    Date :
  • Loved the personalised cupcakes!
    Images were extremely clear on the cupcakes and were extremely delicious as well. Highly recommended!

    Date :
  • Great taste great service
    Cupcakes were fresh and tasty and were delivered on time.

    Date :
  • Fresh cake
    Cake quality was very good

    Product : Red Crush
    Date :

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