Birthday Cakes For Wife

She is nothing but an epitome of perfection. An angel in disguise, she stepped into your world and filled the voids with nothing but love! To someone so flawless, it is important that you go an extra mile when it is your wife's birthday. To help you out, here's a scrummy array of birthday cakes for wife that are just perfect like her!

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Kitkat Black Forest Cake
Rs. 579
Kitkat Black Forest Cake
So, the next time you plan to order a cake, this KitKat cake should be on your list. A perfect pick to make any occasion happening.
Vegan Chocolate Cake
Rs. 749
Black Forest Vegan Cake
Everyone now is racing for a perfect figure and hence going vegan. This cake would be perfect for such a vegan person.
Round Shaped Mango Cake
Rs. 599
Round Shaped Mango Cake
Let the celebration joy level increase with this freshly baked mango cake. Gift it to a mango fan and see them drool over it.
Vegan Coffee Cake
Rs. 699
Coffee Vegan Cake
Coffee when drank, gives immense calm to our mind, and likewise, a yummy vegan cake would give, calmness to the soul.
Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake - Order Now
Rs. 749
Red Velvet Heart Cake
This captivating and lusciously rich red velvet cake will show you the way to your beloved’s heart.
Double Heart Choco Truffle Cake For Lover
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Double Heart Choco Truffle Cake
Are You a Chocolate Addict? Yes! This striking, tender, and luxurious layer cake is for you.
Heart Shaped Choco Truffle Cake For An Intern Last Day
Rs. 799
Heart Shaped Choco Truffle Cake
Presenting something blissfully elegant, decadent, and delicious - Choice of the Rich and Sophisticated!
Vegan Vanilla Cake
Rs. 599
Vanilla Vegan Cake
This melt-in-mouth pineapple cake is loved by all. So, without giving a second thought, make this cake a part of any occasion.
Chocolate Cake with Swirling Design
Rs. 499
Round Shaped Chocolate Cake 1
The surrealistic decoration of this chocolate cake can hypnotize any chocolate lover.
Vegan Pineapple Cake
Rs. 599
Pineapple Vegan Cake
Let's talk about flavors, this red velvet cake is filled with fruits, and the taste is unbeatable. Want to have a bite? Taste now!
Heart Shape Choco Vanilla Special Cake For Life Partner
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Choco Vanilla Cake
What happens when Chocolate & Vanilla come together? A top deck cake that is jaw-droppingly delicious.
Vegan Mango Cake
Rs. 649
Mango Vegan Cake
How can one live without some cakey bites? So, to make veganism easier for you, we have this tangy delight for you all.
Belgian Chocolate Cake
Rs. 649
Belgian Chocolate Cake
Happiness is a piece of this scrumptious chocolate cake.
Vanilla Strawberry Cake For Marriage Anniversary
Rs. 950
Heart Shaped Vanilla Strawberry Cake
As the "Official Dessert of Romance", this strawberry cake is truly a crowd-pleaser.
Choco Truffle Cake For Co-Workers Last Day
Rs. 449Rs. 599
Choco Truffle Cake
The devilishly delicious taste of this cake with Cocoa fix leaves you 'High' on chocolate in every good sense.
Blueberry Vanilla Cake
Rs. 629
Blueberry Cake 1
Who on earth can deny a mouthwatering blueberry cake? Without a second thought let it melt in your mouth.
Red Velvet Cake
Rs. 599
Red Velvet Cake
Finished to perfection, we bet, this delicious creamy delight is going to be a Torrid Velvety Affair!
Strawberry Rose Cake For Employee Birthday
Rs. 549
Strawberry Rose Cake
A work of art brimming with finesse! This is a yummylicious treat for strawberry lovers.
Couverture Chocolate Cake
Rs. 749
Couverture Chocolate Cake
With this cake at the celebration party, prepare yourself for some serious finger licking!
Red velvet with a fondant heart
Rs. 549
Red Velvet with Fondant Heart Cake
Can't wait to feed your sweet soul? Go ahead with a cake brimming with love so red.
Heart Shaped Vanilla Strawberry Cake For Co-Workers Last Day
Rs. 799
Heart Shaped Fondant Vanilla Cake
We baked and created magic in every slice with this Fondant-Vanilla-Masterpiece!
Choco Orange Cake for Christmas
Rs. 1,199
Orange Square Cake 1Kg
The luscious combination of chocolate and orange will keep you happy throughout the festive season.
Choco Tranquiizer - A Chocolate Cake
Rs. 499
Round Shaped Chocolate Cake 4
Let’s speak about your heart- felt love to your loved one with this scrumptious cake!
Red Velvet Fruit Cake
Rs. 1,099
Red Velvet Fruit Cake
This Red Velvet Fruit cake with tender crumbs that slice like velvet will take you from amazing to irresistible!
Butterscotch Cake
Rs. 499
Round Shaped Butterscotch Cake 4
The universal dessert of all time! But, have you tasted this one? If not, try now!
Couverture Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
Rs. 799
Couverture Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
A simple way to convey how nobody understands but chocolate always does!
German Gateau - German Black Forest Cake
Rs. 499
German Black Forest Cake
Say 'hello' to the Perfect mood lifters! Seductively creamy with an overloaded of chocolate - All-Time favourite!
Round Vanilla Cake
Rs. 379
Round Shaped Vanilla Cake 4
When in doubt order a cake! And don't forget to order in vanilla flavor. Easy peasy and a healthy choice. A healthy delight for your loved ones.
Heart Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake
The internet has a new obsession - Choco-Vanilla & it's time to slice into its spellbinding sweetness.
Round Shaped Blueberry Cake
Rs. 549
Blueberry Cake 2
If you truly cake obsessed person then you must try out different flavors. How about a blueberry cake?
Starwberry Vanilla Cake
Rs. 529
Strawberry Vanilla Cake
One-stop solution for your sweet tooth. We have got two-in-one flavor cakes to tickle your tastebuds.
Sweetest Appeal - Choco Walnut Cake
Rs. 549
Round Shaped Choco Walnut Cake
If you have finding the best decorated cake with unforgettable taste, your search just ends with this cake.
Blueberry Cake
Rs. 599
Blueberry Cake 3
Are you a big blueberry fan? This delicious cake made with fresh blueberry is a must-try.
Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake
Rs. 699
Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake
A succulently sweet and delicious chocolate fruit cake that is sure to spell a cast on your heart.
Fruit Fully Yours - A Heart Shaped Fruit Cake
Rs. 1,099
Heart Shaped Fruit Cake 2
A succulently sweet and delicious fruit cake that is sure to spell a cast on your heart.
Trip To Paradise - A Choco Chip Cake
Rs. 549
Round Shaped choco chip cake
The chocolacious flavor of this cake brings the ultimate sweet magic to your taste buds that you will never forget.
Rs. 499
Eid Mubarak Truffle Cake
Get your hands on this enticing cake for the auspicious occasion of eid. Send your loved ones this sweet token of eid. Order now.
Rs. 1,299
Round Shape Anniversary Cake
On the wedding anniversary of your parents, give them an edible gift of a delicious chocolate cake.
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Rs. 649
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Order this yummilicious rich Ferrero Rocher cake for your near and dear ones on their special occasion.
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake
Rs. 749
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake
You know what are dreams are made of? Well, there might be many other things but the rich, creamy chocolatey taste of Ferrero Rocher cake like this is one such.
Pineapple Cake
Rs. 379
Pineapple Round Shaped Cake 5
The scrumptious bite of this pineapple cake is completely forgiving. Get home or send this delicious delight to your family or friends.
Vanilla Chocolate Cake
Rs. 529
Choco Vanilla Cake 2
Yes, you heard it right! both flavors in one chocolate and vanilla equal to your favorite toothsome choco vanilla cake
coconut birthday cake
Rs. 599
Coconut Cake
Looking for something new in cakes? Presenting you this mouthwatering cake with a crunchy coconut twist.
Rs. 499
Pineapple Round Shaped Cake 4
Looking for a tangy flavored cake with the right amount of sweetness? Well, this cake is a must have one for you.
Tiramisu Cheesecake Online For Work Anniversary
Rs. 899
Tiramisu Cheese Cake
When coffee, cheese and cream come together, all you get is an impeccably delicious treat.
Blueberry Cake For Husband Birthday
Rs. 500Rs. 599
Blueberry Cake
Take a bite and dive into the divine flavour of velvety smooth blueberry! Seductive outside.. delicious inside..
Kiwi Fruit Cake For Employee Birthday
Rs. 600
Kiwi Fruit Cake
Slip into a slice and enter the world of exotica especially meant for the Kiwi Lovers who just can't get enough.
Headfull of Cream - A Vanilla Flavored Cake
Rs. 399
Round Shaped Vanilla Cake 1
You know what happens when vanilla takes a ride to the oven? You are left surprised and overwhelmed.
Delectable pistachio cake
Rs. 579
Pistachio Drizzle Cake
Wishing to grab a love bite for a healthy heart?
Gulkand rose cake
Rs. 549
Gulkand Rose Cake
Jam them in the layers of a sassy delicious compilation.
Royal Cherry Cake For Marriage Anniversary
Rs. 650
Royal Cherry Cake
We kept this Classic simply unblemished, no twist, no turn, just as original as it can be - Soft & Mushy!
Coffee Cake For Work Anniversary
Rs. 525
Coffee Cake
There is one more kind of love in this World - the love for Coffee. Feel it in this epic desert form!
Irish Delight - Irish Coffee Cream Cake
Rs. 499
Irish Cake
Time for some Irish Shots! Savour the scrumptious taste of magnificently rich and intensely flavoured Irish cake!
Heart Shaped Fruit Cake
Rs. 1,099
Heart Shaped Fruit Cake 1
Here is a lusciously rich fruit cake that will make your heart healthier.
Hawaiian Pineapple Cake For Birthday and Anniversary
Rs. 500
Hawaiian Pineapple Cake
Escape into the Hawaiian world of sweetness with a ravishing combination of pineapple and butterscotch
Flavorsome Fuse - Round Shaped Butterscotch Cake
Rs. 479
Round Shaped Butterscotch Cake 3
All you need is a moment and butterscotch temptations to celebrate.
Choco Strawberry Cake For A Get Together
Rs. 525
Choco Strawberry Cake
This craft of love made with luscious strawberries and rich chocolate will take you on a ride to Heaven.
Vanilla Pineapple Cake
Rs. 499
Pineapple Round Shaped Cake 3
A drool-worthy cake flavored with seasonal pineapple fillings and enriched with fresh vanilla cream.
Orange Bubble Rectangle Cake
Rs. 699
Orange Bubble Rectangle Cake
It's time to please your taste buds with a tangy treat enriched with luscious oranges and whipped cream.
Tropilicious Treat - An Orange Cake
Rs. 649
Orange Hollow Cake
Looking for a refreshing delicacy that can swipe away your stress? We got this delicious orange cake for you.
Velvetilicious Bliss - A red velvet cake
Rs. 549
Red Velvet with 3 Fondant Heart Cake
Keep up with the trending moreish cakes and feed your sweet tooth demon hidden inside you!
Coffee Mocha Cake For Birthday
Rs. 550
Coffee Mocha Cake
Presenting the Choco mocha and coffee flavoured cake with chocolate chips simply waiting to be found!
Simple Kiwi Cake For A Bachelor Party
Rs. 525
Simple Kiwi Cake
Sweet Vanilla & Exotic Kiwi have come together in intensely whipped cream to make you go 'Wow."
Couverture Chocolate Square Cake
Rs. 749
Couverture Chocolate Square Cake
Glazed with creamy reverie, this chocolate delight can make any celebration happening.
chocolate orange cake
Rs. 599
Choco Orange Cake
Here is a toothsome treat infused with the tanginess of freshly-picked oranges and mel-in-mouth chocolates.
Rs. 999
Imploding Confetti Cake
Looks like a beautiful delicious castle? Doesn't it?
Mango Cheese Cake For Birthday
Rs. 899
Mango Cheese Cake
Satiate your summertime desires with this delicious mango cake that'll leave you with a sweet craving.
White Paradesia - A White Forest Cake
Rs. 479
White Forest Cake
With Milk chocolate shavings and cream that looks fabulous in white - This is a dedication to the Milk Lovers!
Chocolate Nut Cake For A Bachelor Party
Rs. 600
Chocolate Nut Cake
Indulge into the Romantic Story of chocolate glaze frosting with Velvety Smooth Cream and Walnut Crunch!
Black forest cake with 3 hearts
Rs. 549
Black Forest Heart Gateau
Baked in the flavors of love, drown yourself in the scrumptiousness of the gateau so good!
Strawberry Seduction - A Strawberry Flavoured Cake
Rs. 449
Strawberry Cake
Take a bite of this Blushing Pink Love and indulge yourself in the creamy contours of strawberry ecstasy!
Pineapple Sensation - A Pineapple Fruit Cake
Rs. 499
Pineapple Round Shaped Cake 2
Please your taste buds with this delicious pineapple cake that will uplift your mood with each slice.
Chocolate Light Cake For Birthday
Rs. 550
Chocolate Light Cake
This scrumptious chocolate cake is for all the ones who can't get over their chocolate addiction.
Oreo Choco Cake For An Intern Last Day
Rs. 525
Oreo Choco Cake
Redefining taste of Original Oreo with a kick of extra rich chocolate and freshly whipped cream. Taste the Passion!
Coffee Opera Cake Online For Anniversary
Rs. 550
Coffee Opera Cake
Kick-start your day with divine coffee flavours infused in this perfectly delicious treat meant for coffee-holics!
paan cake
Rs. 599
Paan Lovers Treat
Get the taste of a betel leaf combined with areca nuts infused in this scrumptious cake especially baked for you.
Tea cake
Rs. 599
Tea Time Thrill
Happiness is having your favorite aromatic beverage in the form of this mouthwatering tea cake. Isn't it?
Floral Fun - A Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake 3
You know what happens when love takes over? You go and find the perfect vanilla rush for them.
Heart Shaped Vanilla Flavored Cake with Cherries on Top
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake 2
It will be a dream come true when you'll woo them with a cake of cherry pool.
Heart Shaped Butterscotch Cake
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Butterscotch Cake 1
Looking forward to impress the love of your life in a salivating manner? This is an ideal cake.
Kit Kat Cake For Friend Birthday
Rs. 550
Kit Kat Cake
You'll fall in love at first bite! Deviate to the contours of crunchy goodness with the jaw dropping kit-kat bake!
Vegan Red Velvet Cake
Rs. 749
Red Velvet Fruit Vegan Cake
Grab a bite of this yummilicious, mouthwatering vanilla cake. Baked with uttermost care. This vanilla cake is completely vegan.
Delicious choco coffee cake
Rs. 649
Coffee-Chocolate Cake
Procaffeinating everyone with this mighty bliss is what you need to do right now!
Merry Go Round - Round Shaped Vanilla Cake
Rs. 499
Round Shaped Vanilla Cake 3
When Life gives you moments to celebrate, you trade them with this flawless magnificence.
Heart Shaped Pineapple Cake
Rs. 699
Pineapple Heart Shaped Cake 1
Presenting you this tropical delight enriched with luscious pineapple cake flavored with vanilla cream.
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Rs. 699
Round Shaped Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Cake
This cake is actually a heaven for the chocolate lovers. It’s time to enjoy it.
Rs. 649
Chocolate Pistachio Cake
A perfect gift for nature's lover and a foodie. Shop now!
Vanilla cream cake with 3 fondant hearts
Rs. 499
Vanilla Funfetti Cake
You're gonna jump in joy in a single bite of this scrumptious cake full of fun.
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Rs. 700
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Who can resist the Magical spell of Ferrero Rocher cake with a hint of hazelnut and the richness of Chocolate.
Pineapple Upside Down Fruit Cake
Rs. 950
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
This mushy cake baked with pineapple & cherries is a wholesome treat to surprise you with a unique flavor
Rythm Of Utopia - A Heart Shaped Butterscotch Cake
Rs. 699
Heart Shaped Butterscotch Cake 3
Let’s this cake do the talk about your love and feelings on your behalf to your special one!
Vanilla cake with fondant hearts
Rs. 499
Vanilla Fondant Cake
Bow down to the fairest of all blushing with a delectable pounding heart so rich in flavor and taste.
Heart Shape Chocolate Cake For Wife Birthday
Rs. 950
Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake
Stay hooked to deliciousness of this heart-shaped Chocolate cake that'll add charm to your fete!
Fruity By Nature - Heart Shaped Mixed Fruit Cake
Rs. 1,099
Heart Shaped Fruit Cake 3
In pursuit of a delicious delicacy that can rejuvenate your taste buds? Here is the one.
Black Forest Cake with Fondant Heart and 5 Cherries
Rs. 549
Black Forest with Heart Cake
Delve into the sweetest symphony and experience the deliciousness infused with luxurious finesse.
Coffee Walnut Cake Home Delivery For Husband Birthday
Rs. 600
Coffee Walnut Cake
An overwhelming blend of chocolate cake and espresso-infused butter cream icing along with crunchy walnut.
Strawberry Sensation Cake For Kids
Rs. 1,450
Strawberry Sensation Cake
A tender cake so lusciously delicious that you would not stop dreaming about this multi-layered mushy ecstasy.