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  • Absolutely awesome. Just lov
    Absolutely awesome. Just loved it. Hope you keep up to the quality standards. Overall a thumbs up.

    Product : Relish Rasmalai Cake
    Date :
  • The cake was too yummy and f
    The cake was too yummy and fresh.Delightful Love Bakingo❤️

    Product : Fruit Frenzy
    Date :
  • Perfect cake for a group of
    Perfect cake for a group of children.

    Product : Marvel N DC Cake
    Date :
  • Amazing team, special thanks
    Amazing team, special thanks to Prakash who was there to help me through the online customer care portal. Very knowledgeable and helpful person. My family was blown away with the piñata cake, it was unique, and FUN!!!, not just a boring cake.

    Product : Happy B'day Candles
    Date :
  • Awesome taste and Birthday b
    Awesome taste and Birthday boy loved the taste and guest also loved it... Thanks for the delicious cake... This my first experience with bakingo and it's really amazing I must say.

    Product : Eternal Sunshine Of Chocolacious Mind
    Date :
  • On time perfect design and t
    On time perfect design and taste...Thanks much!!

    Product : Long Lasting Love Cake
    Date :
  • Good Cake
    Good Cake

    Product : Lip-smacking Dark Chocolate Cake
    Date :
  • Excellent products n amazing
    Excellent products n amazing kind cooperation. Thanks.

    Product : Mango Magic
    Date :
  • The taste was awesome..such
    The taste was awesome..such an affordable option, expected delivery.

    Product : Yum Butterscotch in Jar
    Date :
  • Overall a Good Experience
    Overall a Good Experience

    Product : Ebony And Ivory
    Date :

Bakingo - The Best Bakery For Birthday Cake Delivery In Kolkata

Bakingo, the online cake shop, has been termed as the best bakery for birthday cake delivery in Kolkata by many. Birthdays around the world witness the most no. of cakes being baked than any other occasion. And that’s why being called the best for birthday cakes is tough, obviously because of the competition. But Bakingo has outperformed all other bakeries with quality of cakes that come from premium baking ingredients, hygienic, and world-class baking methods, the skill of expert bakers and the core value of keeping the customer satisfaction on priority.

Apart from all these, customer-centric services like midnight cake delivery in Kolkata and promise of delivery only freshly baked birthday cakes has also helped Bakingo to earn the badge of Best Bakery. Variety of cakes, thousands of designs, list-long flavours, and ease of modification and personalization, also plays a part in establishing Bakingo as the best birthday cake shop in Kolkata. So, if you are planning to organize a birthday party for your children, parents, siblings, or wife, you must include a birthday cake baked in Bakingo’s lab into the party essentials.

Bakingo - Making Different Types of Birthday Cake Available in Kolkata

Bakingo is providing different types of birthday cake online in Kolkata to serve the people of all interests. Below are some types of birthday cakes that you can buy online in Kolkata from Bakingo:

Chocolate Cakes: Chocolate is the most loved cake flavour. At Bakingo, chocolate birthday cakes are available in both light, and dark chocolate flavours and some are topped with chocolate balls, liquid chocolate, and chocolate bars.

Photo Cakes: Photo cakes have been the part of cake trends for so long and will continue to do so. Bakingo provides prompt photo cake delivery in Kolkata for birthdays.

Poster Cakes: Poster cakes are somewhat similar to photo cakes, but they have more beautiful designs and can be customised too on demand.

Fruit Cakes: Topped with fresh slices of juicy and healthy fruits- Fruit cakes are perfect for a nutrient-rich scrumptious treat. Order fruit cakes on birthdays from Bakingo and get them delivered via online birthday cake delivery in Kolkata.

Multi-flavoured Cakes: When a single flavour in cake bite fails to impress your taste buds, ordering multi-flavoured birthday cakes from Bakingo is your way out.

Multi-tier cakes: Some people love to organise a big birthday bash where a small cake can’t feed all the invitees. Multi-tier birthday cakes are fit for bigger birthday celebrations.

Designer Cakes: Designer cakes are talk-of-the-town right now, and they never fail to impress. Made using fondant icing, they can describe the personality traits of the birthday person. Order one now and get it delivered via Bakingo’s designer cake delivery in Kolkata.

Plan a Delightful Surprise with Bakingo's Online Birthday Cake Delivery in Kolkata

Whether you reside in Kolkata or not, if some dear to your heart is in Kolkata and her/his birthday is coming soon then, you should plan a delightful and delicious surprise for her/him. And for that, you can send the best birthday cake in Kolkata from Bakingo as a birthday present. You can also send things like a birthday cap, greeting card, rose, birthday banner, confetti, flower candle, indoor bamboo plant, teddy bear, foil balloon, and chocolates along with the birthday cake to make it a combo. Place a birthday cake online order in Kolkata from Bakingo and bring an ear-wide smile on the face of your dear person. Bakingo has been proudly providing birthday cake home delivery in Kolkata for a long time now and pledges to keep doing so, to let people have the best cakes.

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