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4.8 ( 90 Reviews )
Blackforest Cake With Cherries
Rich, delicious,classic dessert made with several layers of chocolate all covered in whipped cream and shaved chocolates with cherries toppings.
429Rs. 599
4.8 ( 99 Reviews )
Round Shape Butterscotch Cake
Savoured by all age groups, this crunchy chunks of butterscotch mixed with smooth caramel is what makes this flavour amazing amongst butterscotch-lovers.
429Rs. 549
4.8 ( 117 Reviews )
Round Chocolate Truffle Cake
Satiate your taste buds right away! Enrich with chocolate sponge & truffle cream. Topped with white chocolate garnish and cherry, it is sure to leave you omnomnom!
449Rs. 599
Red Velvet Buttercream Creamy Cake
Red velvet crumbs on the top and baked with layers of fresh cheese cream and red velvet frosting. This red velvet cake is a dream of many!
4.8 ( 182 Reviews )
Half Chocolate Half Vanilla Cake
The perfect blend of tempting chocolate and irresistible vanilla flavours topped up with a cherry and some chocolate shavings.
Heavenly Red Velvet Chocolate Cake
A sweet delight of many dreams! Soft, tender and moist cake coated in sweet swirls of chocolate frosting, drizzled with velvet crumbs.
4.8 ( 25 Reviews )
Assorted Fruit and Almond Cake
With farm-fresh fruits inside the cream layers and topped over a vanilla cake with almond shavings, your tastebuds will do the sweet-tango dance.
Tasty Strawberry Vegan Cake
Now, being a vegan gives you an excellent reason to enjoy this pink coloured strawberry cake. The creamy pink whipped strawberry cream frosting and the white cream droplets on top of the cake are sure to tantalise your tastebuds.
5 ( 2 Reviews )
Fruit Funfetti Vanilla Cake
Fruitful vanilla is your healthy snack for the day! Baked with layers of sponge cake, Inside- Custard Cream With Chopped Fruits and buttercream frosting, each bite is blissful and heavenly!
5 ( 1 Review )
Red Velvet Cake With Choco Sticks
The delectable cake is stuffed with three-by-three layers of red velvet flavour and cheese cream and topped with red confetti sprinkles and choco sticks.
Chocolate Overdosed Snickers Cake
Amazingly delicious chocolate cake is decorated with crunchy peanuts on the sides. Drops of whipped cream and crushed snickers chocolate along with liquid chocolate bring the beauty on top.
Ambrosial Vanilla Syrup Cake
A vanilla cake with chocolate moulds on the moist sponge with mango cream on the sides falling to the swirls on the bottom and a pool of mango cream in the centre.
Sinful Chocolate Truffle Cake
Welcome to the dreamy world of molten chocolate! The moist chocolate base finished with richly whipped chocolate cream and adorned with fine chocolate shavings to give this cake a pure chocolaty joy.
Blueberry Cheese Cake
Our berry-licious cake, blueberry cake. With layers of graham cracker, cream cheese and topped with blueberry puree, a bite of this cake will give you a ride to heaven.
4.7 ( 62 Reviews )
Pineapple Cream Cake
The juicy chunks of the very tasty and fresh Pineapples and whipped cream and red cherries, it give you an exclusive creamy and succulent taste.
399Rs. 499
Delicious White Chocolate Forest Cake
Luscious white forest cake heavily coated with whipped cream frosting with colourful sprinkles bursting in every bite. Three red cherries in the middle make for a delicious topping
Ravishing Truffle Chocolate Cake
Its a cake cake that your soul have been longing for. Enriched with the finest exotic chocolates, this delicious cake is garnished with white fondant, chocolate sponge crumb and dusted with cocoa powder.
4.9 ( 51 Reviews )
Red Velvet Fruit Layer Cake
Fruity delicious! The sinful velvet cake loaded with Inside- Custard Cream With Chopped Fruits like kiwis, cherries, apples, dragon fruits and black grapes. Your healthy treat is on its way!
Pineapple Vegan Cake
Look at the beautiful decoration of whipped vanilla cream on whipped vanilla cream, and fine decoration is done using finely chopped pineapple and a cherry.
Kitkat Cake N Gems Topping
Get ready to enjoy this delicious freshly baked chocolate truffle cake, beautifully guarded with colourful Gems candies and Kitkat chocolate bars. The crunchiness of the Kitkat bars comes filled within the cake layers too.
4.8 ( 31 Reviews )
Choco Chip Chocolate Cake
Soothe your senses with this delightful cake coated with whipped chocolated cream topped with chocolate garnish and adorned with crunchy choco chips on the sides.
Round Luscious Mango Cake
The magnificent round mango cake melts instantly in your mouth. Experience the mango inside and mango outside taste with this fluffy cake. Glazed with mango pulp, pistachio, and mango slices makes it a toothsome treat for mango lovers.
5 ( 3 Reviews )
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Ferrero Rocher bits and pieces in the cake batter to being on its sides, this crunchy Rocher cake which has been topped up with rocher balls cut into halves is a fantasy for every rocher lover.
5 ( 4 Reviews )
Chocolate Vanilla Duet Cake
The best of both worlds reimagined in a cake? duet of chocolate and vanilla with chocolate garnishes on the top and red cherry. The cake will surely leave you with a sweet lingering taste.
Scrumptious Nutty Snickers Choco Delight
Finished off with some fresh cream dollops and sprinkles on one side and some snicker bits and pieces with some chocolate sauce drizzle, this delectable chocolatey Snicker cake is an edible masterpiece.
4.9 ( 39 Reviews )
Pretty Pink Rose cake
The pretty pink cake dolled up in rose swirls and whipped strawberry cream, this delicious cake spreads happiness with it's uttermost beauty!
Round Chocolaty Cake N Ferrero Rocher
With dominant chocolate flavoured sponge filled with chocolate truffle with chopped ferrero rocher, chocolate balls on the bottom and topped with Ferrero Rocher chocolates, this cake is a blissful version of chocolate flavour.
5 ( 6 Reviews )
Munchy Crunchy Kit Kat Cake
A crunchy and creamy combination of cake with whipped chocolate cream and KitKat chocolates, along with black truffle and KitKat chocolate pieces chopped and filled inside.
Vanilla And Strawberry Cream Cake
Made with creamy white and strawberry icing, this delicious vanilla sponge cake is the ultimate treat for all sweet lovers.
4.3 ( 3 Reviews )
Dark Chocolate Round Cake
Indulge in the irresistible taste of our round truffle cake topped with white chocolate garnish decorations and crunchy-chocolatey roll sticks.

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Localities of Haridwar Where Bakingo Deliver Cakes

Bhimgoda - 249401
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Devpura - 249401
Shikhu Pur - 249401
Hiranwara - 249401
Gaughat - 249401
Indra Basti - 249401
Panchwati Colony - 249401
Govindpuri - 249401
Waterworks colony - 249401
Rishikul - 249401
BHEL - 249403
Sector-II BHEL - 249403
Sector-III BHEL - 249403
Shivalik Nagar - 249403
Bhel Township - 249403
Rawali Mahdood - 249403
GM Colony - 249403
Tibri - 249403
Sector-8A BHEL - 249403
Phase-3 BHEL - 249403
Sitapur - 249404
Nayagaon - 249404
Jamalpur Kalan - 249404
Shivganga Vihar - 249404
Pherupur - 249404
katarpur - 249404
Kishanpur - 249404
Gadawali - 249404
Arya Nagar - 249407
Jwalapur - 249407
Jwalapur Town - 249407
Ranipur - 249407
Ambedkar Nagar - 249407
New dheerwali - 249407
THDC Colony - 249407
Ram Nagar - 249407
Gandhi Road - 249408
Kankhal - 249408
Missarpur - 249408
Shyampur - 249408
Ramayan Bhawan - 249410
Sadhubela Bhupatwala - 249410
Saptsarovar - 249410
Bhargav Mandir Colony - 249410
Prem Nagar - 249410
Yogi Vihar Colony - 249410
Vikash Colony - 249410
Shivam Enclave - 249410
Shantikunj - 249411