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Surprise Reward on Every Order

Each time you order, we credit you with 10% of the value, max. 75 INR. You can use it on your next order.


Awesome Deals

Stay tuned to enjoy the exclusive deals valid only for Bakingo wallet users.


Instant Refunds

Can't wait for a refund? Just transfer it to your Bakingo wallet.

Let's begin by telling you Two important things

What is Bakingo Wallet?

Bakingo wallet is a quick and handy way to manage your orders, refunds & rewards with Bakingo. The next time you cancel an order, transfer the refund amount to your Bakingo wallet. Once you have money in your wallet, select Bakingo wallet on the checkout page and use it to place the order.

How to check credits in your Bakingo account?

Just log in to your Bakingo account and click on the Wallet tab on the left. You will be able to see your account balance and the summary of your recent transactions.

How It Works?

You can choose to get refund into your Bakingo wallet

On every order you get 10% ( max. 75 INR) of the value as Bakingo credits

Time & again we will delight you with some awesome deals


Login while placing new order

Use Bakingo wallet to place the order

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • What is Bakingo Credits?

    Bakingo Credits are the reward points you get from Bakingo. Same can be used for placing an order with Bakingo.

  • What are the benefits of using Bakingo Wallet?

    Using Bakingo wallet has following benefits:

    Instant Refunds! Can't wait for a refund? Just transfer it to your Bakingo wallet account.

    Attractive Promotions! Avail great offers exclusive to Bakingo Wallet.

  • How can I sign up for Bakingo Wallet?

    Every Bakingo registered user has a Bakingo wallet associated with his/her account. In case you are not a registered Bakingo user, please register and start enjoying Bakingo wallet.

  • Can I put money into Bakingo wallet?

    No, you can't add money to your Bakingo wallet directly using any payment method.

  • How do I use credits present in Bakingo wallet?

    You can use credits present in your Bakingo wallet account to make payments at Bakingo. While on checkout page, you would see Pay With Bakingo Credits as one of the options. You can directly use the credits by checking the box with 'Pay With Bakingo Credits.'

  • Is there any expiry of the credits present in Bakingo Wallet?

    Credits present in your Bakingo Wallet account will be with expiry date as per applicable offer terms. Expiry date of wallet values will be mentioned against the credits in the account under Transaction History.

  • Can I transfer/encash credits in Bakingo Wallet to any other user/account?

    Credits from one account cannot be transferred to another, also same cannot be encashed.

  • Can I delete Bakingo Wallet?

    Bakingo Wallet cannot be deleted. You may choose not to use it.

  • I don't see Pay by Bakingo Wallet in Checkout

    You might be using Guest Login option in the Checkout process or you might not have any Credits in your Bakingo Wallet. In case you have used Guest Checkout option, go to the first step and Use Login option.

  • Bakingo Wallet is your own virtual wallet where you get credits from Bakingo and you can use those credits only on orders with Bakingo.
  • Credits in Bakingo Wallet doesn't bear interest.
  • 'Bakingo credits' credited to your Bakingo account post a cancellation or failed booking is refundable into the same Bakingo account and can be used for placing an order with Bakingo.
  • 'Bakingo credits' credited to your Bakingo account in connection with Bakingo promotional and marketing campaigns are non-refundable and shall expire as per applicable offer terms.
  • 'Bakingo credits' can be used only in order placed only through Bakingo website.
  • 'Bakingo credits' is not transferable.
  • Bakingo reserves right to change the expiry of Bakingo credits available in Bakingo account.
  • In case of cancellation of an order made through 'Bakingo credits', the refunds if any after deducting cancellation charges will be processed into the Bakingo wallet only.
  • The customer agrees that he will not raise any chargeback request with his/ her card issuing bank or entity for those amounts which are rewarded to the wallet as reward or part of marketing communication. Any such chargebacks from the card issuer or bank will be denied by Bakingo, and Bakingo reserves its rights to recover the money from the customer for any chargebacks requested and made in contravention of this clause.
  • Bakingo has the sole discretion for rewarding the Bakingo Wallet user with promotional offers or points, monitoring and temporarily suspending the Bakingo Wallet account in case of any chargebacks or similar issues, etc.
  • These terms can be amended, modified or withdrawn by Bakingo at any time without notice.