Seems like we all have already kind of wasted the year 2023 while following food trends and visiting new and unique restaurants, but nothing to worry about because the New Year 2024 is about to knock at our doors.

And with the same enthusiasm of celebrating without worrying about anything, let us together plan a blasting new year’s eve! There has to be dance, music, food, gossip, laughs, and a lot of fun to create memories and to enter 2024 with our hearts full of gaiety.

To help you make your new year better, we have something interesting in mind. We bring you 5 foods that are considered to bring good luck on new year’s eve.

So, get ready for a yummy & lucky ride to gate crash into 2024!
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Donuts For New Year

Because of their round shape, donuts symbolize a ‘year coming full of a circle. Whether you are planning to host a new year party at your place or you are just going to celebrate the eve with your family, choose to have delicious donuts on the food table to infuse good luck. Make sure to get the best quality donuts so that you can enjoy the best. You can keep different flavors of donuts if there are many invitees to your new year party, or you order a set of donuts as per your family size.

Twirl Soba Noodles

Soba Noodles

Do you know there is a superstition about noodles? Longer the noodles, the longer the life! Soba noodles are traditionally an inseparable food of the Chinese New Year. And as they are extra-long, they symbolize longevity. There is a quick catch also: you should not break the noodle until you have it all in your mouth. You can make soba noodles with vegetables of your choice. Don’t forget to go through a recipe for soba noodles before you start cooking them.

Pomegranates For Good Fortune


Can you imagine that crushing a fruit can bring good fortune to you? Well, there are more than 8 billion people in the world following so many cultures and traditions. People of Greece believe that crushing a pomegranate on the threshold of their home at the start of the New Year brings a lot of good fortune in their life. You can also add pomegranates to the list of new year’s eve foods that bring good luck. And per the tradition, do not eat them, just smash and crush them.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

Enter the new year with messages of luck, hope, and prosperity. Have you ever heard about fortune cookies? Well, fortune cookies are crisp, and sugary wafers with a piece of paper inside that behold a lovely wish. You can keep the fortune cookies in a big bowl and ask everyone to pick one cookie, then bring out the paper and tell everyone about what is written there. It will be so much fun, and everyone will crush the cookies after reading the wishes or the messages that come in fortune cookies.

12 Grapes For 12 Months

12 Grapes For 12 Months

Let us take you into the tradition of New Year celebrations in Spain. We all like eating grapes, but we never precisely count the number of grapes that we eat. But for a tradition, people in Spain eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s eve. You shouldn’t eat all the 12 grapes at once, and only the green grapes are allowed. On midnight of Dec 31, 2023, eat a grape every time the clock hits 12 to have good luck throughout the year. A number of 12 grapes denotes 12 months of the year.

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