There’s something about cakes that keeps one perpetually crazy. Whether it’s a sweet end to anniversary or an exciting beginning of a birthday, a cake is always there to grace the celebration. Cakes are truly special. And no, it’s not just me saying it. It’s true around the world.Cakes differ from country to country. While in one part, it’s light and fruity stealing the limelight and in the other, it’s the rich and chocolaty one. Infact, many countries have traditional cakes that celebrate a particular flavour. Let’s have a look at the ones that people savour to satisfy their sweet tooth in 9 different countries.

1.  Black Forest Cherry Cake, Germany

Black Forest Cherry Cake, Germany

This one is a crowd pleaser. It is a traditional cake from south-east Germany, the Black Forest region. The cake is made of chocolate layers with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and cherries topping the cake.

2.  Mochi, Japan

Mochi, Japan

Mochi is a rice cake that is found throughout the year in different varieties but usually prepared in New Year’s eve. Since the rice paste is easily mouldable and combined with a variety of ingredients, Mochi has acquired numerous forms.

3. Mawa Cake, India

Mawa Cake, India

With a touch of cardamom and nuts like cashews, Mawa cakes are milk based desserts obtained by condensing the milk on low flame till the liquid evaporates. The soft and buttery mawa cakes has a special place in the desserts of India.

4. Revani, Turkey/ Greece

Revani, Turkey Greece

Extremely soft with a tinge of lemon, Revani is a famous for its smooth texture. It is also made using the orange syrup without which the cakes would be dry. Since Turkey and Greece have a lot of similarity, this cake appears in both the cuisines.

5. Dundee Cake, Scotland

Dundee Cake, Scotland

Dundee cake is basically a fruit cake consisting of Scottish whiskey, raisins and currants. Traditionally, the cake is decorated with almonds placed in concentric circles. The cake has an extremely spongy texture.

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6. Panettone, Italy

Panettone, Italy

Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread from North Italy. The cake is relished in New Year & Christmas and although, it has a texture similar to bread, it is adopted in the category of cakes. It is served with sweet liqueurs or hot drinks.

7. Galette de Rois, France

Galette de Rois, France

The English name for the cake would be “King’s Cake.” It is a part of Twelfth Night celebration in honour of the Christian holiday of Epiphany in January. The cake is made with puffed pastry with a topping of powdered sugar wrapping the rich almond cream.

8. Angel Food Cake, US

Angel Food Cake, US

Angel Food Cake has a light consistency. With a distinctive hole in the centre giving it the shape of a ring cake and is covered in soft icing. Due to its light and fluffy texture, it is often referred to as the “food of the angels.”

9. Kulich, Russia

Kulich, Russia

This one is a light fruitcake with dried fruits and nuts in the dough. This is the traditional Easter dessert decorated with thin white frosting. Interestingly, a Kulich when frosted is often adorned with painted eggs and fresh flowers.