Birthdays… the only other phrase synonymous with it are birthday cakes. After all, when ever have you been to a party celebrating someone’s birthday without a cake?

The tradition of celebrating one’s born day with a dessert of their choice baked to perfection can be dated back to the ancient era of the Roman empire. Of course, unlike the frosted designer adult and kids birthday cake nowadays, these ancient desserts were breadlike with added spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, sweetened with natural sweeteners. The tradition of wishing the birthday individual with a cake is considered holy to the brink of auspiciousness, making birthday desserts a customary appearance all throughout the world. Though in the past people preferred baking cakes and other desserts themselves to honour the birthday individual, now with the advent of technology and lifestyle, ordering birthday cake online is now the next trend.

For many, ordering birthday cake from an online resource might seem like a very big deal unlike the purchases made from local bakeries. However, did you know that these online bakery stores are much more efficient with their services as well as the quality of products they sell? Online cake and dessert shops are completely safe and provide a very versatile shopping experience for all of its customers. Irrespective of where you stay or what your specifications are, online desserts are super smooth and relaxing procedures. Here, in this blog, we will cover all the necessary tips that you need to be mindful of while ordering a birthday cake online.

Tips to follow while ordering birthday cakes from online stores

Check the payment gateway

Authentic payment gateways are a tell tale sign that the business is legitimate. Online websites and stores must have a legitimate as well as secured payment gateway that accepts all forms of online payment modes. Many of these online gift delivery cake shops may not have cash on delivery services available for its customers, but fret not! Any authentic gift giving portal exempts from keeping that option.

Localities catered to and services

How broad is their delivery circumference? Does the online cake shop even have multiple delivery services? There are many questions that will pop up in your head while you are considering a service. The first thing to check is whether or not the online services are available in your location. If so, then the next thing to check is whether there are multiple delivery services provided by the company. Services such as midnight delivery, same day delivery, express delivery, etc. are crucial to gift giving. This is especially true if you are planning on sending a birthday cake as a surprise gift at night. Often customers wish to surprise their loved ones at the strike of 12 at night, or early in the morning. Check for these basic doorstep service related details at the very beginning.

Business ethics

Whenever you are planning on making a purchase through online websites, it is important to visit their ‘About Us’ section. This section of any business website, talks about their ethics, goals, aims and values. Knowing what their policies are helps customers make a well informed decision on whether or not to make a purchase from the said website. While you are browsing to find the perfect birthday dessert, going through these policies can be very handy and help you make a well informed decision. Check for the types of ingredients that this online cake shop claims toi use and further cross check with the testimonials.

Online testimonials are important

Testimonials by previous customers are a big help. Check the quotes, messages and information left about the online bakery on their website, app store, social handles, etc. if there are no responses from the business’ end, then that can be ruled as a suspicious sign of neglect. Authentic online cake shops always respond to their customer’s feedback and inquiries.

Wide selection of products

There must not be any limitation as to the variety of products that you can browse and purchase through a well acknowledged online cake shop. When you order cake online from an established bakery, the variety of products must impress you. If there are only a handful of products available for delivery in your location, you will be stuck with having to compromise on your selection process.

As a customer, the key decisions post planning lies in your hand. If you are still unsure of ordering a cake for birthday celebration from an online website with these tips in mind, browse through the social media or directly connect with the customer care services of said website. Only authentic businesses will be operating 24 hours a day, all throughout the year. And that is the biggest telltale sign of a legitimate online bakery!