When it comes to pairing food and wine, the essential part and tip is to consider wine as an extra ingredient. Wine enhances the taste experience and takes the taste buds to a whole new level creating an entirely new flavour profile. The same case is with desserts. Wine and dessert pairings are also done perfectly treating wine as an ingredient. The dessert wine pairing is perfect for any occasion or event or simply for the after meal cravings. So, to end the evening on a memorable note, we have listed down some of the best wine and dessert pairings that will leave you and your dear ones awestruck.

Cakes and Cookies

Cake and Wine

Everyone loves the deliciousness of the cakes and cookies and they are probably the most delectable desserts out there. With so many cake flavours and cookies available, choosing the perfect bottle of wine can be a difficult task. You can go for wines like red wine, palate cleansing wine, rich sweetened wine like Rutherglen Muscat, etc. The acidic bite that comes through the wine slices right through the cakes and cookies making it a perfect pair.

Frozen Desserts

Frozen Desserts and Wine

Frozen desserts are many people’s favorite after meal desserts like ice creams, pastries, etc. Pairing wine with frozen desserts is totally based on the flavour of the ice cream you are having. Late-harvest Zinfandels goes well with Vanilla ice cream, a red wine with strawberry or raspberry flavour goes great with chocolate ice cream, and sherry is perfect to go with nut filled ice creams.


Confectionery/Candies and Wine

Going for candies and confectionery in desserts? Well, you need a wine that makes the cut. The very basic rule for selecting the wine with this dessert is to choose the wine that is sweeter than the candies. For example, a sweet buttery wine for caramel candy, an almond butter fruit drink for peanut butter candy, and so on.

Custards, Tarts, and Pies

Custards, Tarts, and Pies and Wine

Custards and tars go well with the same kind of wine but for the pies, you have to be choosy while selecting the wine. For custards and tarts, you can get a wine that is rich and silky made from Vidal Blanc or Vignoles grapes. Zinfandel or Syrah goes well with cherry pie and Moscato d’Asti for apple pie.

Puddings and Pastries

Puddings and Pastries and Wine

There are hundreds of types of puddings and pastries. Many people love these desserts just like they do love cakes and cookies. Brachetto d’Acqui goes perfect with doughnuts and jam filled pastries while Sherry, Muscat goes well with chocolate pudding or butterscotch pudding. As for the simple bread pudding, get a champagne sparkling wine.

 So, these were the different desserts and wine pairing. Get ready with your ultimate dessert and sauternes pairing for an enjoyable evening after the dinner. If you have a bottle of wine with you, then accordingly order cake online or any other dessert to enjoy it perfectly.