Looking for a romantic homemade anniversary gift to make your partner or your favourite couple smile? What better way to demonstrate your affection than to give a homemade gift?

Nothing says “I love you” like a gift you made with your hands. On your anniversary day, take a break from the old and traditional gifts and put on your crafting gloves: a romantic way to show to your sweetheart how much you care. So choose the best idea and then make these cool gifts to last a lifetime.

I love you jar

There are never enough ways to tell your sweetie to love him, but here’s something right off the bat! Remind your partner how much you love them with a jar full of sweet, love and romantic notes. You can write love notes weekly, daily or monthly so that your partner is excited to open each note. To make it irresistible to your partner, you can tease them with incomplete notes saying- wait for the next.

Custom Mug

An easy peasy anniversary gift to make for your parents go wow. Get the name or picture design on the mug, here you need a plain white mug that you can paint. This makes great homemade anniversary gift ideas. The theme can also be fun and romantic. The choice is yours!

Photo Collage

Make a collage of your photos from the time you met till date. This collage can be in the form of a number representing your anniversary. According to your number you will find good themes for your picture collage gifts, try this cool homemade anniversary gift that is passionate and full of memories. Make them colorful and creative so that they look elegant.

Homemade Cake

If your partner has a  sweet tooth, then take the time to make it for them as a gift. Be it a cake or a cupcake or any homemade Indian treat. Homemade treats can be a fun and tasty way to show your appreciation. Pair your partner’s favourite desserts or treat with a romantic handwritten note to compliment your gift. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make homemade cakes and desserts. They make a sweet and romantic gift for that special person in your life.


Puns are a great way to make people laugh, especially for partners with some funny and witty humour. You can pair any sweet treat or a dessert with a funny pun. You can make her or his favourite dessert with a nicely decorated note that says you think she/he is the “cutest”, or create a collection of her /his favorite candies with a note that says “Is that you “love him”.

Heart Bookmark

He/she holds a special place in your heart, so the gift also should be special and memorable. You can make a cute DIY heart bookmark to place pages in books, notepads and calendars. As an added bonus, it will make both of them smile every time you see them.

Kinky or Quirky card

How about making a romantic or kinky fun card on your anniversary? Think of something nice and make a card for your beloved.You can do the sketching or painting on the card in a watercolour or sketch pen. Try this as a gift for your anniversary.

Do not be afraid to do something different this year and show your partner the amount of care and thought that you are ready to give their anniversary gift. So, these were some of the best homemade anniversary gift ideas for your partner or any of your favourite couples.