Baking is indeed therapeutic only when the end baked products turns out to be perfect. Otherwise, it can become a daunting task of clearing up the catastrophic mess, that resulted from the entire baking procedure. To ensure that your baking process is fulfilling your need to have quality ingredients, keep the weight or proportions in mind and most importantly, have the proper baking equipments ready. Quality ingredients would ensure that your cake gives a perfect cakey texture, flavour and taste, whereas proportions are what makes a cake to appear and taste like one. Baking tools are those pieces of equipment that help us to ease out the grinding, mixing, blending and sieving, among other such important stages of baking. Just like you would ensure you use quality ingredients while baking some sweet treats, make sure you purchase quality cake baking tools and equipment too for the successful completion of the entire process. 

If you have gotten yourself into a passionate obsession with baking, then we understand how you want to try experimenting with your baking skills using some ingredients and cake baking tools. But are you wondering where to find a cake tools shop near me in Chennai aka The Detroit of India? Then, hold on, we have got a list of some of the perfect baking tools shop in Chennai for you where you can find an oven, mixer, baking pan, baking paper, measuring cups, wire rack and other such cake making equipment. 

  1. WALL TAX ROAD, CHENNAI – This road is also known as V. O. C. Salai, which is just adjacent to Chennai Railway station. But this eminent street has a plethora of local baking supplies stores that offer a variety of piping bags, baking nozzles, muffin cups, cake boxes, cake stands and much more. They even have different kinds of sauces, food colours, flavours, etc. You need to go down there to see it for yourself – its indeed every baker’s paradise. Though the pieces are quite reasonable here, you can even do bargaining to some extent here.
    Wall Tax Road in Chennai
  2. CURRIMBHOYS  – A well-known pioneer in the world of kitchenware and tableware since the year 1889, CURRIMBHOYS have an elaborate menu of bake accessories, bar products, glassware, kitchen tools and institutional products. For us baking enthusiasts, it is no less than a wonderland in itself. This place takes care of all your baking needs.
  3. POPPAT JAMAL & SONS, CHENNAI – If you are looking for baking tools near me and you in Chennai, then without even having some second thoughts head towards POPPAT JAMAL & SONS store in Anna Salai, Express Estate, Triplicane, Chennai. You will find it more expensive (as compared to Wall Tax road’s collection) but each of their baking tools is beautiful and sturdy. They are got you literally covered by offering you a wide variety of ramekins, Bundt pans, ovens, crockery, barbecue grills and every other possible baking tool/equipment you can possibly think of.
    Poppat Jamals and Sons in Chennai
  4. RATHNA STORES/SARAVANA STORES – Usually you would find cooling pans and utensils in this area of T Nagar, Chennai. But some stores are a hidden gem to speak of. You might end up getting some of the choicest baking tools/equipment at a reasonable price here. So, make sure you don’t give a miss to this option, when in Chennai.
    Rathna Stores in Chennai
  5. WAIT ROSE (103/105, R. K. SALAI, MYLAPORE) – The newest fad in this baking industry of Chennai is this Wait rose store. This place is over a century-old with heaps of impressive stock of imported items, baking essentials and more. It had opened its doors back in the year 2014 and ever since then, bakers have been crowding this place in the search of their perfect set of weapons.
    Wait Rose in Chennai

Now, that you have got hold of some essential baking tools and the place where you can find them in Chennai, you can start your baking expedition. If you are fearing that you might end just end spoiling someone’s special day with your baking skills and are absolutely afraid to give it even a try, then you can trust the various kinds and flavours of cake products and delivery services offered by a list of the best bakery shop in Chennai. Chennai is home to various popular online or offline bakeries that are worth your try if you aren’t in the mood for baking. But if you call yourself to be an enthusiastic yet amateur baker, then go ahead and bake a cake using these baking tools online as well as offline to leave everyone in awe of your hidden interests or talent for baking.