People say decorating a cake is like a superpower which only a few people can master. Well, they are absolutely right! Just like a party without a cake seems like a meeting, a simple chocolate cake or cake of any other kind seems incomplete, as well. So, a great frosting or icing to top up a cake would not just turn a basic cake into something treat worthy but also would prove that your creativity is on point. So, rather than going out and looking for something fancy to top up your cake with, you can try some easy homemade cake decorations. Your homemade cake decorating ideas will not just leave your friends and family in awe of you with your baking skills but also you acing the creative element. So, if you are running out of some homemade cake decoration ideas, then you can give a try to any of these toppings a try for sure. 

  1. Fresh Fruits – Adding a nutritious punch to a regular cake, slices of fresh fruits like apple, banana, kiwi, orange, pineapple, mango, strawberry and other berries are sure to make it seem heavenly in its taste. But also, becomes a showstopper of every event, leaving everyone to crave for more and more. cake decoration with fruits
  2. Dry Fruits – Nuts like cashews, almonds, raisins and others when comes accompanied in a delectable cake, it sure will make everyone’s head turn being the centre of attraction. cake decoration with dryfruits
  3. Chocolate Bars – We have often heard of KitKat cakes, Ferrero rocher cakes, Gems cakes and other such sweet treats. Right? So, bringing the two major heavenly elements of cake and chocolate together, chocolates are perfect to top up our cakes with. chocolate decoration idea
  4. Flowers – While you are baking a cake at home, we are sure that you would have some buttercream left after you have baked the cake. So, what you can do is, with that leftover buttercream you can fill it in a piping bag and prepare some flowers. If you feel this is something too much to do, then you can even go for natural flowers like roses, gardenia, pansies and violets which are some of the edible blooms. flower cake decoration ideas
  5. Liquor – Alcohol infused frosting or decoration, as you may like to call it is something not new but is forever trending. Everyone has got an alcohol buddy in their home, so thanks to them that your homemade cake decoration has been made easier than ever. From champagne, beer, vodka to alcohol of your choice, any liquor can be chosen to add a royal exotic touch to your cake.cake decoration with alcohol

So, these were a few cake decoration ideas that you can try out like a pro as most of the items are easily available across various households, to save you the pain of roaming here and there in search of some cake decorating items.  Not just these decorations add up to the appeal, but also to its rich, delightful taste.

Bon Appetit! 🙂