There’s always something new and creative going on in the cake industry. With so many cake baking techniques and equipment, it is now possible to bake different cake designs and shapes easily. Many online bakeries have come up with a large number of amazing cake designs that are guaranteed to steal your heart. As for the cake shapes, you will find almost any shape of cakes. There are so many cake moulds available through which one can bake delicious cakes in desired shapes. Below are some of the different cake shapes that you can bake or order.

Square Shaped Cakes – These cakes are square in shape and are baked in a square shaped cake pan or mould.

Round Shaped Cakes – The normal classic  cakes are all round shaped and can be baked in any round pans or comatiners.

Heart Shaped Cakes – An absolute beauty! Heart shaped cakes are in trend and can be baked either in heart shaped moulds or square and round moulds using some simple techniques.

Apart from these, there are many other cake containers and moulds available like star shaped moulds, cupcake shaped moulds, etc. Now, let’s talk about different cake designs and the trending ones that are ruling the cake industry right now.

Cartoon Cakes

Designed with utmost perfection, cartoon fondant cakes look exactly like the real cartoon characters. You can find different cakes like Ben 10 cake, Doraemon cake, PUBG cake, Shinchan cake, Barbie cake, Batman cake, Spiderman cake, Avengers cake, Mickey Mouse cake, etc. These cakes are perfect for birthday celebrations of kids and can brighten up the kids party.

Football Cakes

A lot of football cakes and football club cakes are in trend now-a-days like Liverpool cake, Chelsea cake, Real Madrid cake, Barcelona cake, Ronaldo cake, Messi cake, football field cake, and many more. Similarly, there are different cakes for other sports like Cricket, Basketball, etc. as well. So, you can go for sports designer cakes according to the team or players you follow.

Object Cakes

There are certain things in life that we love like our iPhone or Starbucks Coffee Mug or our dashing Ferrari car, right? Cakes made in such designs come under the category of object cakes. You can go for cakes like iPhone cake, Car cake, Shirt cake, Makeup Bag cake, Stiletto cake, Guitar cake, Cards cake, Wallet cake, Gift Parcel cake, and so on. Available in an endless range of designs, you can get one prepared according to the object you like.

So, these were the different cake shapes and designs that you can find easily on an online bakery. Try these cakes in amazing flavours with your dear ones and enjoy the delectable beauties. To look for different additions to the cake designs, you can bookmark and visit a reliable bakery in regular intervals.