“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then in a cake doesn’t hurt.” 

Chocolate cake came from two tempting words which would mean the world to anyone and not necessarily to a dessert lover. The history of these delicious chocolate cakes dates back to 1764 when Dr James Baker made use of powdered cocoa by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular millstones. Since then the chocolate cake is close to every professional’s as well as amateur baker’s heart. Not just that, whenever looking forward to celebrating any special occasion, people usually tend to look for chocolate cake online. Hence, everyone’s love for chocolate cake is quite evident across nations, caste, creed, age and gender. Keeping everything aside, people come together to share their love for this delightful dessert till date. Such is exactly the kind of appeal and effect it has over every human’s mind, heart, soul and tongue. 

Bakingo is one such online platform which serves you with a variety of delicious chocolate cakes, that are versatile enough to fit across every special occasion or days of one’s life. Each of these 100% eggless cakes when comes along with Bakingo’s efficient same day and midnight delivery and free shipping; it has surely made a special spot in everyone’s heart across India. There’s creativity, appeal, taste as well as uniqueness in its recipes and varieties which makes Bakingo one of the pioneers in the baking industry. Enough said and praised, let’s diggin some chocolate cake varieties straight out of Bakingo’s kitchen, that are currently ruling everyone’s heart. 

  1. Amore Mio – Leaving beautiful scars in our heart and tongue, this Bakingo chocolate cake speciality is indeed a treat. A heart-shaped chocolate truffle cake which has been topped up with a fondant red heart and some milk chocolate stripes is perfect to convey your love to someone dear. Our Amore Mio cake is one of our best selling cakes for all special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary or Valentine’s Day.Amore Mio Bakingo Chocolate Cake
  2. Chocolacious Bliss – Craving for a chocolate cake in the middle of the night? Then, this rich decadent chocolate cake from Bakingo is just it. Decked up with swirly chocolate shavings which have been arranged in a floral pattern and have been drizzled with some fresh chocolate sauce, this is just the kind of edible chocolatey paradise, you have been looking for. Such a chocolate extravaganza is sure to leave you hella heart eyes for it.Chocolacious Bliss Bakingo Chocolate Cake
  3. Fuse Fiesta – Whoever said perfect chocolate cake doesn’t exist, probably haven’t yet come across Bakingo’s this stunner. Fuse Fiesta is a scrumptious chocolate cake which has been prepared with your favourite Cadbury Fuse and some white chocolate chunks. The crunchiness of the nutty bits of chocolate when accompanied with molten chocolate and dripping chocolate sauce, it makes a perfect piece of edible art.Fuse Fiesta Bakingo Chocolate Cake
  4. Belgian Chocolate Cake – Not just exotic in its name, but exoticness exists as the very essence of this toothsome chocolate cake. Coated with a rich creamy ganache made from chocolate and cream and further given that imperfect, cracky effect which is what makes this cake so perfect in its appeal. And not to forget those three perfectly crafted fondant chocolate roses which makes us wanna say – “Oh! Dear Lord…Bless the hands of the baker who made this cake! AMEN!” Such is the kind of happiness that this chocolate cake kind blesses us with. Belgian Chocolate Cake Bakingo
  5. Choco Crunch KitKat Cake – For every KitKat lover, this is the luscious, crunchy chocolate cake that they are probably dreaming of. Let nostalgia hit you so hard as you relish your favourite crunchy wafer chocolates in a chocolate cake.  If double, the better would have used to describe a cake then this cake is it. The crunchiness of this chocolate cake which complemented a regular chocolate cake so well that it leaves everyone drooling over it. Topped up with 2 slabs of Kitkat chocolates and some small bits of Kitkat chocolates along with some milk chocolate stripes, this cake is sure to leave an everlasting impression on your heart, for sure.Choco Crunch KitKat Cake Bakingo
  6. Trip To Paradise – What’s a whole lot of goodness for you if not this choco chip cake? This Bakingo’s chocolate cake speciality is indeed one of a kind and cannot be replicated by any other baker. Why? Simply because not everyone has got the recipe to bake it this perfect that it leaves everyone wanting for a piece more. Decked up with choco chips and liquid chocolate, this makes one of our bestselling cakes, and the reason is quite evident from the picture itself. Isn’t it?Trip To Paradise Bakingo Chocolate Cake
  7. Being Coffee-holic – If drinking coffee is your guilty pleasure, then satiate it over this lovely chocolate cake which compliments the coffee flavour – Oh so fine! Dusted with love and some powdered coffee and further embellished with some ribbon curls and marbled decoration, this chocolate cake is sure to leave every coffee- chocolate lover absolutely lovestruck.  Being Coffee-holic Bakingo Chocolate Cake

So, these were the top 7 different types of chocolate cakes which Bakingo offers to extend its love to all its customers. Order anyone of the above and have a pleasant dessert experience while shopping from Bakingo. 

Bon Appetit!