Cake decoration may seem like a daunting task, but when it is done correctly, it will make the cake look like a store-bought cake. You must have baked several cakes at home and have tried different cake recipes from the web. But the most important part about any cake recipe is the decoration and frosting part. We generally look for some simple and beautiful cake decoration ideas. Well, if you haven’t yet tried decorating your delicious cake with delectable and crunchy Gems and Kitkats, then you are surely missing out on a lot. It is very easy to decorate the cake with these luscious chocolates and your cake will surely turn into something very different and eye-soothing. It is an easy task if you can consider the following points and use it to beautify your cake.

White Kitkat Hot Tub Cake

Fence a cake with white kitkat and make it like a hot tub with sugar fondant.

Candy Shop KitKat Cake

Tale a layered cake, cover its boundaries with kitkat bars and go crazy with your favorite candies on the top. Sprinkle as many candies as you like.

Minion Kitkat Mud Cake

Take a highly dense chocolate cake, cover the boundaries of the cake with Kitkat and make minions out of fondant and place them on the top. Make the scene look like minions are playing in a muddy park and add some gems on the top to make it look a lot more fun.

Kitkat Strawberry Bouquet

Take your favourite flavour cake, top it with strawberry pieces in a flower pattern and cover the circumference of the cake with kitkat bars to make it look like a strawberry bouquet.

Gem Filled Cake

Just when you are thinking of adding tantalizing colors to your cake, gems can be a perfect choice. Cake decoration with gems are cheap, but they will add value to your cake making it lively and colorful. They are easily available in almost all the stores. Their soft and chocolaty interior along with their crunchy and sweet exterior make them a favorite product of any baker looking to add texture. Zip open a few of the packets and get kids lined up for more. Spread it all the way or follow a pattern, gems are perfect for decoration of cakes. Next time you are looking for a gems cake design, go for a simple gem filled cake online.

Kitkat Filled Cake

One way to decorate a cake is by decorating it from the outside, another way is to make it pleasant to look from the inside. Turn your cake fancy from the inside by adding some kitkat chunks to the batter itself or while assembling your cake. It’s an affordable yet lovely option to give a great look to a cake. Kitkat bars or chunks that have wafers in the middle are a particular favorite because it mixes two conflicting textures. It will give a great look to every single bite of your cake.

So, these were the different cake decoration and filling ideas with gems and kitkats. These two crunchy and yummy chocolates go well with different flavoured cakes and will surely modify your cake into a delicious beauty. Happy baking! Happy decorating! Happy eating!