Hyderabad is a city known for its rich history and culture, as well as its delicious cuisine. From spicy and savory to sweet and tangy, the street food in Hyderabad offers a wide variety of flavors and textures. Hyderabadi food offers an array of flavors and textures. If you’re planning a trip to Hyderabad, or even if you’re just a food lover looking to try something new, here are the top 15 authentic dishes you must try:

1) Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

No trip to Hyderabad is complete without trying the city’s famous biryani. This dish is a combination of long-grain rice, meat (usually chicken or mutton), and a blend of spices. Hyderabadi biryani is cooked in a sealed pot, which allows the flavours to infuse and the rice to cook to perfection.

2) Haleem

Haleem - Best Food in Hyderabad to Eat

This dish is particularly popular during the month of Ramadan. It is a thick stew made from wheat, barley, meat (usually mutton or chicken), and a variety of spices. It is slow-cooked for several hours to achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.

3) Kebabs

Kebabs - Best Food in Hyderabad to Eat

Hyderabad is also famous for its Kebabs, which are made from meat (usually chicken or mutton) that is marinated in a blend of spices and cooked on skewers over hot coals. Some popular Kebab varieties include Shami Kebab, Boti kebab, and Seekh Kebab.

4) Dosa

Best Dosa in Hyderabad

While not originally from Hyderabad, dosa is a popular breakfast dish in the city. It is a thin, crispy crepe made from a fermented batter of rice and lentils. It is typically served with a variety of chutneys and sambar.

5) Qubani ka Meetha

Qubani ka Meetha

This traditional Hyderabadi dessert is made from apricots and is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. The apricots are cooked until they are soft and then sweetened with sugar. The dish is usually garnished with chopped nuts and served chilled.

6) Irani chai

Irani chai

The perfect complement to any meal is a cup of Irani chai. This tea is made with a blend of black tea leaves, cardamom, and milk. It is served in small glasses and is a staple in almost every Irani café in the city.

7) Mirchi ka salan

Mirchi ka salan

It is a traditional Hyderabadi dish made of green chilli, peanuts, sesame seeds, and a blend of spices. It is served as a side dish with biryani. The incredible flavours of Hyderabad food will be a whole different experience for you.

8) Double ka meetha

Double ka meetha - Best Food in Hyderabad to Eat

It is a popular sweet dish of Hyderabad, made of bread slices and Rabri (condensed milk).This Hyderabadi sweet treat is very tasty and is commonly prepared during local Muslim weddings. To make this dessert, bread slices are soaked in saffron and cardamom-infused milk. After baking, it swells up to double its original size, so it is also known as double Roti.

9) Paya

Paya - A Best Food in Hyderabad to Eat

Paya is a traditional meat-based dish made of lamb trotters, ginger, garlic and a blend of spices. This dish is served with hot rice, and every bite of this mouth-watering dish will be an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

10) Kachchi gosht ki biryani

Kache gosht ki biryani

It is a type of biryani made of raw meat, yoghurt and spices, slow-cooked to perfection. You should definitely try this authentic dish which will surely treat your taste buds with its extraordinary flavours.

11) Osmania Biscuit

Osmania Biscuit

This is a famous biscuit from Hyderabad, named after the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan. These biscuits are made with flour, sugar, and ghee and are known for their crispy texture and sweet flavour. They are perfect for a mid-day snack or for tea time.

12) Nihari

Nihari- a Best Food in Hyderabad to Eat

This is a slow-cooked meat dish, traditionally made with beef or lamb. The meat is cooked with a blend of spices until it is tender and falls off the bone. It is typically served with Naan or Roti and is a popular dish during the colder months.

13) Pathar ka gosht

Pathar ka gosht

This dish is made with a cut of meat, usually lamb or mutton, that is cooked on a flat stone. The meat is marinated with a blend of spices and then grilled to perfection. It is usually served with Roti or Naan and is a great option for meat lovers.

14) Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa - A Best Food in Hyderabad to Eat

Samosas are one the most loved snack of Indians. But the Keema Samosas of Hyderabad will blow your mind. The yummy delicacy is usually made with spicy masala and minced meat. And if you are a fan of Samosas, then you should try these lip-smacking Samosa on your next visit to Hyderabad.

15) Phirni

Phirni - A Best Food in Hyderabad to Eat

A traditional Indian dessert made with ground rice, milk, and sugar and flavoured with cardamom and saffron. It is usually served in small clay pots and garnished with nuts, making it a perfect way to end a meal. And if you are not a fan of traditional desserts, you can also try cakes in Hyderabad.

These are just a few of the many authentic Hyderabadi dishes that are available in the city. To truly experience Hyderabad’s flavours, visit local eateries and street food vendors to try these dishes and discover many more.