Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, you thought to make the best use of your quarantine by trying your hands at baking. But what a coincidence? The nation is locked down for 21 days and according to the Phillippa Lally; a health psychology researcher, it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. Well, “ye bhagwaan ka ishara hai ki aap cake banaye aur sabko pyaar se khilayein.” You never know, in these 21 days, you might turn into a professional baker and start your cake delivery in Hyderabad business from home. Sounds like a start-up plan? Isn’t it. Do give it a thought. 

Like painting, baking is an art that requires passion, baking tools, and ingredients to create a piece of art just like Picasso! We have something for you and other passionate bakers of Hyderabad. Over this blog, we have mentioned the best shops supplying baking tools if you are looking for a cake material shop near me and baking ingredients in Hyderabad, thus helping you to craft and to treat the world with mouthwatering treats that are worth thousand calories!! 

  1. Baker’s Super Mart: The name says it all! The ultimate market and bakery items suppliers in Hyderabad for all the bakers. Your search ends here if you are looking over the internet for a cake raw material shop near me for here you will find each and every ingredient you require. From quality baking ingredients to the essential baking tool– Baker’s Super Mart is a hidden gem of a store, offering everything at reasonable prices. All the Hyderabadi baking enthusiasts pave the way to Baker’s Super Mart because it has all. Cake mixes, flavouring agents, cake gels, organic food colours, colourful sprinklers, and the list is endless that you have to visit the store to see yourself. Bakers Super Mart - A Super Store of Baking Ingredients and Baking Tools in HyderabadLocation: Leela Square, C-64, Allauddin Basthi, Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad 500018
  2. Sri Surya Enterprises: A treasure hunt for all the bakers looking for baking ingredients and tools, this shop is the one stop store if you are looking over the internet for a bakery raw material shop near me. The enterprise offers premium quality cake ingredients to the individuals. They are the provider of hard-to-find baking ingredients as well. What more a baker could ask for? Chocolate raw material, cocoa powder, edible confetti, sprinkles, candies, you name it, and they have it for you. This is one of the best cake raw material shop in Hyderabad.Sri Surya Enterprises - A Store of Baking Ingredients and Baking ToolsLocation:  15-8-204/7, Panwar Palace, 15-8-204/8, Hyderabad, Telangana 500012
  3. Baker’s Kraft:  Bursting with cake ingredients, decorations, and equipment– Baker’s Kraft is the one-stop baking ingredients shop in Hyderabad for all the crafters of cakes and desserts. Baker’s Kraft has in store cupcake liners, cake decorating kits, baking accessories, and everything else that you may need to craft an edible piece of art. So search no more, if you are looking for a wholesale cake material shop near me, and head to this store for all the baking essentials you require.
     Bakers Kraft - A Baking Ingredients Shop in HyderabadLocation: Plot No. 10, Madhapur Road, Opp. Best Western, Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  4. Chawla Essence Mart: Chawla Essence Mart is everything that bakers wish to have close to their abodes. Living to their mission of Adding flavours to life, this shop deals in baking and chocolate raw-materials, flavouring agent, and baking essentials like sugar, cocoa powder, etc.Chawla Essence Mart - Deals in Raw Material of Bakery Ice Cream and Soft Drink in HyderabadLocation: #3-2-101, General Bazar, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500003
  5. Sri Venkateshwara Agencies, General Market:  A complete baking and food store– Sri Venkateswara Agencies is a bakery raw material shop.  From designer cake boxes to molds to sprinklers to cake toppers to baking supplies, General Market has everything under one roof. Here you will also find a wide range of baking equipment ranging from round tin pan to butter paper, your search ends here if you have been scrolling through the internet for a cake tools shop near me in your search bar. So, head to the store for ingredients and fancy ancillaries that you would have trouble finding anywhere else in Hyderabad. Venkateshwara Agencies - The Bakeware Store in HyderabadLocation: 3-4-434, Kandoji Bazar, General Bazaar, Kalasiguda, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003
  6. New Arife Lamoulde: Yet another incredible and easy option to buy raw material for cake is New Arife Lamoulde, located in the Madhapur district of Hyderabad. From beautiful cake candles and toppers to cake containers, mixers and a variety of flavours and cake toppings, here you will find anything and everything related to baking and cakes.
    New Arife Lamoulde
    Location: Plot Number 1-40/c, Ground Floor, Hitech City Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081

That’s all from us. Whenever you need bakery raw materials or require other wholesale baking supplies, without any second thoughts, drop by any of these baking items shops in Hyderabad, and you are sure to get all you need your heart desires.