We see you are a chocolate lover who is keen to know about some interesting chocolate facts. Well, chocolate is one thing that brings happiness to one’s life. We also celebrate a dedicated chocolate day where we exchange some lip-smacking chocolates with our lovers. Now that you are here, you would like to know the chocolate facts and the history of chocolate both. If you are not aware of the fact that chocolate has a rich history. What we are eating today and what has been discovered are partially different but, chocolate is the chocolate, winning every heart for decades. Today, under this blog, we will enlighten you about some amazing facts about chocolate that not everyone knows. Yes, you will be among those few who will know these interesting chocolate facts. So, let’s have a look.

Cocoa Trees Are Almost Immortal:

If you know, then cocoa trees can produce for 25 years of lifespan only but can live up to 200 years or more. This is one of the facts that people don’t know about chocolate.

Chocolate Is Somehow A Vegetable:

Do you know chocolate is made of cocoa beans that are grown in pod-like fruit on cocoa trees? Cocoa trees belong to the family of Malvaceae like okra and cotton. So, you see, it is indirectly a vegetable. Some even consider it as a fruit. Well, this chocolate fact is amusing anyhow.

The First Chocolate Treat Was Hot Cocoa:

The hot chocolate that we drink now is quite sweet and better. But before, it was bitter hot cocoa that was served at weddings or other occasions. So, before the chocolate was introduced, it was hot cocoa that was loved by many.

The Number Of Chocolate Flavors Available:

Have you ever wondered how many flavors the chocolate has? How many flavors have you tasted? Well, wine has 200 flavors, whereas chocolate has 500 flavors across the globe.

History Of Chocolate As Currency:

In the history of chocolate, you would see chocolate being used as a currency. It was so much valued that Aztecs used cocoa beans as money. At that time, having a cocoa bean was a luxury that only the elite class would have. The chocolate was introduced quite late for civilians.

Chocolate Brings Happiness:

You must be wondering why people ask you to eat chocolate when sad. Well, chocolate releases endorphins that make you happy. When amino acids produce serotonin in our brain, the feeling of happiness is what we feel, and chocolate has amino acids in it. This is one of the reasons why people find happiness after eating Chocolate cakes.

White Chocolate Is Not Really A Chocolate:

We often devour white chocolates because they are sweet and creamy. But it contains only 10% of chocolate liqueur. The key ingredient cocoa is missing from milk chocolate. It is made of other dairy products and cream and not cocoa.

Reason For Roasting Cocoa Beans:

Raw cocoa does not taste like chocolate. Also, it contains some pathogens that are harmful to human bodies. So, roasting it nicely to get good flavors and then some chemical process makes it the kind of chocolate we love.

Chocolate Helps In Preventing Tooth Decay:

If you are a fan of dark chocolate, you will be glad to know this chocolate fact, that cocoa beans inhibit the growth of the bacterias that cause tooth decay. This prevents us from getting tooth decay. So, devouring dark chocolate is better than going for a sweet one because they have more cocoa in it.

Milk Chocolate And Switzerland:

First milk chocolate was created by Daniel Peter in 1875. It took some eight years for him to come up with this recipe. The key ingredient of milk chocolate was condensed milk at that time.

Every time when we read about chocolate, there is something new that comes up. From the rich history of chocolate to valuable chocolate facts, they have stunned people from time to time. We start valuing our chocolate much more than before. So, grab a bar now, take a bite and feel how much effort it takes to make one chocolate bar. Enjoy every bite of it and feel gratitude towards the people who introduced such lip-smacking delicacy to the world.