Time and again, it’s been said: “the Mother of all good things have to be a piece of cake!” We are repeating the same because it is the sweet truth. Several spongy cake layers smeared with moist cream, stacked upon one another to form a whole cake. Furthermore, the cake is enrobed in creamy frosting, then bordered with swirls and topped with candies. It’s not a cake but an edible piece of sheer magnificence! 

A freshly baked cake becomes another synonymous of happiness and beauty when it is frosted with lots of love and buttercream. A delicately designed cake harbours innate power to grab eyeballs and leave everyone in awe of it for the longest time. That’s the magic spell of buttercream frosting that makes every baker perfect the art of icing. 

Did you know why Picasso was the most celebrated painter of all time? Because he had the necessary tools and brushes required to create a masterpiece. We are sure; you think that you have everything from piping nozzles to bakeware, what more one needs? Well, a cake turntable.

Never underestimate the power of cake decorating turntables. Bakers can’t thank the souls enough who invented cake decorating tables that make cake decorating a piece of a cakewalk as well as help baking enthusiasts craft edible beauties. 

Professional cake turntable is a spinnable stand that helps the designers design the cake with icing on all the four sides, equally. You are done with the frosting of one side of the cake; now you want to decorate the other side as well with pretty flowers without contorting your body. How to do? The turntable is the answer. 

We have done the homework for you. Here are the five best cake turntable options for cake decorators. From amateur to expert, these turntables will make cake decorating so much easier and fun for you. We promise. 

  1. Plastic Turntable: Decorate birthday cakes beautifully by investing in a plastic turntable. A lightweight turntable with locking switch to hold it steady, this turntable is no less than a magic wand for amateur bakers. The ball bearings do not demand regular oiling for smooth rotation and the table comes with a rubberized ring that helps keep the layers of the cake steady while frosting. Affordability is one of the prime reasons that the table has made its way to the list of best five. Plastic turntable
  2. Alloy Turntable: Some investments are always profitable just like alloy revolving turntable cake stand. Heavy, durable, and steady, this cake turntable guarantees beautifully designed cakes that are nothing less than a piece of art. The non-slippery surface and rubber feet, coupled with the weight of the aluminum alloy give this turntable stability. By no chance, your cake will slide out. Alloy turntable
  3. Tilt N Turn Turntable: For an intermediate cake decorator wishing to try hands at more complex cake designs, Tilt N turn cake decorating stand is made keeping your specifications in mind. Made of plastic material, this turntable comes with a secured base, thus allowing you to turn in either direction. The locking mechanism assists in keeping it steady while you are painting the blank canvas (the cake) with your fingers. The rubber grip on the feet and the platform prevents the cake from sliding. Additionally, it can be adjusted into 18 different angles. What more a baker could ask for?Tilt N Turn turntable
  4. Iron Turntable: Decorators who love detailings should bring home an iron turntable. This turntable has an iron base for stability and aluminium patterned platform for sturdy grip. Durable, attractive, and heavy, this cake turntable allows you to adorn your cake with elaborate patterns because it won’t move an inch from the place you position it. The powder coating makes it rust-resistant, thus it will serve you as long as you nurture the love for decorating cakes. Iron turntable
  5. Stainless Steel Turntable: If you are keen on starting an online cake delivery business, this stainless steel turntable should be on the top of your baking tools and supplies. It is coated aluminum for durability and has a steel thrust pin that never hiccups. The base of the stand has a bright red colour making it attractive to the eyes. This cake turntable shouts professionalism. Stainless Steel turntable

This list of best cake decorating turntables comes to an end. Hit the nearest baking tools, and supplies shop in your locality or order online the turntable that best fulfils your decorating demands.