The frosting is the embellishing last touch that raises cupcakes into small classic works of art. If you are also looking for how to frost cupcakes, then here are three unique approaches to apply icing or frosting to cupcakes: piping, spreading, and dipping.

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P.S. – If you are thinking about the difference between frosting and icing or are they the same, then icing is a thin glaze and frosting is generally fluffy and thick.



In case you have a lot of cupcakes on the table that you want to frost, or you need to make decorative patterns, designs, and shapes, utilize this way. Piping or funneling crushes the frosting through a tip appended to the far end of the pastry bag. Depending on the tip you use, you could make scallops, roses, stars, and so on. Below we have explained the steps to frost cupcakes using a large star tip.

Here’s the way by which you need to fill the pastry bag without getting icing on your hands and all over the bag.

  • Put the decorating tip in the base of the pastry bag and put the bag into an estimating cup or long glass. Fold a 3 to 4-inch sleeve over the edge of the glass.
  • Utilize an elastic spatula to scoop icing from the glass into the bag. Fill it around ⅔ rd. You can anytime reload the pastry bag with all the more icing; however, if the bag is too full, you’re probably going to press icing out of both the sides of the bag.

Lift the bag out of the bowl and bend the top to close. You can utilize a thread to keep it close, or you can keep the bag shut by holding the bent end under the palm of your hand while you pipe.

To pipe the frosting, place the cupcake on a level surface.

  • Hold the body of the pastry bag in your prevailing hand. In case you’re right hand, hold it in that hand, keeping the turned end folded and setting your fingers onto the body of the bag.
  • Rest the channeling end of the pack on the index finger of your left hand for better control. You’ll utilize your right hand to press out the icing, and your left hand to manage the pastry bag.



This technique is speedy and simple, with practically no special tool or skill required.

  • To spread the icing, a little balanced spatula works superbly; however, you could likewise utilize any little blade or knife with a wide edge, for example, a sandwich spreader or a butter knife.
  • Hold the knife in one hand and the cupcake in the other. That will let you get a decent view on the cupcake so you can spread the icing equally over the whole surface. Use the spatula to scoop icing and place it in the focal point of the cupcake top. Spread outward, smoothing the surface with the edge of the blade.



Utilize this strategy when you need to put a slender coating, for example, chocolate spread, over your cupcakes.

  • Make a cluster of chocolate spread. It must be warm to the touch, however, not hot.
  • Hold the cupcake topsy turvy by its base, and dunk the top into the spread, covering it evenly.
  • Wind your wrist marginally as you pull the cupcake out of the spread. This makes the extra icing fall away into the bowl. Place the cupcake on a lined baking sheet to capture the drips until the glaze sets.

So, these were the three easy ways to frost cupcakes! With proper steps and measures, you will surely achieve success in frosting and icing. If that’s too much trouble for you, you can always order cupcake online from a reliable bakery! Happy eating! Happy baking! Happy frosting!