N number of times it has been proved that teachers are the best things that have ever happened to anyone. They are our best friend, our family, our anchor, and no matter how many times do we deny, they are one inspiring source we just can’t forget. However, it has been observed that in the race of doctors and engineers, they lag behind. You talk about money, they are underpaid, you talk about the status, they immediately fall short. Nonetheless, they’ve never refused to give up and this is the first and foremost reason that they deserve more recognition.


In the cookie of life, our teachers have been the chocolate chips and while we have been moving forward in our lives, they continue to hold a sweet place in our hearts. Each of us has our own reasons to praise their efforts, however, following are a few more to add to the great compilation as to why they deserve importance in every walks of life.

Because they are the Einsteins of our age.

Teachers are Einsteins of our age Intelligent, smart, inspiring, the dictionary may fall short describing each one of them.

Or Probably, the magicians too!

Teachers are smart, intelligent and what not

All they do is spell-working, just for the good 🙂

Because learning from them is always extraordinary.

Ross is a perfect example of a perfect teacher.


Because they make learning creative.

Teachers make learning innovative

Being innovative is their forte. Talk about any subject and they are on it.

Because they have tolerated our shortcomings patiently.

A pure source of patience

And for that, they deserve a round of applause.

Believe it or not, they inspired you to stay motivated at every step.

Teachers have always motivated us. Always

School, college, masters, talk about any level, they have excelled in the art of motivation.

Because they are equally stressed.

Stressed teachers

It’s not just you who is fretting about exams. They bear the pressure equally.

Because they have supported you in their own way.

You can do it

And now you can surely go forward with confidence.

Because ‘keep going on’ no matter hard you fall is what they want from you.

Teachers help you grow

And dare you not listen to them.

Because they hug us especially when we need it.

Teacher's Day Hugs

Warm and encouraging in every aspect.

Because they wait for the right answer until their last breath.

Patience is the key to success

Patience is their key to your success.

Because they know the world is full of bullies.

Teachers aware you about the people and the world

Whether you are a kid, a teenager, or even a parent, they are right by your side.

Because life may have given us lemons, they are the ones we make our mojitos with.

Teachers are fun too

For every one of us, it’s a yayiee moment.

Because they have made us prepare for the worst. First.Do or die

We all needed it. There’s no denying.

Find a perfect way to give them a day to rejoice and relish every bit of Teacher’s day.

Celebrate Teacher's Day

Let them know how important they are to you, this Teacher’s Day.

There are countless reasons why every teacher deserves an eminent position in our lives. Teachers have made more impact on our lives than we may realize. Despite schools being closed due to COVID-19, teachers deserve more recognition and an enormous amount of thanks for their continuous efforts to teach students online. If You all have one teacher in life whom you share a different bond with and who has always guided you and supported you in your thick and thin then you must honor with all the love and some sweetness to express the love you hold for them. Either you can bake a cake at home or order it online. There is a wide range of delicious cakes, desserts, jar cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, available on the website to suit the occasion.