From picking us from school and dropping us to our activities class, his life eventually became all about his kids and his family. Fathers have spent major part of their existence as a life coach, an entertainer, a protector, a playmate, a BFF with whom we share a roof, and a lot more than that and with Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to appreciate him with your love, gratitude, and appetizing fathers day cakes.

Listed below are the reasons to celebrate all the dads out there and to let each of them know that there’s always more than just sharing DNA.

He Is Not Just A Hero, He Is Our Superhero

Possessing supernatural powers, he has dedicated his time and life battling for his family.

father a superhero

And While Becoming The Superhero Of Our Lives, He Has Taken Over Fairy Lands too

Now and then, he never fears to go overboard when it comes to his kids.

fathers doing everything for us

He Has Made Learning Faster And Easier

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. Always remember that.

fun times with dad

He Has Made Us Believe In The Beauty Of Dreams

When it comes to you and your dreams, he wants no one in between. Period.  

Dads advice

A Playground Was Always A Part Of His Life And He Made Us Visit It In His Own Ways

With him, we all had our share of fun and madness.

fun activities with dad

Dad Even Shares The Same Taste When It Comes To Food

And with Father’s day nearby, don’t hesitate to buy a fathers day special cake. Make him delve into the real slices of heaven on his special day.

fathers day cakes

Dad Taught Us How To Go Big Or Go Home

Whether it is your career or just a simple workout, he made sure to pave the right path.

Go hard or go home

He Teaches Us How To Relish Every Moment No Matter Wherever You Are

There’s a never a limit when it comes to fun and having a good time with daddy.

Beach fun with dad

A Partner In Crime, Our Daddies Have Always Kept Our Secrets Safe

Spilling the beans has never been on his checklist.

Dad kept our secrets

His Creativity Knows No Bound

For a stress-free life, you can now and always reach out to him.

a girl playing game with daddy

A Life Savior, Our Dads Have Always Kept Us Safe

A personal bodyguard, our daddies have always got our back.

Dad kept us save

He Has Always Wanted That Us To Express Our Creativity Profoundly

Creativity can be found in all of us but it takes dad’s encouragement to exercise it.  

fathers day fun

The Older You Get, The Smarter Our Dad Seems To Get

Always a step ahead. One of the reasons he could figure us out.

Dad Knows us better

He Gave Us Our First Driving Lesson

We owe him a lot on this one.

Dad taught us driving

A Nurturer, A Protector, And A Buddy In Formals

Never go easy when it comes to appreciate him.

Appreciate dad

So on his day, let’s take the time. To say “Thanks, dad. I’m glad you’re mine.”