There’s something intriguing about cakes, that it tempts us, leaves our jaws dropped with its appeal and at the same time, leave us wanting for more. Isn’t it? We, all foodies, can’t be thankful enough to the baking industry of not just presenting with one kind of cake but with a whole lot of different types. Talking of different types of cakes, have we ever thought of something like funny birthday cake or funny anniversary cake? We bet you didn’t think of it. But something like this equally exists as some other popular kinds of cakes. As we perceive cakes to be fun (as and when we relish it), the idea of it being funny has quite crossed our minds, possibly. But there is a funny birthday cake for husband, children and other such important people in our lives. To bring you some happiness we ended up looking the same over the internet, and we were quite surprised to find out there are many such cakes which makes one go from being a cry baby to LMAO. Basically, each of these funny cakes did not happen to turn out the way we expected it to be but rather an, even more, funnier rendition of the original cake. Hence, we bring you an elaborate list of funny cake for various occasions/ relations to make you forget all your sorrows and make you laugh, rolling on the floor. LITERALLY! Don’t believe us, go ahead and give this article a read. Make sure to check the illustrations of each of these funny cakes that could possibly win the Oscars for the most failed desserts (if there were any!).

  1. Hulk Cake Or Is It A Chemistry Lab Experiment Gone Wrong?
    hulk cake
  2. Even Elsa Failed To Recognise Her In This Cake
    elsa cake
  3. Which Part Is It? Surely, Not A Muscle Cake, Though!
    Muscle Cake
  4. Seriously? Ring Cake or Better Say, Handcuff Cake
    handcuff cake
  5. Being Dog Person, Hate To Say This – But The Actual Kitty Looked Pretty Nice When Compared
    kitty cake
  6. Cactus Or A Melted Ice-Cream?
    cactus cake
  7. Elmo Says – Pleassee Save Me From This Disaster, Probably!
    elmos cake
  8. God Bless Santa!
    santa cake
  9. This Shark Does Not Seem Like In The State Of Attacking Anyone
    shark cake
  10. Sorry, The Piglets Retired Off
    piglets cake
  11. Very, very close to Ariel – For sure
    aerial cake
  12. Even Spiderman couldn’t stop laughing while catching a glimpse of this cake.
    spiderman cake
  13. We could say this was by far, the most okayish one. Agreed?
  14. Our Smrufee just turned into something adorable but anonymous.
    smrufee cake
  15. Our own Captain America just melted out of joy seeing this cake.
    captain america cake


So, this was it all! Hopefully, you enjoyed giving these funny cake disasters, a glance. Cake disasters are a part of baking; one would never enjoy baking as a therapeutic process unless and until he/she personally experiences some.