Do not hide. You absolutely drool over sweets and look for an excuse every single time to savour them.

Well, that’s not your fault. The truth is “You Are In Love.” You are absolutely head over heels with desserts and cannot keep your hands off them. And that’s okay. From its incredible appeal to the gratifying taste, being a sweet tooth is no sin.

But while you still don’t believe us, we present 11 signs to prove that you are a die-hard sweet tooth.

1.  You Don’t Need A Reason To Celebrate With Something Sweet

something sweet

Birthday? Absolutely! Anniversary? Ofcourse. Thursday? Undoubtedly!

2. You Have Your Set Of Justifications That Cakes Are Good

You Have Your Set Of Justifications That Cakes Are Good

You don’t blame sweets for the unwanted curves in your body because you know sweets are an excellent source of energy and carbohydrates, right?

3. You Coffee Always Has An Accompaniment

You Coffee Always Has An Accompaniment

Something needs to go with your coffee. Coffee time is incomplete without some sweet delight.

4. You Roll Your Eyeballs When Someone Doesn’t Express As Much Fondness For Sweets

Fondness For Sweets

It’s a thing of another planet for you. When someone isn’t as much a sweet tooth as you are, you get uncomfortable thinking about the existential crisis they must be facing.

5. “What’s For The Dessert?”

“What’s For The Dessert

While you are dining out with someone and the meal seems to wrap up, not raising the indispensable question “What’s for the dessert?” is a sin. Desserts are a meal, okay?

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6. Festivals Are Synonymous To Your Entire Meal Consisting Of Sweets


Festivals= Sweets. So what if your plate is too full with a variety of sweets with no space for anything else? You have what you want in your plate and it’s clear.

7. Your Bag Has Secret Stashes Full Of Chocolates

Stashes Full Of Chocolates

Your bag is a Santa sack with chocolates. But no, they are not for ALL. They are for you alone. You got to have it all.

8. You Often Empty The Sugar Sachet In Your Mouth

Sugar Sachet In Your Mouth

While in the childhood we all used to do, confess that you still do it. We aren’t surprised, by the way!

9. When You Are Cheerful, You Want An Ice Cream….

You Want An Ice Cream

…and when you are depressed you want an ice cream. Basically, you know that’s your life potion.

10. Life’s Greatest Bliss? The First Bite Of Chocolate

Life’s Greatest Bliss

Nothing is more comforting than the first bite of chocolate or the first slice of the cake. Life’s biggest pleasure involve sweets and the greatest hurdles are solved by them.

11. Departmental Stores= Cookie Shopping

Departmental Stores

Yes, you head to the Sweets & Snacks section and load your cart with all the sweetness of the world. That’s the major part of your grocery and you have absolutely no regrets!