Well, let’s be honest. We’ve all been at that stage when you are baking your favourite cake and miss a key ingredient. Agreed? There is no denying the fact. Baking a cake takes effort, time and energy. And, to help you ease the baking, we have got you some fantastic cake hacks to please you and your loved ones. Here you go!

Too much Batter?

Do you also face the problem of batter flowing out while baking? Here we come with a quick tip. Take a butter knife and cover half the ridges and fill the batter into the container till the half of the butter knife and see the results.

Too much batter?

Soften Batter Quickly

When recipes call for room temperature eggs, they usually also request for room temperature butter. But there is a quick and easy way to soften a cold stick of butter! Place the butter inside a ziplock bag, seal it, then use a rolling pin to take out the butter in a thin layer. Then take the softened butter out of the bag with a rubber spatula and it’s ready to use.

Struggling to Decorate the Cake? This will definitely work!

Shhh! Did you know it’s one of the best cake decorating hacks!! Place the decorative cookie cutter smoothly and gently on top of the frosted cake. Fill the cookie cutter with some colourful sprinkles to cover the icing on the cake. Then, gently remove the cooker-cutter. Result? Sprinkle perfectly shaped decorations on your cake.

Decorate with cookie cutter

Mason Jar Can Do Wonders!!

Don’t have a whisker at home? Garb a mason jar. Mason Jars are taking over the internet and for a good reason. If you can’t find your whisker, pour your cream into a mason jar and shake.

Mason Jar

Yoghurt is a big hit!

To give your cupcakes or muffins an extra aroma and an incredibly light texture, swap a portion of milk for vanilla yoghurt. You will win bonus points for that extra-special thing in your muffin!

Yoghurt is a big hit!

Turn Cake into Cookies

Craving cookies but only cake mix on hand? Here we have got you one of the best cake mix hacks! You can make cookies dough from almost any boxed cake mix by adding one and a half cup oil and two eggs to the dry cake mix. Bake them as soon as you bake any standard cookie dough.

Turn Cake into Cookies

Memorize equations Instead of the Recipe

Follow the 1:1:1:1 rule! A basic cake made of four ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. By using the same amount (in weight) of each of these ingredients, you will be able to make a perfect cake. Did you know a pound cake got its name because it is made up of one pound of each of these ingredients? Interesting right?

Cake recipe rule

Don’t want your Hands to be Dirty? Hold your Cake in This!

Cake it! Most of the time kids and even adults end up with dirty hands while eating the cake. Try this fun activity for you and your kids: Fill the bottom of an ice cream cone with cake batter and bake them for a cupcake or a muffin. 

Remove Eggshell with One Finger 

It is an easy one. We’ve all faced it. You crack and a piece of broken shells falls in the bowl. To get it out, just wet your finger, then place it near the broken piece. The piece will instantly stick on your finger. Cool right?

Remove Eggshell with One Finger

So, these were some amazing and cool hacks to bake your cake! Include one of these while baking. Or, if you are too tired trying there is always an option to order online. Just visit the best cake bakery online and order!!