These days, ordering a cake online is not a big task, but choosing the right bakery matters a lot to enjoy the taste of your favourite dessert. If you live in Bangalore, a little effort from sitting in the comfort of your home can help you find the best bakery in your city. Just do a google search and compare different bakeries near you. We bet you will find a name that shines at the top, i.e., Bakingo.

The special features and excellent services of Bakingo will surely make you buy a cake once and we assure, you will love to order again and again. Here are some of the qualities of Bakingo described below that could never be found anywhere else in Bangalore. They make us different from the others and also rewards us with the title of “the best bakery in Bangalore.

Skilled Chef

Having a team of skilled chefs is our speciality. Yes, we as a baker, always believe in the best. Our chefs know all the baking techniques. Our highly skilled and culinary expert chefs also add the spice of creativity while preparing cakes of different flavours to surprise you with super yummy cake every time. 

Never Compromise with Quality

As a good baker, we know that the quality of the cake is the thing with which you can never compromise, right? Well, Bakingo serves you with the best quality cake all over in Bangalore city. That’s why we live in Bangalorean’s heart. From us, you will always get a freshly baked cake because we never compromise with the quality and freshness of desserts.

Maintain Hygiene

Unsanitary conditions affect the quality of the desserts and even make a bad impression in front of the customers. That’s why maintaining hygiene in the kitchen can never be ignored by our chefs. The cleanliness of the kitchen, utensils, hands, etc. are the features you will find in Bakingo.

Committed to On-time Delivery

A delay in delivery can spoil your mood, therefore, we at Bakingo, always take care of your emotions and deliver your order to your doorstep at the scheduled time. We value time, therefore, crossing the heavy traffic in Bangalore, our delivery agents reach you at the right time.

Secure Payment Gateway

While ordering desserts online via Bakingo, you need not worry about the security of your money. On our website, you will get many secure payment options for online transactions and can do payment without facing any trouble. It makes the online cake ordering process quite easier and comfortable for you.

Delivery within 2 Hours

We, at Bakingo, also serve you with the facility of instant delivery of desserts to your doorstep. So, if you are habituated to forget special occasions, no need to worry anymore, we will deliver your order within 2 hours of the order placement. You can also avail the service of midnight cake delivery in Bangalore city by Bakingo.

Slot Selection Facility

When do you want to deliver your cake to your loved one in Bangalore will be your choice. You can select a slot and get the cake delivered to the specific address in between that period. This facility is quite helpful to easily receive the order and celebrate the occasion at the right time without waiting for the cake.

Excellent Customer Support

Our excellent customer support service also makes us different from the other bakeries in Bangalore. The entire support team is 24/7 available for you to help in every possible manner. Whatever your queries are, we listen to you carefully and try our best to give you a solution instantly.

So, take a step forward and order a delicious dessert via Bakingo. Our special features and facilities will surely give you an amazing experience of relishing a mouth-watering dessert and celebrate a special occasion at the extreme level of happiness and excitement.