The most fulfilling moments happen when you do something selflessly. It gives an incessant smile on the face, peace to the heart. And the best way to show consideration is through action and deeds, not necessarily words. You never know the little ways in which your contribution that seem ordinary, might count and make a significant difference in someone’s life.

Bakingo earned a chance of adding smiles to pretty faces of CentumGro, an initiative that aims to provide leadership and entrepreneurial skills training for the Deaf. With its novel training solutions and innovative programmes, CentumGro has touched many lives. Therefore, when Bakingo came across an opportunity to join hands and lend a little to the sea of difference that CentumGro has been making, we were most happy to help.

To the event “Cake Superstar” that took place on June 30th 2017 at CentumGro, Bakingo was happy to provide 5 undecorated cakes along with decorating supplies like cream, cones, nozzles, edible glitter etc. A fun contest witnessed students pouring out their creativity with utmost vigor and enthusiasm.

The results? Heart warming!

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And all it takes is an acknowledgment, a note of thanks to keep us going.


We want to express our sincere appreciation to Bakingo and the staff for agreeing to donate 5 cakes at no cost during the Cake SuperStar competition. 

We are extremely glad as we couldn’t have managed the event sans your donation. We remember how the students were provided with not just cakes but also decorative items- cream, cones, nozzles, edible glitter etc which our students used to the best of their creative abilities. 

CentumGRO’s initiatives are made successful by ready support by organisations like yours. I again would like to extend our gratitude on behalf of the students and staff at CentumGRO.”

To know the thrill that filled the students’ hearts and the immense happiness that they felt in not just decorating but savouring the cake makes Bakingo believe that sweetness is the binding chord between the hearts and it takes not much effort to make a positive difference.

We, at Bakingo, are always open to serve our best on occasions that call our contribution. In case you need us, we shall be happy to see your note at