For you, it’s jamboree time, but for the little kids in the house; it’s another chance to get their hands and face dirty with creamy cakes. Yes, children love cakes more than anything else. And, more than the taste, it’s the birthday cake designs for kids that excite their senses. 10 best birthday theme cakes to bring the sweetest smile on their faces. 

  1. Barbie Doll Cake: A pretty cake that your princess will adore till her eyes blink. The dress of the barbie doll is made with a cake that is later decorated with buttercream roses, swirls, or fondant sheets.
  2. Minion Cake: Is there a kid who doesn’t like minions? Everyone seems to be in love with these adorable munchkins. A minion-themed cake in buttercream or fondant is the best way to line the kids for sweet goosebumps.
  3. Mickey Mouse Cake: Mickey Mouse is the world’s most recognizable functional character. Mickey Mouse cartoons are a treat to watch, and similarly, Mickey Mouse cakes are a treat to eat. Red and black-themed cake with polka dots, oh the glimpse is enough to transport the kid into Disneyland.
  4. Minnie Mouse Cake: The long-time sweetheart of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse is a fashionista every Disney fan admires. How about surprising the little Minnie in your home with a Minnie-Mouse-themed cake featuring the Signature bow, polka dots, and large Minnie’s ears?
  5. Chhota Bheem Cake: The brave, intelligent, and strong Chhota Bheem is the inspiration for all the young boys out there. Over a Chhota Bheem birthday cake, wish the young one “Happy Birthday” in his iconic way.
  6. Spiderman Cake: Spiderman, the superman that has no haters. If you are throwing a Superhero themed party, go with this option. The bright red and blue coloured Spiderman cake with the complementing decor will surely make your kid feel all the superpowers.
  7. Pubg Cake: Make your home a battlefield of fun and laughter by sweeping the birthday table with a Pubg cake. The perfect choice for the birthday of the one whose life is incomplete without this game.
  8. McQueen Car Cake: A McQueen car cake is all you need to make him race around the house like a happy child. A red-themed car cake with yellow detailings and blue eyes, the cake looks no less than a reality.
  9. Tom and Jerry Cake: Your kid may have grown up, but his/her heart can never outgrow the love he/she has for the iconic Tom and Jerry. Therefore, nothing matches the pleasure of cutting and relishing a Tom Jerry-themed birthday cake, ever. 
  10. Doraemon Cake: Lovable Doraemon in a cake looks all the more enticing to the eyes and taste buds. Doraemon cartoon cake will bring a wave of nostalgia and thrill to the birthday celebrations of your Lil one.

From Barbie Doll to Doraemon; there are several themed cakes for making the birthday bash of your kid happily sweet.