Most of you must be familiar with the most expensive wedding cake in the world designed by Dubai’s Debbie Wingham. The cake was sold for $1 million. The cake weighed around 120 kg and it took around 10 days to prepare the cake perfectly. In the cake, a bride dressed in a white wedding dress and headscarf is holding a bunch of flowers. Edible flowers and edible diamonds in the cake make it so beautiful and luxurious that one can’t take their eyes off the cake. Although, we are sure that you must be stuck to that $1 million price tag as it just seems bizarre. Spending that amount of money! Well, well, well. We are not going to talk about that cake. But what we are going to talk about is more expensive than this one. The same artist Debbie Wingham got another order to create a masterpiece in England. A customer who has a girlfriend that looks similar to Kim Kardashian wanted to leave her impressed on her birthday with a super amazing cake.

Kim Kardashian cake

The artist got the photograph of the customer’s girlfriend that looks almost similar to Kim Kardashian. The face cuts, body, and shape! Everything similar. That is the reason the cake resembles the celebrity. The cake was made using 85 boxes of rice crispy cereal, over 30,000 baby marshmallows, 6 kg of chocolate, and 15 kg of icing. The amazing masterpiece was created in around 10 days using 3D food printing technology and it was as tall as the customer’s girlfriend. The black icing outfit was just awesome and looked similar to the one Kim wore during NBCUniversal in 2017.

What made this the most expensive cake in the world are the $2 million worth of Cartier diamonds. The cake was adorned with a piece of jewelry dropping down between the cake’s cleavage. When the cake was viral on social media, Debbie explained in a post that the cake wasn’t actually made for Kim Kardashian but was for her doppelganger. She also mentioned that she used Kim’s likeness to make sure that the cake was perfect.

So, because of the real diamond pendant and bracelet used to decorate the cake, it is the costliest cake in the world but surely the diamond wasn’t edible. The cake was perfect and was loved by the recipient. We totally understand what all questions are arising in your mind and no one has answers to that. Ones with money can really go for such expensive beauties to make their dear ones the happiest! Meanwhile, you can try out the beautiful and delicious cakes at affordable prices that Bakingo is offering in India.