Baked the cake by following the proper recipe and are again stuck at the cake toppers to decorate the cake! We know how that feels when you make a delicious cake and are left with the decoration part. Well, no matter how less creative you are when it comes to cake toppers and cake decorating, the below mentioned easy and DIY cake topper hacks are sure to leave you with a beautiful and eye-soothing delectable cake. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the cake topper ideas and hacks.

Face Sticks

Get the photo of the recipient printed and cut the face precisely using a paper cutter. Stick it to the wooden skewer and paste a party cap cutting on the top of each photo.

Eternal Flame

Get the candles that will never burn out. Decorate the cake with these candles. You can follow some DIy tutorials on the Internet as well to make such candles easily.

Heart Stick

Thread the coloured cereals on the cleaning pipe and then make a heart shape with it. Wrap the ends on the wooden skewer and top the cake with it.

Celebration Time

Celebrating your football team’s victory? Cute flag shapes out of decorative colourful paper and stick onto a thread and tie the thread to two paper straws. Now insert the straws on the cake.

Fresh Flowers

Edible flowers are always guaranteed to add charm to your cake. Get some from the garden and decoratively place them on the top of the cake to give your cake a fresh look.

Lollipop Forest

The only downside to this cake topping is that your dear guests will be more interested in the lollipops rather than the cake. Get a wide range of lollipops and you are done.

Letter Decoration

Use wooden letters and decorate them with washi tapes. Then glue the letters onto skewers amd insert them in the cake.

So, these were the different easy cake topping ideas that you can try and incorporate in your cakes at home.