Winters are coming, so you better gear up to look after yourself and your loved one. As the temperature drops, it goes even without saying how important it is to keep the warmth of the body intact. No doubt, people like to wear woolen clothes in layers, but a proper diet can help one and stop them from shivering in the cold. This is why, we present you a list of some winter snacks that are sure to keep your body warm during this year 2021. As snacks don’t take much time for us to consume and even to make, it is perfect for chilly winter days that lie ahead of us. Don’t starve yourself, this winter by being clueless as to what you can eat. Rather take some cues from the article and save yourself. Thank us later, folks!
Manchow Soup – We all would agree that soups are a lifesaver during winters. Manchow soup is originally an Indian Chinese cuisine preparation which is hot and spicy and loaded with seasonal veggies and noodles. You can take some time out to prepare this soup or else can prepare an instant one.
Instant Noodles – Slurping noodles is everyone’s favorite activity, other than cuddling during winter time. There are many instant noodles brands that offer various kinds and types of noodles, you can purchase any of your favourites. To make the noodles a bit more healthier, you can add some winter veggies in it.
Fruit and Nut Bowl – One of the most healthy winter snacks would be a nutritious fruit and nuts bowl. Dice some seasonal fruits and some nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, raisins, etc. Pour some milk and relish your homemade fruit and nut bowl. Nuts and seasonal fruits are sure to bless you with much needed warmth.
Masala Boiled Eggs – Boiled eggs provide sufficient warmth during winters as well as they bless one with protein, among many other such nutrients. So you will find some egg stalls during winters from where you can get masala boiled eggs or can simply boil the number of eggs you wish to have and sprinkle it with some chaat masala.
Bajra Vada – Bajra is one such winter pulse that provides sufficient strength and warmth. You can make some Bajra vada (Bajra cutlets or fritters) and serve yourself with some chilli pickle. This snack has originated from the traditional kitchens of Gujarat and the flavours added to these fritters via some Indian spices are sure to leave your mesmerised.
Indian Rice Pudding (Hot Kheer) – If you haven’t tried a hot bowl of kheer or rice pudding, then please don’t consider yourself to be an Indian. During winters, every Indian looks forward to comforting themselves with this sweet delicacy. Made with milk, sugar, rice and some Indian spices, hot kheer is not just an Indian snack but an emotion.
Gond Ke Laddu – Goond is edible gum out of which Indian people make sweet nutritious yet wholesome balls with wholewheat flour, ghee, jaggery and nuts. This is what is known as Gond ke Laddoos. Any kind of weaknesses felt in winters can be beaten by one by relishing this sweet snack item.
Sesame Praline (Tilpatti) – A flavorful sweet snack item prepared with melted jaggery and sesame seeds (til) keeps one super warm during winters. Sesame and jaggery has the ability to keep the body warm and protect it from many infections. Til patti is a great winter nibble snack item.
Cinnamon Cookies – One of the most popular winter spices has to be cinnamon, which is what makes this snack munchy a winter delight as well. Cinnamon cookies are a great cold reliever and even tries to make a great cure for hoarse throat.
Roasted fox nuts and mixed nuts – This winter, roast some fox nuts (makhana) and mixed nuts like peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, etc. and relish it to your heart’s delight, whenever you hunger pangs. Munching something healthy as these nuts is sure to bless you with a ton of benefits including to keep your body warm.

So, this winter keep yourself warm and happy as you opt for these winter snacks.