Baking a cake is an art, and it is ubiquitous to make mistakes while creating a masterpiece. Not just amateurs but even experienced bakers make mistakes while baking cakes. And just like the masterpiece in art, a mistake in baking can ruin the happiness that cake is meant to provide.

Baking mistakes can result in dry cake, cake sunk in the middle, cake too dense and rubbery, holes in cake, sugary crust, and many more.

Well, among many unwanted and horrified cakes fails, a rubbery cake is also the one that can spoil the mood of indulging the deliciousness.

But why does a cake get rubbery?

If you’ve ever baked a rubbery cake, you know how unpleasant it is to take a bite, and we totally understand the frustration. It may be tempting to beat your batter into oblivion, especially if you see lumps.

The reason why a cake gets rubbery is that the overmixing of flour activates the gluten. It makes cakes hard instead of the lovely soft spongy texture we associate with a good cake. And the over mixing is usually caused from incorrectly creaming butter and sugar.

Overmixing of Batter

Gluten is a protein that gives baked goods firm and elastic structure but overdoing it can mean a chewy texture, and that’s no good.

Apart from the Gluten, insufficient creaming of sugar and eggs will also make a tight texture because there isn’t enough air trapped in the mix to give it a lift.

Many of the inexperienced bakers who try to bake mug cakes usually end up baking it rubbery. And then the question speaks in their mind;

Why is my mug cake rubbery!

Well, over mixing the batter and the wrong temperature of the butter can be the reason for a rubbery mug cake just like the normal cakes. But two other reasons for a mug cake being rubbery are ‘use of too much oil’ and ‘overcooking of cake’.

Keep the points in mind and don’t repeat the mistakes that you have made before so that you can enjoy the perfect cake and don’t get to deal with a rubbery cake.

Just as we stated in the starting, baking a cake is an art and creating a masterpiece needs an immense amount of practice.

With time and practice, you will be able to turn yourself into an expert baker from the novice baker.

Every now and then, order cake online from a renowned bakery so that you can taste it and try to match the yumminess with your baking skills.