Preparing your cake mold the right way is vital to get a perfect cake. So, learn how to prep them well to ensure your cakes come out of the pans clean every time without fail.

So, let’s have a look at things which you need to get your pan perfectly prepared – 

  • Cake Molds – baking molds obviously, is the first thing that is needed.
  • Parchment Paper – so that the cake base doesn’t stick to the pan base
  • Kitchen Scissors – to cut down the parchment paper according to the size of the pan
  • Butter – to grease the sides of the pan
  • Pastry Brush – to apply the butter 
  • Flour – to sprinkle it over so that cake is easy to take out from the pan
  • Mixing Bowl 

Steps to Follow

So, let’s get started – 

  1. Firstly, start with a square piece of parchment paper. If your pan is round in shape, then start by cutting it in a square but keep in mind to cut it slightly bigger than the size of your pan. 
  2. Now, it’s time to fold the parchment into a triangle. For that, firstly fold the parchment into quarters, and after that in half. Then, fold it in half again to form a narrow triangle.
  3. Then, measure and mark from the center of your pan. For that, place the fine point of the triangle in the center of your cake mold, then measure and mark where you reach the edge of the pan.
  4. Now it’s time to cut the parchment paper at the fold. With the pair of scissors, cut the parchment paper at your mark and unfold it. Now, you should have a circle that fits inside your pan perfectly.

Tip: If you don’t want to go through this triangle making process, you can opt for a simple one as well. All you need to do is trace the bottom of the cake pan onto the parchment paper and cut it down with the kitchen scissors.

  1. Now you are done with cutting stuff; it’s time to butter up things. So, take your pastry brush and paint the pan with an even layer of soft butter. Then place the parchment paper you prepared inside the pan and smooth out to remove any creases or air bubbles. 
  2. Then take your pastry brush and paint the container again with another layer of butter Butter.
  3. Now, spread a little bit of flour evenly in the pan and move it gently so that the whole pan gets covered with the flour. After that, remove the excess flour by tapping the pan firmly. 

Tip: If you are making a chocolate cake, then you can dust some cocoa powder to avoid the white film on your cake, which could have been if you dusted flour in the pan.

And if you don’t want to go through this whole process, you can simply opt for online cake delivery and enjoy a delicious delicacy without any hassle.