Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

A few traditions are so wonderful, that even after every other tradition getting altered, these have remained constant. One such tradition is the cake cutting ceremony at a birthday party. Cake plays an inevitable part across every celebratory event. They are the highlight of any and every birthday party, meet-up, or get-together. Be it a birthday brunch with your pals, a bash with all your friends, siblings, and cousins, or your little cutie’s birthday party, a cake is undoubtedly a must-have. Especially when it is your kid’s birthday party, a cake brings the happiest and heartwarming smiles to their and their buddies’ faces. A cake makes all your birthday celebrations happy-happy, indeed. Cakes are baked token of happiness that comes in various types and sizes. And also in different cake flavors and fillings combinations to spread the loudest birthday cheer. When two or more kinds of cake flavours are mixed and matched, it results in some scrumptious cake flavour combinations.

Quintessentially, when we used to order birthday cake online, we only used to find a single kind of flavoring: strawberry, vanilla, black forest or red velvet in the cake. But as a result of the cake revolution probably, we can choose our birthday cake flavours from some of the best birthday cake flavor combinations.

Apple cake with Salted Caramel frosting – Sweet + Salty = Perfect Edible Paradise!

A simple moist apple cake with salted caramel frosting is indeed a slathered warm caramelized goodness! Help the birthday boy/girl forget all the mistakes over a piece of this cake and a warm hug, as he/she turns a year older and wiser. Apple cake with Salted Caramel

Banana Cake with Nutella Buttercream

Ohh! One lovely, trendy, and the most fantastic pick on our list. A chocolatey, creamy frosting laid on top of a fabulously moist banana cake make everyone believe that true magic exists. The combination of the best cake flavor combinations, such as the blend of moist banana topped with Nutella buttercream, is something that you can’t miss. This cake will surely be a delight to eat and make you drool every time you look at it. If you are a Nutella and banana lover, this cake will be your perfect birthday. Intensely rich with banana flavour and Nutella’s sweetness is a fantastic cake flavour combo. Banana Cake with Nutella Buttercream

Coconut cake with rum flavoured chocolate buttercream

Something like this cake is a showstopper of your birthday party! Period. If filled with rum, this cake gives an exotic Irishy touch to a regular decadent chocolate cake, loaded with fresh coconut shavings throughout its layers. Coconut cake with rum flavoured chocolate buttercream is truly exceptional in its taste and appeal. Coconut cake with rum flavoured chocolate buttercream

Lemon cake with Raspberry frosting and Lemon buttercream

When life gives you lemons and raspberries, you make a cake bringing both flavours together. When topped with creamy yet citrusy lemon buttercream and raspberries, a tangy lemon cake becomes a beauty that needs to be relished at least once in a lifetime. And once you try it, you are sure to fall in the trap of its bewitching taste and appeal. Lemon cake with Raspberry frosting and Lemon buttercream

Strawberry cake with Banana mousse and strawberry buttercream

Perfect to celebrate your Lil girl’s birthday over, a regular strawberry cake topped up with banana mousse and strawberry buttercream is a whole lot of goodness. The bursting berry flavour, when paired with banana’s almost too sweet flavour, gives the cake a sinfully wonderful taste, which turns a birthday party into an eternally cherishable one. Make memories as lovely as this cake and have a precious-sweet time with all your lovely ones.

Strawberry cake with Banana mousse and strawberry buttercream

Orange cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Taking deliciousness into a whole new next-level, this moist, tender orange cake has a vibrant orange flavour and an amazing texture. To top this scrumptious cake, rich creamy vanilla buttercream is added to give it a zesty touch. Try this cake on your or your loved one’s next birthday, and steal the “best baker” award, away. Orange cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate cake with Cream cheese frosting

If chocolates and cheese are something they love the most, then tell us a better combination for their birthday cake! Chocolate is known as a favourite flavour of everyone across birthday parties and it is probably the best flavor of cake on the list for many. But when a delectable chocolate cake comes topped up with cream cheese frosting, it has to be “the best birthday cake” ever undeniably! If you are baking one, make sure you use a block of cream cheese, not cream cheese spread to give it a perfect cakey, silky texture.
Chocolate cake with Cream cheese frosting

Chocolate fudge cake with crushed Oreo buttercream

The loveliest pick for your kid’s birthday party! We are sure your kids and all the little cuties invited to the party will be mesmerized by the look. When chocolate comes together with our favourite cookies, how can one deny falling in love with it? A double treat for people who go gaga over chocolate, as the cake is loaded with chocolate and topped with oreo cookies. Giving the perfect good cake flavors combos taste in one is truly a delight. Bringing the crunchiness of Oreo cookies in a chocolate cake tends to become an instant favourite of all the guest across a birthday party. Topped with more crushed Oreos and chocolate shavings, this cake is a Lil piece of edible heaven. A lovely cake to serve! Add the delight and satisfying sweet crunch of Oreos and bring the most heart-melting smiles to every face. Chocolate fudge cake with crushed Oreo buttercream

Coconut Lime Cake

A tender coconut cake with tangy lime curd and silky smooth coconut buttercream in each of its layer seem like an absolute heart-winner. To notch up the zingy appeal of your birthday party, drizzle some lime icing over this moist coconut cake to make it a birthday cake to remember. This Coconut lime cake gives a very tropical island flavor. A good cake flavors combos are perfect for summary and spring months.  Coconut Lime Cake

Ginger spiced cake with Vanilla & honey buttercream

Using a veggie like ginger as a cake ingredient would make one go from “Say Whattt?” to “Oh Soo Yum!”. This ginger-spiced cake with vanilla & honey buttercream will be perfect for all the fall and winter month babies. An elegant, warm cake having a rich flavour of molasses and gingerbread spice will surely help you impress your guests.Ginger spiced cake with Vanilla & honey buttercream

So, these were some of the best cake flavour combinations and best cake flavours for birthday that are needed to throw a kickass birthday party. You can combine flavours on your own and can lay it up on your cake. All you have got to figure is:

  1. Which all flavour would complement each other?
  2. Which flavour will go with buttercream frosting?
  3. What are some Vanilla cake combinations?
  4. What could be used as a complementing filling in a cake?
  5. Which flavour is best in the cake for you??

If you have figured out these above questions about how you would like to try these best cake flavor combinations and see what works for you and try one of these for your next birthday celebration. Either you can order it online or bake at home because baking takes time and effort. Get ready to drool over because these cake flavors are sure to get your taste buds excited. Treat your and your loved ones’ taste buds to the best taste and flavours. Not just birthdays, you can order these for any occasion be it birthday, anniversary, valentine, Christmas

Be the best host in your town, bake or order these scrumptious birthday cakes to experience the best of both worlds.