When it’s about celebrations, a cake is a prerequisite. But, a cake that is aesthetically pleasing and delectable to taste is a show-stealer. The spongy layers slathered with cream make the cake delicious whereas the swirls, rosette, candies as toppings enhance the beauty of a cake. 

A cake that is equally alluring to eyes as it is tempting to the tastebuds is a delight to experience that everyone would love to relish. Whether you like to bake goodness or you prefer ordering a cake online, don’t settle for anything less than beauty with taste. 

Making every celebration of yours an affair of magnificence coupled perfectly with finger-licking taste over these unique cake designs. 

  1. Funfetti Cake: Throw happiness around like confetti over a funfetti cake. Baked with vibrant cake layers and richly topped with sweet and bit crunchy sprinkles, funfetti cake oozes cheerful wishes. The burst of colours in every bite of funfetti cake will make the tastebuds of the eater’s dance in joy.
    funfetti cake
  2. Marble Cake: Never underestimate the power of a perfectly striped marble cake. With alternate layers of vanilla and chocolate– marble cake promises classic vanilla taste and exotic chocolatey vibes. The moist and melting chocolate frosting on marble cake is the goodness that is worth a thousand calories.marble cake
  3. Unicorn Cake: Unicorn cakes imitate the beauty and grace of the unicorns. It is one of the unique cake designs for birthday that is loved by all. The golden thorn, pink-purple rosettes, teardrop ears–unicorn cake is a rage because of its striking colours and features.
    unicorn cake
  4. Galaxy Cake: Escalate the partygoers love for desserts and cakes to infinity and beyond with the galaxy cake. Iced with dark matter, stellar remnants, sparkling stars, galaxy cake attracts relishers like gravity attracts heavenly bodies. And this is not it! Wait until the cake gets cut because there is an entire solar system beneath the icing waiting to be savoured.
    galaxy cake
  5. Naked Cake: Naked cake well defines the phrase “Less is More.” With zero to minimal, naked cake exposes the layers of the cake. Often topped with fresh berries–naked cake symbolizes virgin beauty and sweet taste.
  6. Ombre Cake: One layer of chocolate isn’t enough; therefore, there exists an ombre cake. Four cakes with dark chocolate, caramel, milk chocolate, and white chocolate are layered on one another to give a gradient effect. Three different ganache frosting is blended for an ombre look that makes the cake a total winner for every celebration.

  7.  Leopard Print Cake: Go wild and fancy with a leopard print cake inside and out.  The asymmetrical dots resembling the leopard print give to the cake a fiercely beautiful appearance.
  8. Floral Cake: Flowers are always charming, as bouquets and as cake frosting. Floral cakes are in vogue because of their unmatched prettiness. Real flowers or frosted flowers, floral cake are the enchantress that perplex people, whether to gaze or to taste.
    floral cake
  9.  S’mores Cake: Everything tastes good when flamed, but toasted marshmallow is an exception. It is because they taste great. And in a cake, it feels out of the world. Graham crackers, buttermilk, chocolate bar, and toasted marshmallows baked together result in an S’ mores cake, or we would rather say result in love.
    S'mores cake

 Heighten up the merriment and pleasure by relishing cakes boasting of unique designs.