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While your checklist is checked for welcoming a successful New Year, there’s one thing that’s missed out and we could not help but tell you since you are prepping up so well. Therefore, apart from making New Year resolutions and partying till you drop on Year Eve, make sure you savour these traditional New Year food from around the world which are said to bring good luck.

Here are 9 New Year foods to help you welcome New Year with better hopes and luck.

cornbread for new year


Cornbread symbolises gold because of the bread’s golden baked colour. That’s makes it quite favourite at most South American tables and is known to bring wealth and prosperity. In Portugal, eating cornbread is the tradtional way of starting the New Year.

pomegranate for new year


A lot is associated with this fruit to give you a reason to savour it. In Turkey, the round shape of the seeds resemble coins that links to prosperity and the red colour symbolises a healthy heart which is believed to bring fertility to the person eating it. Besides, the Greek Mythology says that hurling a pomegranate in front of the door brings good luck. The more seeds come out of it, the better.

fish for new year


Nosh on fish and hope for a bountiful New Year. There are three reasons to do the same. One, scales of the fish resemble coins; two, they travel in schools which resembles abundance; third, they swim forward that symbolizes progress. But the fish needs to be served whole(head to tail attached) in order to mark a prosperous New Year from beginning till end.

cake for new year


Cakes, being round in shape is believed to bring a full circle of luck to the one eats it. Cutting a cake is considered auspicious worldwide, However, in some cultures, a cake is baked with a coin inside or a trinklet or a chipped tooth and whosoever finds it is said to have an extra serving of luck.

grapes for new year


In Spanish and Portuguese, eating twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight is said to bring happy 12 months ahead. However, it also comes as a warning. The number of sweet grapes you get symbolize happy months while the sour ones symbolize the challenging months.

greens for new year


Gobble as much as you can. Green leaves resemble paper money and we bet, you’d want them in abundance. Whether its cabbage or a vegetable salad, you can make your favourite choice. But there are certain cooked greens which are common choices like turnip or mustard greens.

black eyed peas for new year

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas have been considered the luckiest of all for atleast 1500 years based on their resemblance to pennies. According to the folkore, after the Civil War, the Union Army plundered the Confederates’ food supplies but left peas and pork because they believed it was the food for animals. However, it proved lucky for the Southern soldiers as it helped them survive the cold winter.

rice pudding for new years

Rice Pudding

In Sweden and Finland, the rice pudding is prepared with an almond hidden inside. The lucky finder is guaranteed a prosperous new year. A shout out to all rice pudding lovers! Savour as much as you want and bring in good luck and prosperity.

Pork for new year


Snouty pigs always dig forward. And that is considered as a mark of progress for the coming year. Also, since it has high fat content, it represents prosperity. So, eat it in any way you want. Ham, sausage, bacon, pork chops etc.


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