There’s no comfort bigger and better than baking. It is love made visible! Once you get down to baking and give an outlet to your emotions by creating something so positive, it is bound to imbibe in you an immense sense of contentment and bliss.

Baking essentials call for two things, the recipe as well as the tools and techniques. It is when both go hand in hand, that something extraordinary is created.

So, don’t hold yourself back. Take your first step at baking. Stock your kitchen with these essential baking tools and baking accessories to bake like a pro.

  1. Measuring Spoons: Measurement is everything in baking. You might find people having an art of accuracy sans baking utensilsfor measurement and still coming out with an extraordinary delicacy but that requires much experience. Therefore, you need to create an accurate chemistry of all the ingredients; else you would end up in a baking failure.
  2. Parchment Paper: To save yourself from additional cooking sprays, butter or oil, get a grease-proof paper and cut it as per your need. They come in pre-sized pieces as well. They are most suitable for wrapping fruit cakes before they are placed in a tin.
  3. Sieve: Most of the recipes benefit from the sifted flour. If your flour is sitting for a long time, it is necessary to sift the flour for eliminating the overly packed cups that might result in improper measurements. Sieve is also useful to dust and decorates cakes with sugar or cocoa.
  4. Rolling Pin: We are not talking about the Classic Rolling Pin. For ideal baking, go for Baker’s Rolling Pin or tapered French Rolling Pin. Although most of the home bakers choose to go for the classic one with handles, the professional Baker’s and French pin make the task easier due to the larger barrel requiring fewer revolutions.
  5. Whisk: Whisks, coming in various shapes, do a lot in folding the mixture or making it airy and light textured. Balloon whisks are perfect for a variety of whisking. Make sure you include them in your stock of must-haves to make perfect confectioneries.
  6. Oven Thermometer: Most of the ovens, being poorly calibrated could create havoc to your baked items. Your oven might display an ideal 350oF but that could, at times, be misleading due to general wear and tear. To prevent hotspots and insufficient baking, use Oven Thermometer and keep track of heat.
  7. Spatulas: Do not forget to include an army of spatulas in your list of essential baking tools. Make your everyday work easy with heat proof or bendy spatulas that come in different shapes. From scooping out the leftover mixtures to skimming the sides, most of your tasks are going to be a cake walk!
  8. Baking Pans: Baking Pans come in varied shapes and sizes, and types. From Ceramic pans to silicone to glass and metal pans, choose the one that suits you best keeping in mind the appropriate heat conductivity of each. However, it is important to adjust the correct size of the pan basis the recipe as it could affect the baking duration.
  9. Mixing bowls: They come in a variety of sizes and it depends on your usage, which ones you need to own. We suggest you have at least two mixing bowls, keeping in mind, that they should be heatproof ones so that you can be used in the microwave when needed or place them over simmering water for melting chocolate.

With the above mentioned must-have baking tools and equipments, you are all set! Put your apron on and enter into the world of emotional fulfillment.