Here are some less known facts about Butterscotch that we would love to share with you:

Butterscotch Cake

  1. September 19th is National Butterscotch Pudding Day.
  2. A type of confectionery, butterscotch is majorly formed of brown sugar and butter.
  3. The name has been derived from the Scotland as an original ingredient of butter or scorched.
  4. Having a sweet and creamy taste, Butterscotch is usually a golden tan in color.
  5. Even where the actual confection butterscotch is not included, the term butterscotch can be used to describe the flavour of brown sugar and butter together.
  6. Although similar to toffee, in Butterscotch the sugar is boiled to less temperature so as to keep the soft crack stage, but not hard crack as in case of toffee.
  7. The flavor butterscotch is used in a variety of desserts as a base ingredient or flavour, including ice-cream, puddings, fudge, sauces, cakes and icing.
  8. If you add the cream or milk to butterscotch, it can make into a sauce that can be used as a topping to pour over ice creams and desserts.
  9. The confectioner from England, Samuel Parkinson invented butterscotch in the year 1817 in Yorkshire’s Doncaster. Soon, his company became famous for butterscotch and they started supplying to British royal family the confectionery.
  10. Although butterscotch and caramel have a similar appearance, they are not technically the same. While there are a number of opinions to the contrary, conventionally the caramel makes use of white sugar and is often devoid of butter.
  11. The largest butterscotch candy was created in 1996. It was 5.02′ x 5.02′ x 17.7″ and weighed over 3500 lbs.